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I often forget how cool the Vienna city center is until I am back in the middle of it, wading through the crowds and checking out the sights and sounds. Usually new mum undergoes huge blood loss and loss of energy as well as nutrients, so it is very important to look after her and support her emotionally while taking care of her nutritional needs.
Normally after delivery whether it is normal or a C- section every mother is fed on light liquid diet for few days as long as her muscles are weak and saggy. Panjiri generates heat inside body which helps in getting rid of impure blood after delivery.
Liquid panjiri is known to be more nutritious and it generates heat inside body as compared to solid burfi which cleanses uterus by increasing blood flow in form of menstruation blood loss. Panjiri is an important food of new mothers as it is enriched with nutritional spices and dry fruits.
They also fight against any infection or inflammation in body as new mothers are more susceptible to foreign infection. Infact zeera and ajwain also tend to enhance lactation as they increase milk flow in mammary glands. Gond also known as Gaund in Rajasthan is a resin that is extracted from the bark of the axle-wood tree. Gond is highly nutritious and should be eaten in winters and not in summers as the gum has been known to generate heat in the body.
Dry fruits including: almonds, raisins, lotus seeds, dry date palms and melon seeds are rich in macro and micro nutrients such as protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, folic acid, potassium etc which help in filling the nutritional deficiency in mother’s body. I believe as long as mother is nursing her baby it is good for her to consume panjiri or munch on dry fruits to ensure healthy milk supply and also heal nutrient deficit body from inside.
And now that you all are enough tempted and inspired to make panjiri for yourself let me share my mother’s recipe with you.. Once the gond & gurh dissolves completely and mixture is cooked keep off the flame and serve hot to person.
0.5-1 kg ghee, 250 g grinded Zeera seeds, 250 g Ajwain seeds, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp saunth, 250 g Powdered Almonds, 250 g Powdered Lotus seeds, 100 g raisins, 250 g Dries date palms, 100 – 250 g Char magaj, 250 g- 500 g sugar as per taste and requirement.
Heat ghee in a pan and fry gond till they expand in size and then keep them aside while crushing into small pieces with your hands or any stiff object. In same pan or another pan heat ghee and saute powdered almonds, lotus seeds, raisins & melon seeds (or char magaj) together and keep them aside. Now make sugar syrup in another big pan by adding 2 cups of sugar in 1 cup water and stir it until sugar dissolves into thick syrup. Meanwhile take wide pan and saute grinded jeera, ajwain in ghee until they become golden brown and leave cooked aroma. Finally add all ingredients in sugar syrup gently alongwith 1 tsp of turmeric and ginger powder (saunth) and stir in between to make thick even mixture.
Once the mixture looks even and mixed completely gently throw in panjiri mixture in an open greased plate or tray.

Please note in some places people also add wheat flour in panjiri but my mother never added flour in panjiri, she makes wheat flour halwa instead which is hot and cleanses uterus during post partum phase.
Let me tell you in our place there is a belief behind preparing panjiri during shri Krishna janamashtami. Friends I have compiled all my elders advices and my mother’s belief & efforts apart from little googling to give you brief idea of panjiri burfi and its significance. I hope so it won’t hurt as I am having lemon water first thimg on mrng since 6 months.
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I wanted to share this incredible Easter Blossom Bread recipe with you guys that I experimented with last week.
Today am here to talk about a very crucial phase of motherhood which we commonly call as “post partum Phase”. During this phase she needs extra care, love, concern and nutrition for herself and proper lactation. Hence, all mothers who have delivered their babies in summers and those who have opted for c- section are usually exempted from eating liquid panjiri, as it may tend to generate more heat and might cause problems in delaying the healing process of sutures and wounds.
So basically the difference in their proportion leads to liquid and solid panjiri respectively.
Even all mothers drink boiled zeera-ajwain water for initial 6 months which helps against infection, gas and other stomach problems. It is available in crystal form as pearly yellowish translucent pieces of varying sizes especially meant for eating after being cooked.
We usually exclude cashews in panjiri as they are rich source of fat and fats might be bothering for new mother hence cashews should be excluded in initial liquid panjiri diet and may be added in solid panjiri if you need. Once the panjiri solidifies cut it into various different shapes as desired and store in air tight jar for serving new mum.. If you wish you may make panjiri ladoo by adding wheat flour instead of adding sugar syrup and making burfi. Every year my mother fasts and prepares panjiri burfi in Krishna janamashtami and she believes that it is prepared for lord Krishna’s mother.
The whole credit goes to my mother who prepared this panjiri a week ago on shri Krishna janamashtami and mailed me these yummy pics… I hope you liked her efforts. Its my dream to copy her looks, her actions almost everything like hers which never happens.. I am nt sure abt cinnamom powedr with water bt I may swear by drinking freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice in glass of warm water, empty stomach every morning. All you need to do is correct your technique, walk faster and for longer and you will lose weight Reasons You re Not Losing Weight at the Gym - Shape Cardio Vs Weight Training For Weight Loss ?? a€? Is Duke Study Misleading?
We have been using this space to store the furniture and decor for each room we have renovated so far.

It doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet on snow and ice, but it does mean that longer (sunnier) days are headed our way.
I won’t go deep inside this term, just giving elementary idea to let you know the significance of panjiri in women’s life.
Our elders say that panjiri is an important part of post partum care and hence every mother should be given liquid panjiri diet in her initial days of delivery followed by solid panjiri afterwards.
It is believed that our stomach gets its normal shape back quickly by consuming panjiri and boiled zeera-ajwain water. I remember I drank boiled zeera ajwain water till 1 year and I am still eating panjiri ladoo. Once it is fried in ghee it puffs and bulges in size which is ready to be eaten as it is or crushed into fine pieces to add in panjiri ladoo. My mother says that it also helps in contracting uterus back to its original shape much faster. During pregnancy we are much active and enthusiastic but as pregnancy progresses further to delivery, we often tend to become so exhausted and soemtimes frustrated. As initially our stomach muscles are so tender due to pushing and delivery phase that we cannot digest solid diet efficiently hence it’s good to go for liquid food diet initially.
Before that let me give you brief idea about the health benefits of panjiri for new mothers. She believes that gond heals saggy and puffy body organs including uterus and vagina from inside so that we may attain our pre pregnancy shape and body quickly. Melons seeds may also be replaced by char magaj seeds which are easily available everywhere. Initially I was fed on liquid panjiri followed by solid panjiri burfi after a month of delivery. Apart from that it also helps in treating bloated stomach and gaseous pains which are more likely to occur after delivery. Apart from this case, there are many other ways and occassions when my mum prepares the same panjiri with different taste, ingredients and method know.. She is a happy home maker who believes in happiness and always welcomes everyone with a big cheerful smile on her face.
She maintains a healthy diet schedule apart from chatting overnight on skype with her granddaughter aadya and posting updates on facebook.
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