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Since our theme this week is about the resolution to lose weight, what better way to provide help to those who are setting weight loss goals than to make a FREE printable available! The Fitness Easy-Tracker is a simple way to track of your activities and the time you invested getting more healthy. One day last summer, when we were coming home from running errands, I pulled into the driveway and stopped to get the mail.
At any time during your workout, if you feel faint, dizzy, loss of breath, or extra tired: Stop Exercising Immediately! Please feel free to share this free printable with family and friends, as well as leave a comment below to let me know if you plan to use it to reach your weight loss goals this year.

Using the word "invested" involves some personal responsibility and effort on our part to be successful at reaching our goals.
A I will definitely have to keep practicing to get the hang of it.The next morning after the class left my body totally sore. A Its quite the work out.Other than that I pretty much laid low my son was out of town for Spring Break so I used the time to catch up on sleep, work and visiting friends. A  I may have been a little to social because I gained 1 lb but I did still lose some inches so I would say overall I am pretty happy.
A  I am continuing this until I totally get tired of it and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet but this section will be updated anytime I make a change to the menu.

A The meal plan has however changed from Week 3 so here is the run down here for you all.The reason I have chosen this combination of food is because I have found the most success with eating these regularly.
A So it has been easy to stick with and still remain social.If I want to have a snack in between any of these meals I will reach for either a cheese stick, a coupleA pepperoncini or a few pickled okra.
A Stay tuned its coming soon.Download PrintableFeel free to use the Treadmill to 5k workout in place of the 55 mins that I do on the treadmill.

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