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As I said earlier, I turned to Diet Coke because it has zero calories and therefore allowed me to eat the things I want without putting on weight (versus drinking regular Coke, which contains around 140 calories per can of 330ml). At the end of the day, Diet Coke gives you the false impression that you can consume more calories just because you are drinking it.
I have always loved Milo, but I realised that when I was addicted to Diet Coke, Milo (the pre-packed type) tasted bland to me.
When I was a Diet Coke addict, I constantly felt uncomfortable and bloated – in a gassy way. I can think of so many other reasons to quit Diet Coke, but these are the 5 main reasons that made me quit. This entry was posted in Buzz Lists, Diet Coke, Health, Self-help, Wellness and tagged Artificial sweeteners, Aspartame, Buzz Lists, Calories, Coke Light, Diet Coke, Gastrointestinal, Health, Self-help, Sodium, Water retention, Weight loss, Wellness by Jade. Then I found out that a sensitivity to Aspartame—the sweetener in my beloved beverage—could be the reason I was struggling with daily bouts of diarrhea, bloating, gassiness and belly pain. It took two weeks to shake the worst of the withdrawal symptoms and at least six months before my daily Diet Coke cravings eased. I thought going cold turkey would be the best way to get Diet Coke out of my diet, but UCLA researchers say making small changes (like cutting out one glass or can of soda weekly) can double your odds of long-term success.
Just starting your day with a high-protein breakfast can cut your withdrawal symptoms in half within 48 hours, say University of Cincinnati researchers.
Part of the reason giving up Diet Coke makes people miserable is because a daily treat has suddenly disappeared and nothing good has been added in its place, says Kersting. If you’ve been chugging Diet Coke to kill your sugar cravings, that could be the reason you have such a yen for sweets in the first place! Do you absolutely love sipping a Diet Coke at lunch or crave one mid-afternoon when your energy levels lag? Enjoying a five-ounce glass of chilled wine or a 12-ounce frosty beer each evening can cut your late-day yen for a soda by 25 percent or more, say Harvard researchers. Top Eight Tips For Tastier WaterSome people love water and others wish it was more flavorful.
You see, I made a big (well it is, for me!) decision in mid-July to quit Diet Coke (also known as Coke Light).
I will have you know that there is a limit to everything we consume, and you should watch your sodium intake like a hawk.
Even though there are no calories in Diet Coke, you are likely to gain weight if you drink it. After I quit Diet Coke, I feel fuller more easily, and the cravings for more food, especially sugary treats, went away.
By the time you get used to the sweetness of Diet Coke, you’ll start to find regular sweet foods, such as fruits, tasteless.
On days when I consumed too much Diet Coke, I would feel a pain in my stomach, which would only go away if I stopped drinking Diet Coke for a couple of days. The idea itself would seem ridiculous to me 2 months ago, but I am so glad I finally realised the dangers of consuming Diet Coke.
If you are a Diet Coke addict, would you please consider quitting it, and if you are an ex-addict, please do share your success story.

The only thing carbonated I keep on my list is Sparkling Ribena because it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners and I can still work it within my caloric intake.
I’d heard that it could wreck my blood sugar control, boost my risk of prediabetes by 20 percent and trigger weight gain. I spent all day Saturday lying on the cold concrete floor in our basement, trying to numb the killer migraine that was threatening to destroy the left side of my head. I pulled a big tub of cookie dough out of the freezer and used a screwdriver to break off chunks so I could eat them raw. My intestinal problems disappeared when I went cold turkey, but I still cringe when I think back to how miserable I was during those first long weeks. So whip up a delicious, filling breakfast smoothie that you can look forward to (don’t just choke protein powder mixed with water). Ditching Diet Coke can cause brutal caffeine withdrawal, but with a little preplanning, you can skip that misery altogether.
According to Stanford University researchers, artificial sweeteners often prompt people to keep refilling their glass, because fake sugar actually fuels your brain’s desire for the real thing.
There’s that bubbly, mouth-watering, nose-tickling fizz that you just can’t get from a glass of plain water.
Pinpoint the vulnerable times in your schedule, then make smart trades, instead of simply depriving yourself, suggests Kersting. One of the reasons is due to the fact that Diet Coke contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener, which makes you crave sugar and carbohydrates. I definitely surprised myself and everyone else around me – nobody would believe I had successfully quit Diet Coke! More to come are health-related posts, so if you like what you are reading, please subscribe to my updates by following the Blog! I just didn’t feel healthy at all because I was bloated and uncomfortable all the time. Even till now, I am still practicing strict control over consuming carbonated drinks, coke & all.
I’d also heard that it could damage my teeth and cause mood swings, chronic headaches and even bone thinning. By Sunday night, the headache had finally started to fade, but I was so crabby, queasy and tired that my kids wanted to be nowhere near me. Start with eight ounces of milk and two ice cubes, then add your favorite ingredients and blend well.
According to researchers at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, substituting four ounces of coffee for every 12-ounce can or glass of Diet Coke that you cut out of your diet can prevent those nasty symptoms entirely. Rx: Sip a mug of coffee or tea flavored with one teaspoon of real sugar, and that annoying cola craving could fade in as little as 20 minutes. To make an at-home treat with an effervescent kick, pour four ounces of your favorite juice over ice, then top with four ounces of seltzer or club soda.
It’s caffeine-free, and doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives. Wine and beer are both rich in antioxidants that tamp down production of cortisol, a troublesome stress hormone that fuels—and worsens—cravings.

When you consume something sweet, it sends a signal to your body to expect the incoming sugar and energy, which of course with Diet Coke never happens – because there’s no sugar or energy in it! Over a long period of time, it also erodes the stomach’s lining, leading to serious health problems. Once I quit, I never craved it, did not experience any withdrawal symptoms, and didn’t even feel the need for a replacement. For the past 8 weeks I drink nothing but water (lots of it!) and milk (I try to pack as much proteins as I can into my breakfast and lunch).
Even better, while Diet Coke does nothing whatsoever to improve your health, coffee is a nutrient-rich herb with a long track record of proven health benefits.
Incredibly, Blue Sky Cola still tastes like Coke (although it has a much lighter, smoother flavor), and if what you crave is that nose-tickling fizz and refreshing, cola taste, this could be the perfect substitute for you! Along with the decision to quit Diet Coke, I also implemented a diet change at the same time, which saw me lose a total of 5kg as at last Saturday, 1 September 2012.
I detest the taste of regular Coke and other carbonated drinks (well, as of now except Sparkling Ribena), so I never touched those. Your body gets confused and starts to hunt for that sugar and energy the signal told it to expect, which in turn makes you crave for sugar and carbohydrates. In fact, everything else tastes different; I now appreciate food more than ever, and I no longer need to consume as much to satisfy my cravings. I just drank lots of water in its place. Diet Coke is full of harmful chemicals, and why would you want to put them in your body? According to a Dutch research team, this milk byproduct can boost your brain’s production of serotonin, a mood-steadying hormone that shores up your ability to say “no” to temptations.
Sip two or three cups of java daily, and researchers at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University say you’ll cut your risk of diabetes, depression, colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease by 30 percent or more. I liked Diet Coke because it’s carbonated, sweet, but contains zero calories, and therefore allowed me to eat whatever else I wanted without putting on weight.
Even someone like me, who consumes up to 3 litres of water at work alone, is susceptible to water retention caused by Diet Coke. How do I know?
I’m happy to report that ever since I quit Diet Coke, I have felt neither bloatedness nor discomfort in my stomach. As we all know, it’s about Calories In versus Calories Out when it comes to weight management. In the first week I cut out Diet Coke, I lost double the weight I would have lost from just tweaking my caloric intake.
Joanne on September 18, 2012Some years back I wanted to stop with the artificial sweeteners as well, so I cut out all soda and started drinking carbonated water.
Make sure you can see the jar fill up with all the cash that you can spend on something else.Get a home soda maker (see below) and mix the sparkling water with a little orange or apple juice.

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