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As you might imagine, over the course of 29 years as a wellness practitioner I have seen many fads come and go, each promising to be even more amazing than the other. About a year ago while having a conversation with my sister who is a registered nurse, we got on the subject of weight loss. CHECK OUT KIM’S AMAZING ABS- GIVE ARMAGEDDON WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISE AND NUTRITION DVD PROGRAM A CHANCE A SEE WHY WE ARE TRULY DIFFERENT. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to the many weight loss fitness gimmicks on the market please give Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness Program a try. Our Medical DoctorsGet better results learning directly from our amazing team of Armageddon medical doctors.
Forty-three percent of adults with depression were obese, as compared with 33% of adults without depression.
As the severity of depression increases, the percentage of all adults and of women with obesity increased as well. Moderate to severe depressive symptoms were associated with a higher rate of obesity both in persons who were taking antidepressant medication and those who were not. Antidepressant use was associated with a higher rate of obesity in persons with moderate to severe depressive symptoms and those with mild or no depressive symptoms. The fact is that depression is a growing condition, as more people become aware of it and more people actually seek help. The acknowledgement and search for assistance is the first step in dealing with the problem.
As with any drug or treatment, the intended effect of the antidepressant drug isn’t always the only effect. It is reported that up to a quarter of those taking the more common antidepressants can see a weight gain of ten pounds or more. Researchers have studied the phenomenon of weight gain for those who take antidepressants to see if a link can be established. Although no conclusive answers are reported, the general consensus is that antidepressants affect the metabolism and appetite of those who take the drugs to treat depression. Some patients have been diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressants as the only or main way to combat their illness. Some believe in herbal remedies for weight loss, but even holistic practitioners advise you to speak to your physician and discuss anything that you take alongside your antidepressants. Patients and medical practitioners are discovering non-pharmacological treatments for depression that are proving more effective than prescription antidepressants.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a relatively new and sophisticated device?based therapy for treatment resistant depression. TMS patients are delighted to report that they do not experience the negative side effects associated with antidepressant medications, including weight gain.
Hear what Nashville TMS patients have to say about their depression treatment experiences and outcomes! For more information on this and other topics related to the treatment of depression and mental health issues, contact us at (615) 327-4877. Last updated: 10 Mar 2016Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. Lana: Hello Corinne, I am waiting for approval from my insurance company for TMS treatment.

My focus today is to speak about the damage that HCG, prescription weight loss drugs and unnecessary medical weight loss procedures have on our Industry. What is even more startling is how many health care providers are falling for these fad “starvation diets”. ARMAGEDDON WEIGHT LOSS IS THE MOST SCIENTIFIC BASED WEIGHT LOSS FITNESS PROGRAM AND THE ONLY PROGRAM TAUGHT BY 10 REAL DEGREED SCIENTISTS AND CHAMPION ATHLETE INSTRUCTORS. It is the only weight loss fitness DVD program that uses 10 instructors that are real scientists, champion athletes and health experts. Goldwater, written by Vic Bloom and drawn by Bob Montana – is astonished as he finds himself bloated and gaining weight. NHANES is a continuous survey conducted to assess the health and nutrition of the American people.
The relationship was consistent across all age groups among women and was also seen in men aged 60 and over. Fincham, PhD, RPh, professor of pharmacy practice at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and author of The Everyday Guide to Managing Your Medicines.
After a consultation with a doctor or physician, the first port of call for many sufferers is to start taking antidepressants. Those who regularly use antidepressants can find themselves gaining more than a respite from the symptoms of depression.
Patients report that they do not feel as though they are eating more, but they still gain weight. The fact is that once a depression sufferer starts to turn the corner with the aid of medication, they enjoy many of the things in life they once ignored. But we don’t want to be in a situation where people are put off from approaching a medical professional, or put off from taking their medication over fear of gaining weight. The use of another supplement to control the weight gain may have an impact on the effectiveness of the antidepressants you take, so it may not be wise to start taking more supplements to counter the side effects of the first drug. TMS involves the skillful application of a strong magnetic field close to the surface of the scalp.
West brought the technology of NeuroStar TMS to Nashville, becoming the first physician in Tennessee to offer the option of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for patients whose severe depression has not responded to a course of antidepressant medication or treatment for depression. Many doctors are even offering to provide HCG and prescription drugs as weight loss solutions to their patients even thought the evidence shows that ALL current prescription drugs for weight loss only provide TEMPORARY RESULTS!
As someone who has worked on the Bone Marrow Transplant, Lung Transplant and Burn and Trauma intensive care unit at Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital for over 11 years, I can tell you that unless this is medically necessary; and I don’t mean “psychologically necessary” just to fit into a wedding dress, find a safer healthier path to achieve sustainable weight loss result results.
According to a study conducted by Johns Hopkins; “overweight doctors discuss weight loss with only 18 percent of their patients, and, only seven percent of doctors said they diagnosed obesity in patients they believed to weigh less than them.
No drugs or supplements are required to get your results, and your weight loss fitness plans are customized based on your goals.
This is the standard response from the medical profession and has a positive impact on depression for many of those that have been diagnosed with it. Yet others report a craving for the carbohydrates that inevitably turn into fast weight gain. Consuming food is one of these little pleasures that can easily escalate when antidepressants start to take effect. The TMS device delivers strong and very brief magnetic pulses that stimulate the brain and its network of neurons.

The Nashville TMS Team has treated patients from Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado, California, Missouri, New York, Florida, and Alabama. Based on extensive research, it appears that all current prescription drugs tend to be effective for only up to six months with only a 5% to 10% decrease in body weight. The researchers suggest that doctors’ weight could be playing an indirect role in the obesity epidemic.” While this is not an indictment against all doctors, what this data shows is that doctors don’t have all the answers.
TMS is a relatively painless and non?invasive technique that stimulates parts of the brain involved in mood, to increase activity and lift depression.
What is required is a cross-section of experts from multiple disciplines in order to have the best winning strategy. What is even crazier, is that in order for you to maintain SOME of that weight loss post 6 months, you would need to keep taking these medication; possibly for rest of your life!
Remember that all drugs have side effects, and all medical procedures have risks associated.
As discussed with my local Pharmacist and based current research, all current weight loss Drugs comes with cardiovascular risks, particularly heart valve damage! In addition, supplements are not regulated by the FDA; therefore there are also risks involved.
So here is a question for you to consider, why would you want to risk heart damage just to lose 5 – 20 pounds? That said, keep in mind that drugs and supplements are not all bad, and you should NOT discontinue taking any medications without communicating with your doctor. Armageddon means the final battle, and this is our final battle against fads, gimmicks and bogus claims.
Especially when you could avoid these risk factors by learning how to eat and exercise correctly. It appears that the intended goal of all current prescription drugs is to trick the body into thinking it is full while starving you to lose weight. Ask your doctor for other alternatives and options with reduced side effects when available. However, unlike most people who look for all the great results that most products claim, I always look for side effects and possible harm that these products may cause.
Why not focus more research on helping the body to function more efficiently and then learn how to eat and exercising more efficiently? It did not take more than a few seconds to find a litany of evidence to support my basic instincts. First, according to the FDA, HCG is illegal as a weight loss supplement and cannot be sold online or in store!
Our goal is to teach you how to eat and exercise properly so that you may never need to purchase another shake or supplement simply to get healthy!

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