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I include myself in that group, and today I want to introduce you to my particular version of the Primal Blueprint plan. This plan is my version of the Primal Blueprint that I worked out for my own use because I have better things to do with my life than constantly be thinking about food or spending hours in the kitchen. I wrote some posts a while back with an example of my plan and I was pleasantly surprised at the interest those posts generated. Even though you don't need to count anything when you eat Paleo, when you are eating Paleo and also wanting to lose weight, you do need to keep your carb intake between 50 and 100g if not lower.
Many diet plans suggest that you find one breakfast that you love and stick with it all week, and do the same with lunch. I advocate eating a salad most days for lunch as part of my Kaizen plan, but sometimes you just feel like something else, and I have other suggestions here including sandwiches and soups that you can have either with or instead of your salad for a change of pace. Even though I give you lots of suggestions for every meal, you are not limited to my suggestions. Remember, for most people, just following the basic guidelines - not eating grains, processed sugar and oils, and legumes - is enough and as long as you don't stuff yourself you can eat as much as you need to feel satisfied and still lose weight at the recommended rate of 2 to 3 lbs. Dinner is when most people really want variety, and I think the key to a successful plan is to make sure you have lots of different options available so you are never tempted by fast food.
The flexibility of this plan is that you decide how many of these meals you want to cook each week.
On the other hand, if you're having a really busy week you might prefer to eat out of your freezer all week, or just stock up on meat, poultry and seafood for the barbecue.
In future posts I will be discussing specific treats such as sugar-free chocolate, sugar alcohols, and other low-carb foods you might want to consider adding to your diet. Now I want to recommend a couple of extra things that you can add to the No Deprivation Plan that can really help to make it even healthier, easier and more successful.
The first is to make up a big pot of beef or chicken bone broth (use my recipe here) and keep it in your fridge so you can heat a cup in your microwave and sip it throughout the day.

If fact, if you don't want to make your own broth from scratch, an easier way is to just use organic chicken broth and vegetable broth as a base and just add the other ingredients. For all of you reading this who are not into baths, you can have a sauna at some point during the day instead, if you have access to one, and get the same detox benefits. In future posts I am also going to write about specific problems that you might face while working on your weight loss goals such as weight loss stalls, problems with specific foods, and many others.
If eating out of your freezer appeals to you, check out the posts under the COOK AHEAD tab. My No Deprivation plan is very flexible and can be adapted to any specific food requirements. If you have food allergies, there are enough choices in my meal lists and recipe options that you can just avoid the ones you cannot eat. One of the big negatives that is always associated with Paleo eating is that you have to cook everything from scratch.
Men especially seem to love to barbecue, and if you want to make all your meals that way it's quite doable. Another way to avoid cooking if you can afford it is to hire someone to come in and cook all your meals for you.
If you’re used to grilling chicken breasts, switching it up with thighs instead is a great way to add some more flavor to your meals. Using a lot of spices is also a good idea health-wise for grilling recipes, since the antioxidants in the spices help protect the fats in the meat from oxidizing under the stress of the high temperature. If you’re a spice fan at heart, this chicken would be very tasty paired with some spicy sweet potatoes, or any other blend of grilled vegetables perked up with a little chili powder and paprika. In a bowl, combine the ground chipotle, dried oregano, paprika, garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste.
Rub the chicken generously with the chipotle mixture, making sure each thigh is well covered.

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If you have been following my posts I'm sure you will assume that this will include cooking ahead to save time, and not giving up any of the foods that I love. I wanted to create a plan for myself that was quick, simple and easy - and convenient at the same time. Read my post "Do we really need breakfast?" for some suggestions as well as my brunch post. Use water that is as hot as you can stand, and try to stay in it at least 10 to 15 minutes. I've given you lots of recipes for rubs and marinades so your grilled meals never need to be boring. They’re already juicier and more flavorful, and rubbing them with a quick mixture of Southwest-inspired spices gives you even more flavor.
Or fan them out over a big pile of greens, fresh tomatoes, red onions, and your favorite nuts for some crunch. Drink a glass of filtered water before, during and after your bath to help with detoxification. And of course, they’re also good as leftovers: grill up more than you need, and you’ll have tasty ready-made protein all week long. With all the recipes on this blog, you can hire him or her for a day or even just an afternoon, show them this website, and have them cook some meals to fill your freezer.

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