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Cooking for better nutrition and weight management doesn't have to mean hours in the kitchen or complicated culinary techniques.
These meals are also flexible so that you can pick and choose what to eat on a given day based on time and taste preferences.
A former newspaper reporter, Stepfanie now writes about nutrition, health, fitness and cooking. Depending on your hunger level and calorie needs, you can always adjust the portion sizes or add on with more snacks to meet your goals.

Top with a second slice of bread, then toast on both sides until the cheese has melted and the sandwich is golden brown. Pour 2 Tbsp batter at a time into a greased skillet and cook until golden brown on both sides. She is a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher who enjoys running, international travel and all kinds of vegetables.
We suggest eating 1-4 snacks each day (using the weekly lists provided) depending on your personalized needs.

Broil on a greased baking sheet, cooking three minutes per side, until the fish easily flakes and is opaque. Note that the shopping lists for each meal plan do not include the snacks you may choose, so be sure to add your snack choices to your grocery list before you shop.

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