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If unable to read here is the link to my diet: Google Mar. Dieting doesn't have to mean giving up beer and pizza forever, or eating boring, tasteless foods. With a can of frozen orange-juice concentrate, you have a great way to add flavor to stir-fried chicken (or beef) and vegetables without adding fat. Fruit juice is sneaky fattening - a 500ml bottle of cranberry-grape blend, for instance, contains about 275 calories. To save calories and fat, put a splash of olive oil on your baked potato instead of the usual butter or sour cream.

To prevent low-fat cheese from turning to rubber in the microwave, spritz your nachos with a quick blast of cooking spray before nuking them. Men who eat a lot of tomato products tend to have less prostate cancer-probably because tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene. Large-cut fries don't absorb as much oil as shoestring or curly fries, which lowers the fat count. Chances are you'll spread your bread with one-quarter of the fat and calories you do when you put it on cold. A similar trick involves spraying the inside of a grilled-cheese sandwich before you toss it in the frying pan.

Reducing the mozzarella by just one-third (you won't miss it) will save you 20 grams of fat per pie.

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