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Science as it stands today quite uniformly agrees that trans fats are (highly) harmful to your health and should be avoided as much as possible. Apart from these natural sources of trans fat that are formed during the normal process of rumination in certain livestock, industrial trans fats have been introduced into our foods by the food industry. There is a possible third method by which trans fats can be introduced into our food, which is by heating cooking oil, especially when these oils have been reused over and over again for frying.
The effects of trans fats on a biochemical level in the blood are that they raise the LDL (which, as we will have seen in chapter 5, is the “bad” cholesterol) and also reduces the HDL (the “good” cholesterol).
The effects of dietary intake of two different types of fat on the risk for coronary heart disease are shown.47 TF = trans fat, PUF = polyunsaturated fat, and CHD = coronary heart disease.
Based on new scientific evidence and the findings of expert scientific panels, on Thursday, November 7, 2013, the FDA has tentatively determined that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), which are the primary dietary source of industrially-produced trans fatty acids (or trans fat) are not generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for any use in food.
If finalized, this would mean that food manufacturers would no longer be permitted to sell PHOs, either directly or as ingredients in another food product, without prior FDA approval for use as a food additive. For several generations, the Patek family at Shiner Smokehouse has known that trans fats are unhealthy, and all of our sausages contain zero trans fat. However, research is proving that though using Trans fat makes sense practically, it can wreck havoc with our bodies.
Gets our body Confused- It is speculated that the very nature of Trans Fat, it’s -artificially made solid form of fats, makes it harmful for us. Risk for Heart Attack- In a study conducted in Australia, Fat biopsies of heart attack patients and healthy people were compared, the levels of trans fat in fat tissue of heart attack patients was significantly higher than healthier ones.
Studies- In another study conducted on nurses, the nurses who consumed 4 grams of margarine, which is made from partially hydrogenated oil, everyday, were 50% more likely to suffer from heart attack than nurses who rarely consumed margarine. According to Harvard School of Public health, for every extra 2 gram of Trans fat (Found in  medium sized French fries) will increase the risk of coronary arteries by a whopping 23%. Other risks- There are studies which show link between Trans fat and cancers of breast and large intestine. The reason that Indians have plenty of reasons to worry about the ill effects about Trans fat is because of our changing food habits. Penchant of Fried: We Indians are also in love with eating street junk food take Samosa, Vada pav for example. While Trans fat in French fries is 6.9% which even though high is less than those in Indian items. Sweet Tooth: Indians are known to be fond of sweets and the commonly used medium for cooking in halavais is Vanaspati ghee. Thus with predisposition to heart disease and a diet rich in fats, Indians have plenty of reason to be worried about Trans fat.
If you think you can keep off the Trans fat just by looking at the nutrition labels, you are wrong. No safe limits- We must understand that Trans fat has no place in our diet and no amount of Trans fat can be consumed without risks. Stop cooking in Vanaspati Ghee: Vanaspati Ghee contains high levels of trans fat and there is no benefit which we get from trans fat.
Use vegetable oils: All vegetables oils like sunflower, safflower oil, groundnut oil are better than Vanaspati ghee, however olive, canola, rapeseed oil are healthier options. Avoid processed foods: We need to avoid processed foods especially biscuits, cookies, cakes, microwaved popcorn.
Read labels: Even if you cannot avoid processed foods, you need to read labels and choose the ones with least amount of Trans fat. Opt for healthier foods: If you focus on eating healthy by snacking on healthier options like fruits, nuts, sprouts and whole grain items you would not need to eat junk as much. There is nothing good about trans fat, they clog your arteries, increase your risk for heart disease, raise your chances of being a diabetic and unless we stop eating junk food, the number of heart patients in our country will go on increasing. I read this article completely and I should thank you a lot for such a valuable and useful information.
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Features:1 Pack of Teriyaki Flavor, 1 Pack of Green Tea Flavor, 1 Pack of Wasabi Flavor!All Natural, No Sugar, Cholesterol or Trans Fat. TAMPA - "Oh, I think it was an extremely important move towards decreasing heart disease, the number one killer of Americans," saidA  Jeanine Sponsler, a clinical health educator for St. Changing cis fats into trans fats has the advantage that through the hydrogenation process, these fats become far more resistant to becoming rancid.
Even though there are many warnings about this on various Internet sites, the scientific evidence for this phenomenon is basically absent. Those participants who consumed the highest amount of trans fats and the lowest amount of polyunsaturated fat had the highest risk for coronary heart disease.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Trans fat is a specific type of fat that is formed when liquid oils are turned into solid fats, such as shortening or stick margarine. Some of the most common foods that contain trans fats are commercially-baked pastries (cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes, pizza dough), packaged snack foods (crackers, microwave popcorn, chips), stick margarine, vegetable shortening, fried foods, and candy bars.
Not all fats are bad for you — our high-quality sausage is made with pride, using the healthier animal fats from beef and pork, just the way our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed them.
About how eating foods with too much of saturated fats, not exercising, smoking- all contribute in narrowing your arteries and causing heart attack. This is because they are prepared completely artificially when vegetable oils (saturated fats) undergo a process of hydrogenation which converts the liquid formed oil to Trans fat which remains solid even in room temperature. Saturated Fats are also not good for our body, but our body is able to deal with them when we consume them. There is also link between Trans fat and Diabetes type2 along with a direct co-relation between a diet high in Trans fat and obesity. And the favorite oil for those cooking in the streets is Vanaspati ghee as they constantly fry the items in the same oil.
There is generous use of Vanaspati ghee even at home when cooking sweets along with desi ghee. They also found that average age of a heart patient in India is much lower than that in other countries. FDA has recommended in 2005 that the daily consumption of Trans fat should be less than 2 grams. India needs tougher regulation to force the manufacturers of food products to curtail use of Trans food. With Indians being prone to coronary disease avoiding cooking in Vanaspati ghee is essential.
Also cook at home so that you do not get the Trans fat in the ready to eat and frozen foods. Not only because it is Non-GMO and manufactured and produced by a Chemical-Free method, but also due to the fact that we provide the oil to you in its most natural state. The industrial process for creating trans fats is hydrogenation with the application of heat under very high pressure. Thus in the case that a nutrient in our food like trans fats increases this ratio, this will also mean that the chances of cardiovascular disease will increase. The consequence of this higher ratio is a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). On the contrary those with the lowest consumption of trans fats and the highest consumption of polyunsaturated fat had a 42 percent lower risk. During this process — called hydrogenation — hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to increase the shelf life and flavor stability of foods.
While all this is true, studies all over the world show that it is not just the saturated fats that are to be blamed for the incidences of heart attacks, it is the hydrogenated oils or fats also called as Trans fat, sold as margarine and Vanaspati ghee that are to blame. This process of hydrogenation also makes it more stable with a longer shelf life (some biscuits containing Trans fat can last for years). On the other hand, because our body does not recognize Trans fat, it is not as capable of dealing with trans fat. A study conducted by Centre for Science and Environment showed that most of trusted edible oil brands contain unhealthy levels of trans fat while the level of trans fat in some our Vanaspati ghee brand is as high as 12 times higher than which is permissible in Netherlands (which has tougher food regulations).

Even restaurants often use hydrogenated oils in their dishes, for its  taste and longer shelf life.
The bakery products like nankatai and khari are extremely unhealthy as they contain large amounts of trans fat.
Also they can label it as zero Trans fat because the serving size is below the requirements. The Vanaspati ghee manufacturers need to mention the ill effects of Vanaspati ghee on the cover. We do not filter after refinement because filtering takes out natural anti-oxidants and Vitamin E.
Sponsler is talking about the FDA's move today to ban, or at the very least develop strict limits on fake fats - the primary source of trans fats in our diets. The first (natural) circumstance occurs in the stomach of ruminants such as cows, sheep, buffalo, and bison. On the basis of this study, both trans fats from ruminants and from industrial processes are suspected of increasing the risk of CVD. Hydrogenated oil can also be heated repeatedly so it is widely used in preparing fast foods. Our body tries to use it like fatty acids and transfer it to cell membranes where it interferes with cellular reactions. With Indians frequently eating outside, we are consuming unhealthy levels of fats both saturated and Trans Fat. Michael Miller, Director of Preventive Cardiology, Maryland University of Medical Science showed that genetic mutation in triglyceride regulation could be the probable cause. It is thus no surprise that products of these animals such as meat and dairy products contain trans fats. It would take, for example, heating polyunsaturated oil at 115 degrees Celsius (240 degrees Fahrenheit) for sixteen hours to convert 1 percent of these oils into trans fat.48The importance of trans fats lies in the manner that they behave differently from their cis counterparts.
Triglycerides is a type of fat which flows in the blood which needs to be broken down, in Indians there is some malfunction which causes the triglyceride levels to be extremely high.
Depending on the type of food, the content of trans fat can be between 2 and 8 percent of the total fat of milk and foods derived from this, such as butter and cheese. The trans position of the hydrogen atoms straightens the carbon chain that used to be crooked when the cis bond was still present. A According to the FDA commissioner, this reduction would prevent more than 20,000 heart attacks and seven thousand new cases of heart disease each year. In order to give an idea, if a liter of milk contains thirty grams of fat (3 percent of the weight) then 5 percent of this would be trans fat, which is about 1.5 grams.
Trans fats are therefore more solid than their cis counterparts and also behave different once they are absorbed into the blood. It will be clear that a liter of 1 percent low-fat milk will contain proportionally less trans fat (0.5 grams).
Heat-induced geometric isomerization of alpha-linolenic acid: Effect of temperature and heating time on the appearance of individual isomers.
So margarine is something you do not want to use." But she adds, check the labels, all margarine may not have trans fats. A  The proposal is open for public comment for 60 days but eventually companies would have to prove scientifically that partially hydrogenated oils are safe to eat, a very high hurdle given that scientific literature overwhelmingly shows the contrary.
The institute of medicine has concluded that there is no safe level for consumption of artificial trans fats. Effect of Animal and Industrial Trans fatty Acids on HDL and LDL Cholesterol Levels in Humans- A Quantitative Review.

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