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Kate Middleton's dramatic weight loss has fueled anorexia rumors and has husband Prince William terrified she won't be able to get pregnant again.
Fitness experts say at 5-foot-9, Middleton should probably weigh closer to 140 pounds to be healthy. Now William is worried his wife won’t be able to conceive if she doesn’t turn things around," said an insider. As she did with her first pregnancy, Middleton lost all her baby weight just weeks after giving birth to daughter Charlotte, who was born in May 2015. Middleton's weight loss secrets were a low-carb diet, walking and yoga workouts, Celebrity Health & Fitness reported. As anorexia speculation runs rampant, tabloids had recently claimed Kate was already pregnant with her third child.
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You've worked hard to lose weight and deserve to be congratulated for all your self-discipline and stamina. Your Cambridge Consultant will give you lots of helpful advice to help you maintain your new weight. It seems like Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton try to spend time together despite their hectic schedules. The Duke of Cambridge stands by a helicopter as he begins his new job with the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) at Cambridge Airport.
According to an Observer article, the Duke of Cambridge will receive a helicopter just in time for V-Day.
Other duties of the garden expert include taking care of swings and climbing frames for son and daughter, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. To be sure, the Duchess of Cambridge, 34, and Prince William, 33, have immersed themselves into their kids’ lives and are even arranging play dates for their son. Many readers will recall how serious Hyperemesis Gravidarum can be, it is a condition that can far transcend morning sickness (misery enough on its own).
The condition was so serious with Kate’s first pregnancy she was hospitalized for several days, here you see her leaving King Edward VII Hospital in December 2012. Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their second child. It’s delightful to think of Prince George being the big brother to a little sister or brother. Here is a link to ITV’s story, it references William speaking about how Kate is doing. News of another child for Kate and William, as well as word of Kate’s illness, far transcend any fashion content. I had severe morning, noon and night sickness and cannot imagine what the Duchess is coping with having a much more debilitating disorder.
Hope the Duke and Duchess will manage her calendar so her health, comfort (and George) are the priorities.
No sympathy needed as my pregnancy was long ago and I have a beautiful 22-year old daughter to make up for all the nausea! Having suffered acute morning sickness myself with this pregnancy and not being able to take time off to recover well, I’m so glad she gets a chance to drop every and just rest. Please remember that there are medical professionals involved in this situation and that they would have been the people to make the original diagnosis.
The links which Susan gave at the end of her post offer plenty of information about HG, morning sickness and the difference between them.
But perhaps reading facts isn’t as interesting as talking over endless possibilities of what Kate might have or might not have? Hopefully Kate will soon get back her health and then we can get back to discussions and opinions about fashion.
I could not be any happier for the royal couple, just praying for Cathrine that her illness is of short duration. I do feel for Kate, because as William said last time, it’s all day and all night sickness. Poor thing to be so sick but at least with No 2 she has the reassurance of her first that despite being so ill she went in to have a straightforward labour and beautiful healthy baby. Women tend to lose their waists faster with a second pregnancy, so she may be into her looser styles earlier.

I totally agree with your below hope the Duchess is afforded a nice rest from the paps and social engagements. I guessed you might be busy with matters academic, it’s lovely to know you’re still keeping an eye on us though! I’m more than happy to back you in rooting for a little Windsor belle — sounds adorable! THIS IS YOU:NET- FXCKER A PERSON WHO SPENDS DAYS ON THE INTERNET AT A TIME USUALLY LATE AT NIGHT OR VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING HE OR SHE IS A RECLUSE AND A NET-FXCKER! Kate does look bad and at this has been a theme with her but she must only pay attention to the good press, I think that is the royal way and she loves to be royal. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is continuing her royal tour of Southeast Asia with husband Prince William notwithstanding the intense media glare spurred by her recent nude-photo scandal.
The athletic Kate, who climbed a 130-foot tree in the rainforest of Borneo, showcased her sleek, size-two physique in colorful island grab while visiting the Solomon Islands on Sept.
Middleton and William, both 30, are touring Asia as part of the Diamond Jubilee festivities to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 60-year reign. As the media goes into overdrive over her nude vacation photos, there has been increased speculation that Middleton may be pregnant. While Middleton's royal duties include making public appearances on behalf of England's monarchy, her primary responsibility is to produce an heir. Indeed, William was born just 11 months after Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, and Charles was born less than a year after his parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, wed in 1947. While fans view Kate's new life as a princess as one of luxury and leisure (and it is), her primary duty is to be a good wife and mother, say experts.
The British fashion and tabloid press anticipates the major news, that is the pregnancy of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. The public is very concerned about the health of the heir’s to the British crown future mother. About GeniuspregnancyGenius Pregnancy is the site for pregnant women, expecting couples and those who are planning to have a baby. Sources claim the skinny Kate is obsessed with dieting and now weighs less than 100 pounds.
Sources claim William is worried Kate won't be able to get pregnant again if she doesn't stop her extreme dieting.
Kate's beauty secrets are an organic diet that includes fresh green juices, anti-aging wrinkle creams and stretch mark prevention lotions. But sources said there's no way Middleton can get pregnant again now if she stays underweight. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Samantha enjoys running, cycling and taking photos.
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The helicopter will be used to transport patients to hospitals sooner and will help bolster the Prince’s work for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. According to reports, the mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte hired a cottage garden expert to assist her in planting fruits and vegetables in the garden of their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall. A Belfast Telegraph article stated that the royal couple doesn’t want their son to feel isolated. Just as with the first pregnancy, the couple was again forced to announce the news early because the Duchess is coping with hyperemesis gravidarum.The announcement was once again made on Twitter. Her Royal Highness will no longer accompany The Duke of Cambridge on their planned engagement in Oxford today.
We’ll merely share a few images and leave the broader post with style notes for another time. She was seriously ill with nauseous feelings leading to vomiting right through her son’s delivery when it finally ended nine months later!
I’m glad the duchess is going to be open about her pregnancy so we can kind of almost feel part of the experience ourselves. I don’t actually think she has HG- because of that last year Mustique trip which conveniently ended her illness- but I do think she may be struggling with severe morning sickness.
Am I the only one feeling rather disappointed (while sympathising with Kate’s predicament) that we’ve lost out on seeing a few outfits and possibly one or two new ones?
While a baby is great news, I actually was not that excited because it meant we would not be seeing Kate for a little while. A new baby while George is relatively young will be good too, and they’ll be close in age. Last time when Kate came out of hospital she looked so tired and drained so I hope they caught it earlier so she won’t suffer quite as much. But she seemed to rebound after about three months, so I hope the same will happen this time.

I mean, of course, congratulations on the 2nd baby but I sure do hope that this time round is alright for Kate as with her 1st child. I wondered with how sick Kate was when pregnant with George if it would be a recurring thing with every pregnancy. I’d be so sad if my only connection to What Kate Wore was pregnancy announcements (even more so if Wills and Kate stop at two and this is the last pregnancy announcement). Can you imagine a little Windsor belle with her mama’s beautiful hair and her father’s coloring? I will content myself to flip through old pics and ensembles (in between drafting pages, of course) while she rests up with Lupo. The lithe 5-foot-9 Kate has been wowing officials and fans with her natural beauty, easy elegance, and athletic good looks. By not getting pregnant within a year of her marriage, Kate has already defied a longstanding royal tradition. Before the wedding, Kate Middleton used to have the British 10th size, but the tedious preparation for the wedding and all the experiences have contributed to her rapid weight loss. They say that at school Kate was much mocked at because of her being skinny, and that is why Kate is still incredibly shy. You will find various articles on parenting, pregnancy, health and childbirth on this site. However, the nutrients that all foods contain have natural variations and therefore we are only able to give estimates of the energy and nutrient content. The article went on to claim that Prince William just might take his wife for a ride as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.
We’ll simply note that in this first trimester Kate has dressed in pieces much like those worn in the first trimester with Prince George. Yet by January she was well enough for a vacation and did not have any official duties until February (I don’t count that quick award show appearance).
It has to be disappointing that she may miss the trip to Malta, however, that can easily be rescheduled for down the line. Do you think they literally just found out in the last few days since Kate was reported to have had a white wine spritzer on her date with William last week?
Hopefully, I’ll be able to add my two cents more often now that the semester is up and running (the beginning is always very taxing), though I’m a dissertating student so no promises! Perhaps she read my harping on about her obvious thyroid malfunction?  You know, all jokes aside, what Kate is too thick to realise is that dramatic dieting can cause all kinds of insidious health problems, related to immunity, such as thyroid.
Being in the agonizing expectation of the news about the procreation of the royal family, the Tatler fashion magazine decided to devote the February issue to Kate. The former RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot will work as a co-pilot transporting patients to hospital from emergencies ranging from road accidents to heart attacks. I know that HG varies by case, but I thought it was odd that she only had HG for the 3rd month of her pregnancy. I have always believed Kate prefers to stay home than make public appearances and this is a good excuse to do so.
But what happy times to come, and I do hope they have a little girl, can you just imagine what cute outfits she will choose for her daughter?? I just found out yesterday that my cousin (and maid-of-honor from my wedding) is pregnant with her first child and looks like she’s due around the same time as Kate. I’m sure Catherine will stick with her tried and true favorites, but with the vogue for longer hemlines, we may seem some different proportions. However, even if I don’t comment, I’m always checking up on the posts and comments, never fear!
Add in the usual energy that most get when they lose weight and we are dealing with someone who is possibly close to acting out big time. The supporters of the Duchess are seriously worried whether the 30-year-old Kate is able to give birth to a healthy baby. For us it’s good to have this distraction anyway, puts a bit of glamour in our lives. I am not doctor either and she may well have it, but I kind of get the feeling that she just has severe day sickness and has trouble dealing with it since she has to be in the public eye and look nice. And I think most of us must surely be hoping for a girl this time, if only cos it might spare poor Kate from going through all this again.
I don't think she is coping well and she might be having violent moodswings as a response to how stifled she must be feeling. Perhaps the royal family isn't ignoring her acting out like they did to Diana, and sent her to a psychiatrist straight away? A lot of people with HG loose a bunch of weight during the pregnancy and do not really put any on-with Kate that was not true.
Second, if she's crash dieting, the face might sometimes swell a little and then deflate.
As for the age, hard living does that and she has always had a ruddy complexion, nothing delicate really.

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