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PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased in demand of ADDTabz & PhenTabz from the recent CBS News, NBC News, ABC News TV segments, Gentech Pharmaceutical cannot guarantee supply. PhenTabz Teen (Non-Prescription) is the world’s first ever Teen Weight Loss Diet Pill developed by Gentech Pharmaceutical is the perfect and safer alternative to Phentermine .
Teenagers or parents of teenagers who need to lose weight safely yet effectively can now rejoice as PhenTabz Teen is available non-prescription!
With PhenTabz Teen, teens can have higher energy levels, reduced appetite and increased body fat metabolism all while feeling great and motivated.
Now with weight and obesity issues, teenagers are ever more at risk of developing major health problems early on. While still in high school teenagers do not know how to even begin to lose the weight that they have accumulated (possibly since early childhood).
Teenagers looking for a solution don’t have many places to turn for help and losing weight seems impossible.
Over the last several years significant gains have been made in researching and developing a weight loss solution to burn fat specifically for teenage weight loss. Now teenagers have the help that they need to tackle this major teen weight loss issue that’s been plaguing them over the years. Remember, even with the effectiveness of PhenTabz Teen there is no replacement for maintaining healthy eating habits and also sticking to a long term exercise regimen to stay active.
PhenTabzTeen is the FIRST EVER Teen Diet Weight Loss Pill that will effectively suppress one’s appetite and make a difference in weight loss without the side effects associated with the other weight loss prescription medications. PhenTabz Teen is sold with no need for a prescription and is a true pharmacological weight loss pill that provides real results developed just for teens.
Developed by Gentech Pharmaceutical – The Leader in Non-Prescription Pharmaceuticals. PhenTabz RX was previously offered only with a prescription only through their doctors and specifically for older patients, not teenagers.
Gentech Pharmaceutical used the highly advanced proprietary formulas to develop PhenTabz RX (Prescription version) and PhenTabz (Non-prescription) for losing weight and suppressing one’s appetite. The ingredients of the formulation are FDA Approved for effective and safe usage as long as the patient when taken as directed. Their new product, PhenTabz Teen was developed with even greater focus on safety while keeping highly effective teen weight loss in mind. Now everyone has access to the non-prescription version, PhenTabz Teen which has been formulated to be just as effective and also much safer than the original. The positive effects include effective, consistent weight loss reduction, appetite reduction and increased energy levels. The increase in energy levels, fat metabolization and appetite suppression from taking PhenTabz Teen make it possible for teenagers to lose weight safely while feeling great. The increase in energy levels will not only increase your metabolism but let’s look at how you feel. Always thought your family’s genetics was the culprit behind your weight gain or difficulty in losing weight?
PhenTabz Teen makes a huge difference in sidelining the genetics aspect allowing you to safely lose weight quickly and consistently.
Extreme weight loss from unhealthy dieting is dangerous and can lead to increased overall weight gain after the person has finished the dieting period. Like anyone, teenagers included, losing weight needs to be safely done consistently over time.
Teenagers that diet believe that dieting is just not eating at all or starving oneself for an extended period of time.
When they stop dieting and go back to their regular daily eating habits they will end up gaining a lot more weigh than they started with because the rate at which they which they normally burn calories has been reduced by starvation.
Gentech Pharmaceutical has since taken note and developed propietary non-prescription formulas that are just as effective (different strength – same ingredients) for both adults (PhenTabz) and teenagers (PhenTabz Teen) that need help with weight loss. Gentech Pharmaceutical: Strong Track Record of Developing Effective, Innovative and Safe, Quality Products for over 25 years.
Offering the highest potency of PhenTabz formulation that is allowed and approved by the FDA.
This PhenTabz formulation removes the negative side effects that other diet prescription and non-prescription products on the market cause. Reduces one’s appetite effectively allowing one to control meal portions and also control the strong desire to snack on unhealthy foods. All of which can cause a downward spiral when trying to fight this uphill battle of trying to lose weight. They lose motivation as a result of dieting from having little to no energy from not eating. All the answers or weight loss solutions on the market are made specifically for adults with no mention of teens. This advanced research has taken into account the age group, little to no side effects and increased effectiveness leading to greater end results that make a real difference for the teen. In 2011, PhenTabz Teen, the very 1st non-prescription teen weight loss pharmaceutical formula was produced and released by Gentech Pharmaceutical. Phentermine and phendimetrazine that are only available through a doctor’s prescription and have psychological dependence and habit forming elements with dramatic side effects if abused. Gentech’s formulation for PhenTabz line contains the highest quality pharmacological actives to facilitate highly effective, yet safe weight loss for consumers. Like coffee, it may affect one’s ability to sleep so it is recommended to take PhenTabz earlier in the afternoon and not at night.
When you’re appetite is under control your desire to eat unhealthy foods is minimized so you can make better, more healthy food choices. You feel more focused and less tired to accomplish more tasks and even compliments your workouts for that energy boost that you need.
Safe, long term weight loss is vital to staying motivated and not burning oneself out by starving oneself or having a very low calorie diet. This can and will lead to not only lower energy levels but also muscle protein breakdown which further leads to lower metabolic rates. Now, with the release of non-prescription PhenTabz Teen teenagers can get the help they need for optimal, real weight loss.
PhenTabz Teen and PhenTabz are pharmacy grade diet weight loss pills that deliver real results without a prescription. It’s no wonder that PhenTabz Teen is becoming the most popular solution for teen weight loss!

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