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In a medium bowl, combine the noodles and boiling water and soak until softened, about 10 minutes.
Drain water from the noodles and add the carrot, cucumber, cabbage, bean spouts and cilantro.
Starting at the end of the wrapper with the filling, roll the wrapper over the filling once. Cook the lasagna in a large pot of salted boiling water according to the package directions, until al dente. Preparing a quick, healthy dinner means you'll get to spend more time at the table with your family and less time in the kitchen. Canned beans or chili heated via stove top or microwave will make a quick filling for burritos or tacos.
My absolute favorite salmon recipe, Pesto Baked Salmon with Veggies, also happens to be extremely easy. Lastly, want a meal idea that will impress guests by how fancy it sounds but that is secretly really easy to prepare?
And if you’re REALLY tight on time, try the easiest recipe of all time: 4 Ingredient Quinoa Salad. Lose weight effortlessly, fuel right, and energize your runs with my Nutrition for Runners program! After poking around parent-oriented food blogs, we found that kids seem to like foods that resemble something they know: pigs, caterpillars and even monsters.
After you pick up the kids from practice, run by the supermarket and grab a ready-to-eat chicken so all you have to do is shred it and wrap it up in tortillas.

Fold the right and left edges of the wrapper over the filling and continue to roll, burrito-style. Heat to boiling then reduce the heat to a vigorous simmer and cook, stirring often, for about 8 minutes. She is a veteran health and fitness professional, personal chef, and mom in Bozeman, Montana. In addition to bags of mixed salad greens and broccoli crowns, other cut or chopped fresh vegetables such as onions, carrots and potatoes are becoming more available. As you know, Matt and I are on vacation in Italy right now, but I thought a post re-sharing a few of my favorite quick and easy dinner ideas would be helpful in the meantime. Pair it with the sides I noted above, or try my Garlic Herb Roasted Veggies (pssst: here’s How to Make Brussels Sprouts Delicious).
Try my recipe-not-recipe (no specific measurements necessary!) for Goat Cheese Shrimp with Rice & Veggies. Simply toss your lasagna noodles with a tasty array of Mediterranean-inspired ingredients and you'll have dinner on the table in half the time.
She is also the author of the time-saving cookbook Make-Ahead Meals Made Healthy (Fair Winds Press, July 2011). By keeping a few ingredients on hand you can have a solid, nutritious meal on the table in under 20 minutes.
In the morning combine dry rice and rinsed pieces of chicken, pork or beef into the cooker. Exactly as it sounds – just cook the chicken in some store-bought balsamic vinaigrette (I recommend Newman’s Own brand).

So even though you may have been taught to never play with your food, you may want to consider breaking that rule for your kids.
When you don't have time to prepare food from scratch, plenty of options exist that provide good nutrition. While you might not want to chow down on a plate of food that's looking back at you, it seems to us at HuffPost Taste that kids just dig it. Fish can take only ten minutes to cook when cut into smaller pieces and broiled or fried in the pan. Many companies recognize that families want to make healthier choices and their product lines are beginning to reflect this.
Serve atop salad or with some fun sides – my Mexican-Style Sweet Potato Fries and Lemon Garlic String Beans would go well with it! Microwaving meats for two or three minutes can also speed up cooking time on the stove top. Egg scrambles with spinach and chunks of turkey or ham can also be whipped up within 10 minutes.

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