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To lose weight you need to follow a weight loss program in view to fasten your weight loss process. The whole idea here is to build muscle with weight training and nourish it with food which are high on protein intake. Further it’s well known to everyone that 30 – 45 mins day work out not only would make you look better and also make you feel better. Catch up with extra sleep if you can this would make you feel fresh and give you extra energy to push harder. Another inclusion to your regime is habit of drinking lot of water especially minimum 4 liters a day nothing like if it can be extended to 6 liters. Many people believe that motivation is a magical quality that some people have and some people don't. If you choose a healthy snack because it makes you feel better about yourself, you are internally or intrinsically motivated.So why do different types of motivation matter? The whole idea is to have an effective weight loss program which burns your fat and reduces your waist line.
Apart from making it a part of your weight loss program one should strictly avoid consuming such drinks since content of sugar is very high to what the companies write on packaging. No, I haven’t ? eat small meals frequently may be after every 2-3 hours and let every meal be healthy or low on carbs.
When you give a good performance and your senior manager or coach or teacher doesn’t appreciate your effort don’t you feel demotivated? Low GI foods are generally found in our favorite fruits, vegies, meats, dairy and grain products.
Be it a certain occasion and they would like to drop kilos quickly to get into their sexy dress. Don’t go for crash diet wherein you completely remove calorie intake from your meals or starve when you are hungry.

Extrinsic and intrinsic inspiration will come into play at different times during your weight loss experience. Drink lot of water minimum 3 litres of water and if possible more as it not only helps on flushing toxins out of your system but also helps in maintaining good metabolic rate. You digestive system generally is unable to digest large meals which quickly turns any excess into fat. The whole point is whenever you can exercise or do some activity such as walking or climbing. These would lead to adverse effect, no doubt you would lose weight but at the same time you would turn weak. In the process of eating many meals don’t overeat, eat small meals otherwise it would lead to double consumption and into fat storage.
The good news is you can achieve a dream body quickly if you follow a certain regime strictly.
The whole idea of speedy weight loss is at the end of achieving your goal you should feel fresh and look young and sexy, isn’t it. Extrinsic motivation is the inspiration that comes from an external source, outside of you. These extrinsic factors are great for getting the ball rolling.When you feel outside pressure to lose weight, let it motivate you to gather information. You are matured enough to gaze when to indulge in it, even you have received some substantial results it’s a good time to do it. For example, if your physician tells you that you need to lose weight, you may be externally motivated to go on a diet out of fear of poor health.
You may not be ready to go on a diet, but you can learn more about weight loss plans and exercise programs. Find out if there are small steps you can take to improve your health before you take the plunge and commit to a full-scale weight-loss program.

If you go on a diet in order to fit into a smaller dress size, your motivation is extrinsic.Intrinsic motivation, on the other hand, comes from within. Ask your physician about how making small changes to your diet or lifestyle will affect your health.Extrinsic motivation can also be helpful when you need a gentle nudge to achieve short-term goals. If you exercise because of the sense of accomplishment you achieve at the end of the workout your source of motivation is intrinsic. For example, you might know that exercise is good for you, you may even know that you'll feel better after you complete a workout, but on some days you might still struggle to get to the gym. Set the DVR to record your favorite show or pick up some bubble bath and reward yourself with time in the tub after the workout is complete.Foster Intrinsic Motivation to Achieve Long-Term SuccessWhile extrinsic motivation may help you overcome short-term challenges, people who are successful at weight loss are usually motivated by intrinsic factors.
Eating well and exercising makes them feel good so they continue to practice healthy habits for the long term.So how do you create internal motivation?
All you have to do is find it, identify it and acknowledge it.3 Steps to Foster Internal MotivationSet short-term goals. Your long-term goal might be to lose 30 pounds, but a good short-term goal might be to eat a lean healthy breakfast each day during the week.
Swap the high calorie soda for water during one meal or commit to cut your lunch in half and save half for another day.Keep a journal. Keep in mind that just taking the time to write in your journal is healthy and an accomplishment in itself. When you acknowledge the success of small accomplishments, it becomes easier to believe that larger goals are attainable.

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