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The image to the right is a good example of a simple workout card that can be loaded on a phone or printed.
And even better, your clients can enter their results online even when they are not training with you. Building the workout card online is as simple as identifying the exercises that are relevant to your client.
This is even easier with the Complete Training Systems Progress Tracking Dashboards (see image). You can get our FREE personal training starter kit which includes copies of all the basic paper forms by signing up for our newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time). To take your business to the next level, you can automate the whole process with the Complete Training System. A gym fitness poster can be your "trainer on the wall to help you stay on track and motivated in your fitness routine.
Motivation is key when it comes to dieting and fitness and The Sports Poster Warehouse-the world’s leader in sports décor, has just the visual stimuli to keep anyone in shape, whether they’re working out at a gym, fitness center or at home in their basement.
As the world focuses on starting 2013 New Years resolutions out on the right foot, many Americans and Canadians resolve (yet again!) to get in shape, lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

For Stefanie De Rossi, a Toronto fitness trainer, exercise instructional posters help remind her clients of the safe and proper way to perform an exercise, as well as encourage them to try it on their own in between training sessions. The Sports Poster Warehouse is the world's #1 source for new, rare and vintage sports posters. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. So since we’re near the end of the year, it may be time to freshen up certain aspects of your fitness business. Sign up for our bi-monthly emails giving you our exclusive That Gym Guy coupons, the latest in Exercise Science and healthy, family-friendly recipes to help you achieve your best body.
This instructional poster features no less than 38 key dumbbell exercises to work out virtually every muscle in the body. Instructional exercise and motivational posters, posted in a place where they can be easily seen every day, can provide a powerful visual reminder of fitness and weight loss goals, and empower those looking to get fit to stick to their new workout routine. The Sports Poster Warehouse has just released their list of the top 10 fitness posters, perfect for any gym, weight room or home workout space. And if you haven’t had time to look into the various options out there, I hope you find this post useful.

Studies prove that diet journals are effective in losing weight by encouraging portion control and accountability. All the key metrics including strength, flexibility, body fat, weight, VO2 Max, and calories are tracked adding a ton of value for your client. Whether or not you are actively working out, try tracking your daily calories each day for real results on the scale. You can even create your own templates of your favorite workout programs which makes ongoing program design and maintenance much quicker. But if you encourage your clients to complete the form each time and enter their data online, they will be able to monitor their performance on their dashboard.

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