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Essentially they postulated that the brain of the animal must be responding in some form or fashion to a hormone that scaled with body fat levels.
After the discovery of leptin, the news was abuzz with thoughts that the cure for obesity was finally here.
So researchers went about measuring blood levels of leptin in humans of varying weight expecting obese humans to produce no leptin. To their dismay, it turned out that obese individuals invariably had very high levels of leptin and it was suggested that, in a similar vein to insulin resistance (where the body no longer responds appropriately to the hormone insulin), the body or brain had become leptin resistant.
A variety of things induce leptin resistance including high blood triglyceride levels and even leptin itself; when elevated chronically, leptin induces resistance to itself. And while a handful of individuals have been found who produce no leptin (and who respond to injectable leptin with massive weight loss and a normalization of metabolic rate), studies which injected leptin levels in the obese showed disappointing or no weight loss. There is also evidence, which I’ll discuss later, that there is a gender difference in how the brain responds to either leptin or insulin. Oh yeah, it goes without saying that most of this information is discussed to one degree or another in almost all of my books. Bromocriptine takes an in-depth look at how human bodyweight and body fat levels are regulated.

Enter your address to receive weekly site updates, special book offers, and advanced notice of new books. Comme tous les ans, un concours etait lance afin de designer l’animal le plus laid de la planete dans le but de sensibiliser les foules sur l’avenir des especes menacees. Cette annee, c’est un poisson qui a remporte la palme de l’espece animale la plus laide, le plus degoutant de la planete : le Blobfish. Il s’agit d’une espece qui vit dans les fonds marins situes entre 600 et 1200 metres de profondeur, son corps est compose de chaires tres molles comparables a du cartilage et il est presque denue de pigmentation, principalement du fait de l’absence totale de lumiere dans ces profondeurs. A vrai dire, il ne ressemble meme pas a un poisson et tire davantage sur l’amas gelatineux comparable a une meduse. On le trouve generalement au large des cotes australiennes et bien qu’il ne soit pas peche directement a des fins alimentaires, l’espece est tout de meme menacee par le chalutage de fond tres intensif dans la region. They could only postulate what it was and it would take another 40 years before a major candidate would make itself known. The OB mouse had been studied for decades and was spontaneously overweight with a low resting metabolic rate, low levels of activity, etc.
Companies spent a lot of money getting the rights to leptin, thinking it would fix the global obesity problem and they’d make zillions of dollars.

There was plenty of leptin floating around but it wasn’t sending the right signal to the brain to turn off appetite and reduce body fat.
Direct injection of insulin into the brains of animals reliably reduces food intake and bodyweight. Given that leptin scales mostly with subcutaneous fat (generally higher in women) and insulin scales mostly with visceral fat (generally higher in men), this will turn out to make some logical sense.
Hormones such as cholecystokinin, peptide YY, ghrelin as well as blood glucose, blood fatty acids, amino acids, and others being discovered damn near daily are all sending an integrated signal to the brain about what’s going on in the body. For example, insulin can change in a matter of minutes, leptin may take hours, ghrelin operates on a meal to meal basis, etc.
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