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Trade Guidelines on Reducing Trans Fats in Food a€€There is growing evidence indicating that trans fats intake is linked to increase risk of cardiovascular disease. Choose ingredients with lower fat content such as leaner cuts of meat and lower fat content dairy products and cooking sauces.
Provide more dishes that use low fat cooking methods such as steaming, poaching, grilling and baking, rather than deep-frying. Ready-made margarine, butter, sauce, peanut butter can be provided on the side of the food products or dishes (e.g.
I pulled out my old friend the glorious world wide web (thanks Al Gore!) and searched for a recipe for something sweet and gooey that uses evaporated milk….and I came upon Bonbon Jovis! Confectioned with fine semi-sweet chocolate and chopped California walnuts, they are finished with a creamy chocolate frosting and decorated with a walnut piece. Fluid Flex is a multi-purpose shortening that is non-hydrogenated, low in saturated fat and not palm oil based. The guidelines aim at encouraging and assisting trade to adopt sound nutritional theory in food production and provide healthy food for the public with respect to reducing trans fats in food.

This will decrease the total fat content of the food and at the same time increase their fibre content. It consist of having a longer shelf life than most shortening out there and it used for many of your pastry and baking needs. One of our main dietary sources of intake of trans fats is from food produced with hydrogenated vegetable oil. Vegetable oil, after the process called hydrogenation, will turn the oil from liquid to semi-solid or solid form. In principle, fully hydrogenated oil should contain no trans fats since all the double bonds will be saturated, but this fat will become hard. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is commonly used to produce or prepare bakery and fried products since they can increase shelf life of the products, change the texture of the food and is usually lower in cost. Besides this artificially produced trans fats, we may also intake trans fats from natural sources.
For example, small amount of trans fats are naturally present in milk and fat of cow and sheep. The adverse health effects of trans fats also provoked discussions among food trade and some members of the trade worked together to seek further voluntary reduction in trans fatty acids, while maintaining food quality and taste. As there are increasing choices of trans-fats-free or low-trans-fats oils in the market, reducing trans fats in food products becomes more feasible for manufacturers. The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has conducted a joint study with the Consumer Council of Hong Kong to reveal the levels of trans fats in various food in Hong Kong . The study showed that within the same kind of food, there can be a wide range of levels of trans fats.

It signifies that reduction of trans fats in food is feasible and practically possible for producing these foods. 132), the label of a food product should not falsely describe the food, including its nutrient contents and thus the trade should ensure that the information provided should not mislead consumers as per its nutrition values. In order to promote consumersa€™ health, food trade may make reference to the following when producing and preparing food.
Due to the evidence on the adverse health effects of trans fats, members of trade are encouraged to take effective measures to reduce the trans fats levels in food products. Since the main source of trans fats intake is from hydrogenated vegetable oils, these oils should be avoided and alternatives to be looked for. In addition, it is beneficial to consumers if the saturated fats levels and overall fat content in foods are lowered.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that diets should provide a very low intake of trans fats. As for saturated fats and total fats, the FAO and WHO recommend an intake of less than 10% and 15-30% of daily energy intake respectively.
Members of the trade are encouraged to follow healthy nutritional principles when producing foods. Fats and oils that are high in trans fats and saturated fats may be replaced by those high in monounsaturated (e.g.

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