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I remembered three and a half hours late that pannonica’s down for the count this weekend—lost power thanks to the East Coast snow and also sustained a tree-branch-through-roof situation.
31-Across: The [Mild astringent made from the bark of a North American shrub] is WITCH-HAZEL.
Got off to a slow start at 1-Across, trying MANIC as the answer to [Extremely enthusiastic] instead of RABID. I don’t have any plans to wear a costume today, other than my standard costume of a professor who appears to be knowledgeable about those matters on which he speaks.
CHINGLISH, the play opening on Broadway that was at Chicago’s Goodman Theater months ago. COKE ZERO is Diet Coke for men who are afraid drinking Diet Coke will make them lose their testicles. I finally gave up waiting for the Across Lite version to be posted and solved the puzzle at the LA Times website. Amy, you did notice that BOTH of the words in the two word phrases in the LAT can have BLACK added to them, right? About MeAmy Reynaldo, the author of How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword Puzzle, is a top-10 finisher at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. I don’t know about you, but I generally eschew costumes and take my kid trick-or-treating in my regular attire.
Jeff’s timely theme is about a VAMPIRE, and yet again I was slow to recognize the theme for what it was owing to not really reading long clues all the way through. If you have no plans for the evening, you can do a lot worse than renting the Ewan McGregor thriller, The Ghost Writer. Crossword Fiend’s own Janie saw it with top solver Anne Erdmann, and Paul Rudd saw it with them too. Because you didn’t see to mention the BLACK phrases formed using the second part of each original phrase.
It has something of a creepy vibe because its director is the notorious Roman Polanski, but it’s a simultaneously low-key and engaging.
The rest was straightforward enough, with COIN-OP, SPRINKLE, and DITSY among the entries I liked most. My best costume was probably when I went as Homer Simpson, complete with the yellow face and the can of Duff beer. I try to switch from Across to Down and find myself just moving somewhere entirely different.

Black ice is that stuff that’s hard to see on the road but will cause to to lose traction all the same.
One other time I went to a party dressed as a dalmatian, while my date went as Cruella de Vil. Crikey, people, just drink what you want, and crikey, marketers, quit with all the sexist marketing and you might expand your markets across gender lines. And when I’m blogging a puzzle at 11 am instead of 9 pm the previous day, I am out of time to devote to it. I met Anne at a blogging conference and am so excited to get to introduce you to her today. KASHA, the [Bow-ties go with], on the other hand, sounds interesting, even though it is new to me. 50-Across was rather vague for the non-sports-lingo-attuned but eventually I got TDS and stared at IPA DAPPS. No, CIVCC and SOLCD are obviously not words, and yet it took me 25 seconds to notice the problem. You may be committed to change, and have fabulous intentions–but you still struggle to follow through. Just not soda!Stop Eating Junk FoodResolving to get off the junk is an important first step.
She’s a homeschooling mom of four who loves strong coffee, long books, the social graces, and social media.
You can find her on her blog Modern Mrs Darcy, and on twitter, which she adores.What positive change are you planning to make this month? As someone who has eaten junk food literally her entire life, trying to eat a carrot stick when you want a deep fried potato chip isn’t going to cut it, no matter how many carrots you shove in your face. You’re hungry, you want something carby or sugary for energy, and your body has been fine tuned to instantly crave the hyper-palatable additives found in junk food. The only way you’re going to kick that habit is by filling up with fats and proteins at all of your meals and keeping *filling* snacks on hand. Instead carrots, eat a couple bites of egg salad or a homemade version of the junk item – nothing wrong with some vegetable chips fried in quality lard. Do this long enough and the next time you do slip up and give in to that bag of doritos, you’ll find yourself with a horrific stomach ache, further breaking the habit.
People don’t crave fat unless their body is used to the fat in hyper-palatable junk food items or items fried in canola oil.

I think they must be distroying anything healthy because how could something healthy survive those gases? I quit soda years ago but water is my first replacement choice and only spring water or reverse osmosis.
For many years alternative health advice was given to me that Reverse Osmosis water will strip your body of minerals.
After peeling back several layers, my AK Chiropractor found my mineral levels were too low and suggested a regiment of minerals and drinking Fiji water.
It takes a little experimenting but basically I pack a couple handfuls of baby kale (yes it makes green ice cream-so?) your choice of frozen fruits; I like pineapple, green grapes, granny smith apple, some lemon juice and a bit of mint leaves. The kale needs to go on the bottom or the frozen fruit will freeze up and the kale won’t be blended. Maybe not rock hard, more like a home made sorbet but if you have patience you can stick it in the freezer.
One problem I noticed was some people were so negative, always lamenting about everything they were giving up. I was costantly telling people, you have to have a plan, and you have to focus on what you can eat and activites you can do rather than what you think you’re missing out on.
And beyond that, it really helps if you have specific goals outside of just giving up a bad habit.
Nobody gives up junk food just for the fun of it, but you may realize you need to do it to be healthier – and then you then have a new bunch of positive things to focus on, like losing weight, feeling better, having more energy, looking better ect. I noticed that after I quit Diet Pepsi I was able to focus clearly on weight loss and fitness. More than likely I will find something interesting on the internet that has nothing to do with anything in my life.
Note taking will begin, I will see that it is 3am, realize I have not grocery shopped in a year or so, slap that on the list.
As long as I am making it to appointments, prepared and clean, rested and the cat is fed, why does it matter when I go to sleep? This was a desperate attempt by my mother to keep me occupied and in my bed and not downstairs bothering her.

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