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Belviq (Lorcaserin) cleared its final regulatory hurdle and has now received approval from the FDA and clearance from the DEA. We all remember not in the too distant past a drug called fenfluramine, which when used with Phentermine produced significant weight loss (Phen-Fen). Belviq is a selective seratonin agonist that works primarily in the brain, and has been well studied for safety showing that it does not have activity in the heart.
Like other available weight loss drugs (Phentermine, Tenuate, Qsymia), in clinical studies, about half of those treated with Belviq lost 5% or more of their body weight. You are exactly right :-) The label does ask that if 5% weight loss is not achieved at 5 months, the Belviq should be discontinued. Please advise on the procedure for an overweight who lives in Singapore, to be able obtain 3 months dosage of Belviq.? All About Phentermine: The Nation's and the World's Most Widely Prescribed Weight Loss MedicationPHENTERMINE IS MARKETED BY MANY COMPANIES IN THE US AND COMES IN VARIOUS DOSES AND FORMSPhentermine is the oldest weight loss medication on the US market.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Qsymia has been available for several months, Belviq has been awaiting clearance by the DEA. And, in 2 years of follow-up studies for safety, there was no evidence of heart valve damage in over 1000 patients.

Because we have seratonin receptors in our heart, Fenfluramine was responsible for heart valve damage and was taken off the market.
Another study showed significantly more weight loss – this study was done in heavier patients with more risk factors.
Since then, the drug has been used by tens of millions of people with very, very few serious side effects. Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. For example, most anti-depressant medications that work through seratonin increase appetite.
In fact, phentermine has other effects that cause weight loss including increasing metabolism and increasing satiety.Phentermine, Brown Fat and ThermogenesisPhentermine is a "non-selective beta-3 alpha adrenergic agonist". These proteins are found in certain special fat called "brown fat" and when phentermine activates those cells, they are triggered to burn-off body fat to produce heat. The production of heat from brown fat is called "thermogenesis" (literally "heat creation").
This is one of the ways that phentermine causes weight loss.Phentermine Increases SatietySatiety is feeling of fullness that happens when we eat that makes us stop. Phentermine causes this feeling to happen earlier in a meal with less food than normal. Phentermine and AppetitePhentermine is called an "appetite suppressant" but it probably shouldn't be.

On the other hand they usually still lose weight and do report that despite being hungry BEFORE eating, they fill up more quickly on less food.Phentermine and Weight LossPhentermine is a weight loss medication that works, as explained above, by increasing heat output and satiety. It really works.Tolerance to PhentermineThe reason that phentermine is not a miracle is because every person who takes it slowly develops partial tolerance or resistance to it effects. That means that while it may seem very effective at the start of therapy, it generally seems less so after several months.
Unfortunately this tolerance is universal (everyone who takes phentermine gets it) and the only way to lose the tolerance is to stop taking the medication. Let me also be clear that the tolerance is NOT total and even in the long-term, phentermine still does work, but not as well.Safety of PhentermineAll drugs have risks.
Phentermine does too but in the broad scheme of medicine, they are relatively rare and usually not serious.

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