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Once upon a time I was reading an article about Jillian Michaels, the celebrity trainer most known for her role on The Biggest Loser. I had also mentioned that I didn’t know too much about the machines (I am a free-weights believer) so he helped me gain a little understanding for some of the equipment. I have done a training session with a few trainers at the gym here and there and some were really awesome and worked me in ways I would not have thought of and heavier weights than I do on my own.
For active people that not only enjoy how staying fit allows them to live fuller lives but also want to help others experience the same thing, there are few careers better than becoming a personal trainer.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment of fitness trainers and instructors is projected to grow 13 percent from 2012 to 2022 with a median income of $31,720 per year or about $15.25 per hour.
An aging baby boomer population that desires to stay fit and millions of Americans young and old that want to do their own personal part to reduce obesity and attendant health risks are just some of the reasons for the growth of this career path.
Because of the wide variety of work environments, personal trainers have a tremendous amount of choice in their careers.
For many personal trainers, the option to become their own boss and run their own business is a prime motivator and reason for choosing the career path in 2014.
Because of the tremendous feelings of satisfaction that trainers get from helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, those that become a personal trainer experience a great deal of joy in their careers.
For many people that become a personal trainer, the possibility for travel and adventure is a compelling draw.
While some personal trainers love to work with individuals one on one, others are drawn to group fitness where they can work with a number of people at once. One of the many exciting aspects of a career as a personal trainer is the flexibility of work schedule.
Although there are even more reasons to become a personal trainer in 2014, they all share the enduring benefit of fulfillment and joy that comes from delivering the healthy benefits of physical activity. Our trainers will design a customized workout & dietary program tailored to your individual needs and goals. Customized Workout & Dietary Consultation with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I would like to welcome you to my online personal training site where you and I will work together to create a personalized fitness program for a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one with me. REGISTER YOUR NAME AND EMAIL to the right and you will soon receive a brief fitness and life style evaluation questionnaire.
Even if you don’t enroll in our online personal training program, this fitness evaluation is FREE and could reveal specific aspects of your health which you have been unaware of or have ignored.
While Online Personal Training can help improve your health, there is no substitute for working personally with a certified trainer. Kids will enjoy games like dodge ball, hide an seek, King of the Hill, traverse obstacle courses and much more.
The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program allows you to easily stay in contact and communicate with your trainer daily.
Receive online Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training and Nutritional Consulting, Guidance and Coaching.
The printable workout program comes with instructional photos, videos and detailed written instructions that can be followed while you complete your workout.
After you complete your workout, update the results of your workout so your trainer can monitor your progress. All weekly meal plans include a grocery list for your shopping convenience, allowing you to prepare for your meals ahead of time. Each exercise assigned in your program includes a detailed, step-by-step, written description.
Regardless of whether you have years of experience, or are brand new to exercise, you will benefit from the latest fitness industry best practices. We can track everything, from body composition and measurement results, to fitness assessments and nutritional intake.
Your trainer will keep you on track whether you have a session or you are doing a workout on your own. Receive custom workout programs with handy workout cards and online tracking to record your results. The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program helps you stay connected with your trainer. If you are considering a personal trainer in North County San Diego, we would love an opportunity to work with you.
We are committed that your exercise experience is nothing short of fantastic and that you walk away after each session knowing your money was well spent.

Each of our health and fitness programs begins with a thorough movement and range of motion exam, health history and key, specific screens to monitor your progress.
Personal training is the ultimate package Reform has to offer incorporating training, nutrition and lifestyle guidance.
If you want to participate in our salary survey, please take two minutes and fill out our personal trainer salary survey form. Given our high number of new personal trainers, it is not surprising to see that the vast majority of them are working as employees. Another big influence on our salary rates is the high number of respondents that said they are working part-time.
If we eliminate the part-time factor, we see that most entry level personal trainers can expect to earn between $20,000 and $40,000 dollars. This question had a much larger distribution which is likely affected by regional differences. This question just shows that entry level trainers have an endless range of compensation options. She was asked about her own daily fitness regimen, and she basically said she owed it all to her personal trainer. There’s so much pressure to be fit as a trainer since everyone is looking to you for advice, so why not take your hard-earned money and put it back into bettering yourself?
I always used to be on the fence about it simply because I hated being pressured into buying a training package, but now I have embraced them. The trainer knew my occupation, so I was worried he’d have these lofty expectations of my fitness level. We bounced around doing sumo squats, variations of row exercises for my back, an interesting lunge on a machine, some deltoid raises, and the dreaded exercise that I always skip or avoid: hamstring bridges on a stability ball.
I got some insight into machines on the gym floor that I now feel comfortable using on my own. Everyone needs a trainer … even the trainer It’s a good thing, you can always learn and develop so why not? In fact, this is just one of ten or more good reasons why becoming a personal trainer in 2014 is a great idea for an increasing number of people. Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors.
While a strong need is just one of the many reasons to become a personal trainer, there are other equally important reasons to consider. From health clubs, sporting facilities, and corporate gyms to schools, leisure and community centres, nursing homes, hospitals, holiday resorts cruise ships and beyond, the choices are nearly limitless.
While all of the choices above can be pursued through an employee career track, they can also be opportunities where business owners can thrive and grow. With many personal trainers saying that the career path blurs the line between work and play, the level of daily and long-term satisfaction is something they feel that they could not find in any other career. Everything from working on a cruise ship to working with sporting teams or working for a company in an exotic locale are all possibilities for personal trainers in 2014 and beyond. These opportunities provide a great deal of variation with a number of specialties ranging from dance, core, stretch, high energy and low impact to boxing, cycling and beyond. For those that teach classes, they often have a reasonably flexible schedule that allows them to enjoy life to its fullest. With every session and person that you work with, you are actively helping them lead longer and healthier lives through exercise. We will work with you every step of the way via online video tutorials & email correspondence.
I will begin with a detailed fitness assessment thereafter creating a scheduled training program made specifically for you. Based on the answers that you resubmit to Danyelle, she will prescribe a course of action in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our school or the quality of our services within the first 30 Days, we will cancel your membership and you won't owe us a penny. Your online personal training program consists of custom designed workouts (based on your experience level, preferences, goals, needs, equipment available and time constraints) emailed directly to your inbox.
This allows your trainer to keep track of your workout history and manage future workouts accordingly. For example, simply enter your measurements or clothing size and let the system perform a Body Composition Analysis. The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program makes it easy to keep you motivated and focused.

This is a great extra value and provides you and your trainer better visibility to your complete and upcoming activities. With our Nutrition Services you receive a complete meal planning and tracking program that is based upon government approved USDA Food Pyramid guidelines. At SoulFit, we offer one-on-one and semi-private personal training in an incredible atmosphere. Working on a one-to-one basis, qualified personal trainer Steve Sanger will work with you to offer training and nutrition plans that will fit in with your lifestyle.
You can also browse the dozens of comments that trainers have made about earning a living as a personal trainer. That is not surprising considering this site caters to people who are just get started as personal trainers. The typical career of a personal trainer starts by working as an employee and then they graduate to running their own business after they gain more experience. But when you consider that 40% of our respondents are working part-time and 70% of them have less than two years experience it starts to make some sense.
I love living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to make quick, easy changes to better their lives as well! He asked me what I currently do to work out, and what, if any, areas I was hoping to work on.
I was challenged by an outside source, I didn’t have to push myself with motivational words in my head. Depending on career path, personal trainers can earn in excess of $50,000 per year or more. The same can be said of private trainers that set scheduled appointments with their clients.
With more experienced, more and more opportunities will open for those with the personal charisma, business savvy, and drive to succeed.
Our proven in-home fitness techniques do not require exercise equipment, however for a nominal investment some equipment can be purchased which will significantly enhance your training experience. You will have access to photos and workout video demonstrations along with detailed instructions. You also have the advantage of training at your convenience and not being subjected to my schedule conflicts.
This great service will give you excellent nutritional guidance that will help you along your road to fitness and ensure you meet your fitness goals without needed to hire a dietician or nutritionist. But we need to keep in mind that more than half of the respondents have been personal trainers for less than a year. I was curious about the experience of being a personal trainer and training with a personal trainer, and I recently had the opportunity to test those waters. I told him that I have been trying to fix my posture (years of sitting in front of a computer did not help me out) and would like a general, total body workout. Even better you can travel and have your training program available as long as you have access to the internet. Your trainer can even track skipped workouts (optional) and send you messages to keep you motivated (optional). My other complaint was that none of the moves were really heart-pumping, they were pretty much basic resistance moves. Fitness programs are completely printable and can be used at your home or at the gym as well.
Now, I like adding some plyometrics to my workouts so that I end it feeling spent and sweaty, and this workout didn’t include any jumps. This qualification will enable you to design, manage, and adapt a personal training programme as well as becoming equipped with the practical skills in order to deliver exercise and physical activity as part of a prescribed programme. Most Health and Fitness Providers such as Virgin Active, David Lloyd, Fitness First, The Village, LA Fitness and Nuffield Health all expect new Personal Trainers to have completed Level 2 and Level 3 (above) before offering any available positions as a Personal Trainer. MORE INFO Recent News view all Apr 16th See what our students say about our personal trainer courses!Take you’re first steps into the fitness industry in 2015!

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