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The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program allows you to easily stay in contact and communicate with your trainer daily. Receive online Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training and Nutritional Consulting, Guidance and Coaching. The printable workout program comes with instructional photos, videos and detailed written instructions that can be followed while you complete your workout. After you complete your workout, update the results of your workout so your trainer can monitor your progress. All weekly meal plans include a grocery list for your shopping convenience, allowing you to prepare for your meals ahead of time. Each exercise assigned in your program includes a detailed, step-by-step, written description. Regardless of whether you have years of experience, or are brand new to exercise, you will benefit from the latest fitness industry best practices. We can track everything, from body composition and measurement results, to fitness assessments and nutritional intake. Your trainer will keep you on track whether you have a session or you are doing a workout on your own. Receive custom workout programs with handy workout cards and online tracking to record your results. The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program helps you stay connected with your trainer. Everyone wants flatter abs, and a lot of people try to a€?spot reducea€? by doing ab exercises to try to get them. We have included step by step instructional guides for over 500 different resistance training exercises. One-legged squats don't seem very trickya€”after all, you did manage to pick up that cotton ball you dropped without putting your newly pedicured foot on the floora€”but squatting on one leg seriously challenges your balance.
Providing A‘basic nutritional informationA’ based on the MyPyramid or Canada Food Guide is generally considered within the scope of practice of a personal trainer. The Complete Training System is a stand-alone app that is customizable with your logo and slogan information. We don't collect any client payments, they would be paying you directly by whatever method you choose. We currently have over 500 exercises, and you can add any amount of your own custom exercises as you like.

There are over 16,000 food items and 1,500 recipes in our database, and you can add any number of individual foods or recipes. Would communications with my clients be sent directly to my e-mail or would I have to log on to the website?
You can have emails go directly to your email address if you complete the 'Custom Email' section of the system. We have both a User Agreement, with a liability waiver in it, plus a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Form) that clients must complete.
Your online personal training program consists of custom designed workouts (based on your experience level, preferences, goals, needs, equipment available and time constraints) emailed directly to your inbox. This allows your trainer to keep track of your workout history and manage future workouts accordingly.
For example, simply enter your measurements or clothing size and let the system perform a Body Composition Analysis.
The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program makes it easy to keep you motivated and focused. This is a great extra value and provides you and your trainer better visibility to your complete and upcoming activities.
With our Nutrition Services you receive a complete meal planning and tracking program that is based upon government approved USDA Food Pyramid guidelines. Whether it's an undiscovered restaurant, a sleeper stock, or a Sure Thing in the late double at Pimlico, savvy inside info imbues a man with confidence. The problem is, you arena€™t going to lose fat from your midsection by doing 1,000 crunches.
This database of exercises covers everything from weight training, kettlebell, medicine ball, elastic bands, exercise ball, Pilates and stretching movements. Lift Weights For No More Than Three to Four Days Per Week Doing so is not only unnecessary but can quickly lead to over-training, especially if you are doing other physical activities such as cardio or playing recreational sports on a regular basis. 1, 2011 a€“ McMaster researchers have found one more reason to exercise: working out triggers influential stem cells to become bone instead of fat, improving overall health by boosting the bodya€™s capacity to make blood. Whether youa€™re hitting the gym for 30 minutes or are training for a triathlon, what you eat can greatly impact your performance. It also activates your core and just about every other muscle in your lower body, including your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Do these body-weight moves twice a week, completing the recommended sets and reps with perfect form.

You also have the ability to charge for A‘onlineA’ training for clients that you may not see in person, but it is up to you what, if anything you want to charge.
While you won't have your own domain name, the system is designed so that you and your clients can login to the app directly from an existing website.
This great service will give you excellent nutritional guidance that will help you along your road to fitness and ensure you meet your fitness goals without needed to hire a dietician or nutritionist. They combine a cardiovascular workout with a muscle building workout, so burn fat while you are exercising out and also increase your metabolism as a result of muscle development. Each instructional page will show you how to properly perform a specific resistance training exercise. Then check out this routine that uses moves from The Womena€™s Health Big Book of Exercises. This workout, created by Marcela Ceselka, a personal trainer at Club H Fitness in New York City, targets every inch of your lower bodya€”glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, inner thighs, and calvesa€”to build lean muscle in your bottom half and boost your metabolism, while also improving your core strength and balance. The bodya€™s mesenchymal stem cells are most likely to become fat or bone, depending on which path they follow.
The base of any active persona€™s diet should consist of unprocessed, wholesome foods and incorporate a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Try it: Stand holding your arms straight out in front of your body and raise your right leg off the floor. Your trainer can even track skipped workouts (optional) and send you messages to keep you motivated (optional).
Bodyweight exercises are considered to be very a€?old schoola€?, they are still promoted in martial arts classes, military fitness training and strength training for dance, sports and many other activities. Three days a week, do two or three sets of this routine, resting for 60 seconds between each exercise. Using treadmill-conditioned mice, a team led by the Department of Kinesiologya€™s Gianni Parise has shown that aerobic exercise triggers those cells to become bone more often than fat. The exercising mice ran less than an hour, three times a week, enough time to have a significant impact on their blood production, says Parise, an associate professor. Carbohydrates are the bodya€™s preferred fuel source and are crucial for endurance exercise and optimal performance.

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