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While you're waiting for the scale to do it's thing, you start thinking about how much you enjoyed this past weekend. Second, it doesn't adjust your metabolism so your body won't maintain your lighter body weight on its owna€¦ it work overtime to put the missing fat back on! A study done by the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that health indicators like blood pressure, triglycerides, insulin resistance, and cholesterol are still the same in spite of losing up to 25 pounds of body fat in liposuction.
By the time you leave the corporate jungle and head off for home, you're utterly exhausted. As these thoughts run through your mind, you look at the clock and realize you've completely lost track of time. As you rush to get ready for work, you can't help but wonder: How in the world you can ever lose these unwanted pounds and get back to your old vibrant self again?
It took months — maybe even years a€” of long hours at the officea€¦ eating a quick lunch at your desk (or skipping lunch completely). It took frequently grabbing something quick and easy for dinnera€¦ because at the end of the long workday you were dog tired and didn't want to spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen.
Before you know it, a year has passed and suddenly you're buying new clothes because your old ones don't fit right anymore. Over the years, I've worked my way up the corporate ladder to get to my current position of the company's product manager. During office parties and get togethers, they'd say things like, a€?Daniel, c`mon, finish the last piece of cake. I started buying business suits and clothes that made me a€?looka€? slimmera€¦ instead of clothes that would make me look even fitter.
As I strived to climb higher up the corporate ladder, I started putting in longer and longer hours at the office. I'd rush off to get to work in the morninga€¦ work like a maniac all day (even working through my lunch break)a€¦ only to trudge home at the end of the day. Worse, there were times where I head homea€¦ and still have to attend a late night conference call with other co-workers located somewhere in the world. Most of the time I was already pretty tired and didn't have much energy to do a high-intensity workout. I was going to the gym so I'd feel like I was getting something for my monthly gym membership and not feel so guilty about the sub-par workouts I was trudging through.
I didn't realize it then but I was trapped in a vicious cycle that was growing bigger and bigger. Numerous studies have revealed that replacing trans fats with monounsaturated fats can reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase your good cholesterol (HDL) at the same time. As I found tips, tactics, and techniques that sounded like they might work (and were safe), I personally put them to the test.
My girlfriend used to tell me that she thought my body looked “okay”a€¦ but now she tells me how great I look instead! While I gradually lost the unwanted pounds and added lean muscle over several months time a€” I knew that it could be done even faster than I did a€” and still be completely safe to do. I wasted a lot of time studying dietary and fitness ideas that turned out to be pure fluff and no substance. So I've managed to testa€¦ refinea€¦ even test my fat burning system to a laser-like precision. Believe me, I knowa€¦ I have plenty of times where I feel dog-tired by the end of the work day.
I know how it feels to be so tired that you feel like you can't summon up the energy to head off to the gym.
I know how it feels to be sluggish because you're carrying some extra unwanted pounds that you don't really wanta€¦ or need!
And I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of grabbing some fast food on the way home because you don't feel like cooking when you finally get home. It's a time-saving complete fat-burning program designed for busy professionals by a busy professional.
You don't need loads of time to exercise because I give you a full body workout routine that you can complete in just 10 minutes.
You don't need an expensive gym membership or to feel embarrassed about working out in front of other people because my program can be done in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home. How to lower your blood pressure by FIFTEEN pointsa€¦ takes about 8 minutes to do and you dona€™t even have to leave your desk!
Many Hollywood Stars pay big money to personal trainers for this surefire fat loss trick that will burn fat over and over again! The real secret to triple your fat loss rate by tricking your body to use fat as fuel even when you are not exercising!
When I designed the “10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?, I put a lot of emphasis on proper health and safety. After all, if a weight loss product makes you sick or leaves you with permanent health problemsa€¦ was it really worth using ita€¦ just to lose some unwanted weight? It doesn't matter what your weight loss goals might bea€¦ you can use my easy step-by-step system to drop unwanted weighta€¦ And you can do it in just 10 minutes per day! The worst of all fatsa€¦ this one is so bad for you a€” it should come with CPR instructions! The secret to building a powerful broader-looking backa€¦ even if you cana€™t do a chin-up! 27 sneaky ways that food manufacturers use to try to disguise how much sugar theya€™re adding to their foodsa€¦ Turn to Page 24 for the shocking truth!
And the best part is … You'll be able to take what I've discovered through my own trial and error and use it to quickly improve your body. This is exactly what you'll get and much more when you grab your own copy of a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?.

I'm a big fan over-delivering value and content on every product or service that I attach my name to. It lays out the core fundamentalsa€¦ the dietary changes you should be makinga€¦ and the 5 weeks of 10 minute Jumpstart training. This is the program you'll be happy to use while you safely and quickly remove unwanted fat.
Combine it with the core Corporate Fat Loss training program and you gain a powerful 1-2 punch in the battle against the bulge! It's an easy way to identify any unhealthy foods you're eating that can be reduced or even eliminated. It's an even easier way to chart your progress as you heads towards your goal of a slimmer you!
It's sounds like extra work but you'll be glad you dida€¦ it's one of the most powerful ways to stay motivated and see exactly how much progress you've made since you started the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?.
It's real easy to think you're not making much progress until you look at your workout log and see how many unwanted pounds have be shedded and how much stronger (and fitter!) your body has become since you started.
I realize that I may turn some people away from buying my program but I have a very good reason.
When I decided to release the 10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss plan, I created two editions: A Standard and Premium. So I'm going to sweeten the pot a bit morea€¦ for a limited time, when you buy the Standard level of the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?, I'll automatically upgrade you to the Premium version at no additional cost to you. I've gone to great pains to explain in clear, easy to understand directions how to do each of the exercises shared in the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?. As good as those explanations are, it's not the same as someone actually showing you how to do each and every one of the exercises. Now I don't know where you are in the worlda€¦ its probably not very close to where I live. Suppose you need to do the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€? but you won't be near your computer.
Simply put the audio version of this week's training on your Mp3 player and listen to my voice as I coach you through the entire training routine every step of the way. If you hired a personal trainer to coach you one-on-one, you'd easily spend $50 or more for each sessiona€¦ but not with my program. I'm including these recordings at no additional cost to you when you invest in the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?. I really want to see each and every person who invests in my a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€? to reach their weight loss goal.
That's just one of the many reasons why I believe you're going to be delighted with the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?.
And right now I'm going to take all of the risk off of your shoulders and put it squarely on mine. If you were to purchase each part of the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€? separately, you would spend up to $486 to get everything. The second path is you could try to piece together your own fat loss plan buta€¦ honestly, you and I both know how difficult that can be. You have to find something that worksa€¦ go through trial & error for weeks or even months to test ita€¦ maybe even suffer through drastic dietary changes that feel like punishment after the first few days. Why settle for the body you see when you can quickly & safely melt away the unwanted pounds instead. Don't wait another minutea€¦ grab your copy of the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€? right now. I understand that I'll be getting complete access to your a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?, your Advanced Training Plan, your Meal Planner, your workout log, your 5 weeks of healthy meal plans, your training audios and videos, and everything else that is found exclusively inside your members-only area.
I understand that I will get instant access to everything inside a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?. I can rest easy knowing that I'm fully protected by your 60-day money back guarantee so I'm ready to take the next step. Sounds complicated buta€¦ here's the good news: I explain it in plain English on page 93 of the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€? so you can discover how to get slim easily. It's just another great reason why my program helps lose up to 20 pounds of unwanted fat quickly and safely. A: My fat loss program is especially targeted to busy corporate professionals or people who have little or no time to exercise. My program does not require you to adhere to ridiculous diets that are not practical for a typical office worker and neither does it require you to spend hours at the gym.
A: If you are looking for the quickest way to lose weight, I would be lying if I told you fat loss does not require any kind of restraint or lifestyle change. A: Even though this is essentially a 5 week program, users have reported losing up to 5lbs in just the first week alone and subsequently 2 - 3 lbs every week (which is a healthy rate of weight loss).
While you can see results just by following the strategic dieting tricks in my manual, you will not experience the full benefits of this program. A: Then simply email me within 60 days and Ia€™ll refund you every cent, no questions asked. Disclaimer: The a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€? proudly uses Clickbank as our payment processor. You can't even think of exercising a€” or finding the energy to do a decent workout either. It's time to get rid of the extra, unwanted fat you've been carrying and get the body you want. After finishing my degree at the university, I plunged into the corporate jungle with the rest of the working ranks. James A Levine from the Mayo Clinic, we can burn up to an additional 1000 calories per day by incorporating something called Non-Exercise Induced Activity Thermogenesis (or NEAT for short).

I'll show you what exactly you need to do to tap into this NEAT technique to quickly lose your beer belly! Well, you can imagine how much worse I felt after he told me the photo was untoucheda€¦ I really was that fat! I looked at my training methodsa€¦ and knew I had to find a better way to get an effective workout in less time. I literally devoured every highly recommended book, magazine, and fat loss program in my search for an answer to my a€?corporate weight gaina€?.
Why a€?studyinga€? the glycemic index can make a major difference in your weight loss efforts. For those who need to lose more, they can still use my program but over a longer period of time. Don't worrya€¦ simply turn to page 67 and discover how to gently a€?shocka€? your body into continuing to lose fat! It's really easy to underestimate how many calories a food might be or to make unhealthy choices. Simply choose the daily meal plan that is closest to your current intake (between 1500 to 3000 calories) and start following the recommendations for your unique metabolism. Simply print it out and each time you do your 10 minute Jumpstart workout, simply fill in the details of your workout.
Listen to your doctor's advice and take the safest route to reaching your ideal weight again.
I honestly believe it's far more important to point people in the right healthy direction than maybe selling a few more copies of my program.
Chances are, you don't have the luxury of flying to my hometown to personally train with me either. You'll be able to watch each exercise and each week's routine being personally performed by me. For a limited time, it's a single one-time investment of just $47 and you get the free automatic upgrade to the Premier version.
You could make the wise choice to grab your copy of the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?. I would definitely choose the proven way to lose unwanted fat and that's the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?. I will be able to use your field-tested and proven to work system to gently shed unwanted pounds in just 10 minutes per day.
It's true a€” Being constantly stressed out can lead to a whole load of health related diseases as well as weight gain. I have been a busy corporate professional myself and I understand the constraints experienced by people like you.
As this program comes with a dynamic exercise component, users will gain lean muscle mass in place of their fat.
But personally, I feel that no fat loss program is complete without an exercise component.
For our customers convenience, our program has been made available as an instantly access digital downloadable product. There's so many of them to choose froma€¦ and the last onea€¦ well, that was a complete disaster. And my shirts no longer tucking properlya€¦ well, that had to be the dryer againa€¦ didn't it? The days in the corporate jungle are long and harda€¦ it's quite common to leave work feeling tired or flat-out exhausted. Many motivational speakers talk about needing 30 days to make a new good habit sticka€¦ so that's what I'm going to help you do.
I will answer your question as soon as possible (typically within 1-2 business days) with the exact answer you are looking for. Now is the time to fight back stressa€¦ grab your own copy of the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€? and put stress back in its place! James A Levine from the Mayo Clinic, we can burn up to an additional 1000 calories per day by incorporating Non-Exercise Induced Activity Thermogenesis in our daily activities. I share a simple (yet amazing effective) way to determine the right sized portion of any food inside the a€?10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plana€?.
There are cheat meals built into this program which will allow you to eat ANYTHING you want.
My Jumpstart routine exercises are all bodyweight exercises that you can do at the comfort of your own home! Users also noticed a very evident firmness and tightness in their muscles which indicates an increase in lean muscle mass. At the end of the five week program, it is not uncommon see at least a fat loss of between 15 to 20 lbs.
After 3 days, you felt like you were in some type of military bootcamp and couldn't wait to get out. I have experienced how it is like to come back home after a long day at work and not having the time or motivation to exercise because I have to attend those late night conference calls. Two years have passed and Ia€™m still maintaining my six pack because my fat loss equation works over and over and over again! As such, even though the numbers above may not be staggering, you will look and feel like youa€™ve lost over 30 lbs! If you think 10 minutes is not enough to give you a good workout, I challenge you to take up this routine.

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