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The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world. And Certified Personal Trainer is one of eight certifications, which are developed by American College of Sports Medicine.
The Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) works with people on an individual basis; with healthy clients and with clients who have their doctor’s consent to exercise. In this ACSM personal trainer exam practice, we continue present 50 free online Personal Trainer Certification exam sample questions and instant result. Fifty Personal Trainer Certification exam sample questions and answers in this practice test is divided into two sections with 50 questions (are in multiple-choice question format) each section. Take our 50 online Personal Trainer Certification exam sample questions in this free ACSM practice test and pass your official exam!
Having the right tools and forms is one of the keys to becoming a great trainer and earning more money.
All templates are created in word format so you can make the necessary adjustments to fit you and the clients needs.
Bonus: Download Personal Trainers Forms Package that will give you all the forms you need in pdf and word format. It is imperative that you find out your clients medical history before designing any type of training program. Bonus: Download Personal Trainers Forms Package that will give you all the forms you need in pdf and word format.
Men age 45 or over and women age 55 or over should be cleared by their personal physicians. By definition, a health risk factor is any factor that increases the chance that an individual will develop a disease or condition. Individuals with one or more potential symptoms of coronary or metabolic disease, or with known cardiovascular, pulmonary, or metabolic disease. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that all pregnant clients be cleared for exercise by their physicians prior to starting an exercise program. Although there are no set guidelines from major organizations, it is advisable to request a physician’s clearance for clients who have been recently hospitalized for any reason, who have chronic or acute muscle or joint injury, or who are on prescription medications. Printable Medical Release of Information Form for your clients to fill out. When you are starting an exercise or workout plan you may need to sign a medical release form to give your trainer or gym.

A release form gives an individual or company permission to get health information or medical records for you or your client.
Printable Informed Consent for Participation in an Exercise Program form in word and pdf format. Clients are giving you consent to give them a reasonable program to reach the goals they have set. An exercise consent form gives the training or fitness professional permission to put a client through a physical program. This section explains that the program may or may not benefit their physical fitness or general health. This section informs the client that all of their information will be confidential and will not be released to any person without written consent. This section informs the reader that the client has been given the opportunity to ask certain questions about the procedures of the program.
Bringing you Quality Scrubbed Wii games for faster download’s,ALL games are tested and 100% Virus Free for your safety. ACSM certifications open up many career opportunities for those who wish to become an exercise instructor, personal trainer, and other certified health fitness specialists.
A personal trainer will develop an exercise program to meet their client’s personal fitness goals. Printable questionnaires and medical history templates are important and help you assess your client’s needs.
Knowing what a person limitations and strengths are will help you design and implement an effective program. This is an important legal form to have for anyone instructing a client in a workout routine.
Exercise consent forms gives consent to you or your company to voluntarily engaging in an exercise conditioning, dietary counseling, stress reduction, and health education. This consent comes from a doctor or specialist that has tested the individual to make sure their bodies can endure the routine. Examples includes explaining risk such as abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of heart rhythm, stroke or heart attack. It may also explain that you are likely to see benefits if you follow the program instruction after a certain amount of time.

It also explains that their information will only be used by the program staff to help prescribing exercise for their program. Train like an MMA champion with this interactive fitness challenge that whips you into shape using UFC expertise and the power of Wii Motion Controls. To become an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), the applicant must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or the GED equivalent, and hold a current adult CPR certification with a practical skills component. Having a clear understanding of your clients’ medical history with questionnaires and doctors reports will help you avoid putting them in danger.
It may be more prudent to recommend a cardiac rehabilitation facility or a physical therapist depending on the nature of the client’s problem. These forms also let you know that they understand the risk of starting an exercise program. Perform over 70 of the same exercises used by UFC fighters as you improve your total body strength and conditioning. CPR certifications from the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross meet this requirement. Having your client to understand and sign the proper waiver forms protects you and your client from difficult circumstances. They understand that a program may or may not benefit my physical fitness or general health. For example, part of an exercise consent form may read, “I also give consent to be placed in program activities which are recommended to me for improvement of my general health and well-being.” This section also gives details of how they will be evaluated. Questionnaires and assessments helps you decide what type of program your client should start. All information will be treated as privileged and confidential and won’t be released without written consent. Further your fitness objectives by crafting your own workouts and adjusting the intensity to suit your own personal performance.

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