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After discovering that she was intolerant to gluten, wheat, rice, grains, dairy and artificial sugars, Britanie cut these out of her diet and began to eat a diet composed of 70-80% raw food instead. Anthony Anderson achieved this chiselled look in just one month by following the raw food diet and exercising daily. I feel it is also imperative to add that over the past few days I have also experienced quite an eye opening epiphany, which may also be very relevant to this morning’s message from my Star Family.
Although this morning’s message from my Star Family was on a personal level, I will share it here in the case that my story will help another soul on their journey. Today is truly a wonderful day for me as on the morning of my fourth day on the Raw Food Diet I received my first ever telepathic message from my Star Family. I have always felt strongly that the friends I love so dearly in this lifetime were certainly the heart of my Soul Family, and that we will all be together after the culmination of humanities ascension.

I began a diet known as the Raw Food Diet just four days ago with the intent to reestablish my telepathic connection with Arisa, my guide and contact within the Ashtar Command. This week, however, I have began to ponder the possibility that I and my friends in this lifetime are souls that have been brought together strictly to facilitate learning in certain areas, and that a reunion with my true family awaits upon my ascension into a higher realm.
I had been receiving channeled communications to relay to all who wish to receive insight into the great changes humanity is currently experiencing. Perhaps my new questioning was at least a small part of the message I received, or perhaps hearing from my true Star Family was a gift for a lesson well learned. These communications abruptly ended a few months ago and I am convinced that it was my poor diet and return to the party scene that led to the communications failure. I decided, with the help of some new friends of mine, that it was time to finally take serious care of my body.

I changed my diet from foods laced with preservatives, wheat gluten, and aspartame (I had unknowingly been drinking soda that contained the toxic sweetener), and began a diet of natural fruits, vegetables, and nuts which contain an abundance of essential Life Force Energies.
I have for years been a vegetarian, avoided fluoride, and taken real vitamins and minerals, but it was time for me to take the next step and nourish my body with the healthiest foods I could find.
Based on this likelihood, I believe I have experienced a carefully orchestrated lesson which served to motivate me to research and begin a diet and lifestyle that is in tune with my higher good and my higher self. This has been quite an educational semester, as I now understand how important my choices are, especially now as we quickly approach the culmination of our ascension.

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