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Ten ways whole food supplements can reduce your risk of heart disease or improve your heart health. Each of the following heart healthy whole food supplements provides the nutrients for your best heart function. Carotenoid Complex is the most complete whole-food sourced carotenoid supplement on the market. Lipotropic Adjunct provides lipotropic factors, choline, inositol, betaine, folic acid, and vitamins B6 and B12.
We all know we should eat better, exercise, get the right amount of sleep, and reduce stress. My own father had an amazing recovery from congestive heart failure caused by a defective heart valve. Unfortunately my husband had a battle with his blood pressure and a high level of stress throughout much of his working years.
Now we have learned that bypasses can fail and that up to 50 percent do fail within 10 years. Are you really being realistic in thinking you are getting all the nutrition you need from your daily diet? God designed our bodies in such a way that when we give them the proper tools they can mend amazingly well especially when we look to Him and trust Him. Your articles are always so full of information that I didn't know and you have me convinced that I really need to take looking after my heart more seriously. I read your comment about eating a whole orange with interest too, I would never have considered eating it all before now. I’m glad you find my articles informative and yes, we do all need to be aware of how to nourish and care for our heart. Take care of yourself and your son will see what you are doing without you having to say anything. Our hearts are very adaptable but they do need the proper tools to stay healthy throughout a long life. Yes; eating healthy, exercise and taking supplements are all key in preventing health issues for both human and doggies.
If you have been reading anything from me, you know the expert at the flower shop is Pamela.
Yes, we have had some serious health issues in our family and it seems continue to have more.
I hope your hubby will make those tough changes away from the processed foods and breads soon.
Whole foods and whole food supplements are the way to feed your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy.
Absolutely it is much easier to stay healthy rather than need to reverse damage already done.
Do no more treatments, call hospice and make her as comfortable as possible for the next 3 months. My 2 brothers and I were on the phone trying to make a decision when Mama told us she wanted to do the chemo. With that settled, what would be the results if Mama drank 60 ounces of pomegranate juice every day? It is low-glycemic (sugar) and made from a special group of foods with nutrients called polyphenols. Eating or juicing those amounts of fruits and veggies will not do it because of the high amount of sugar. The first 2 rounds of chemo did not accomplish the goal of slowing the cancer’s growth.
Mama has never ceased to amaze her oncologist with the outstanding results of blood work during chemo and her outstanding stamina.

It is my belief that the decrease in supplementation last August may have contributed to the cancer becoming more aggressive in October – just 2 months later.
I would pray for the faith, strength and wisdom to live the rest of my life for God’s Glory. I would use the knowledge God has given me to nourish my body with the super nutrients He has provided from food and science. I would seek the best medical advice and best medicine science has made available for my type of cancer. The Health and Wellness Revolution is here Now … The Home Business Revolution is here Now! Yes, I am so glad my Mom has been willing to take the most important nutrients while going through chemo and battling this cancer.
Yes, my mother is living proof that feeding our bodies with great nutrition and great supplements can help our bodies heal and fight major diseases like cancer. Thanks for posting this I am sure there is alot of other people who want to hear about this.
It is true that the generation our mother’s are from has given them incredibly strong wills and beliefs. As I said in the article, I would definitely use the quality nutritional supplementation and would probably beef it up as we did with my mother even if I chose to also go with traditional medicine.
As your family's growing testimony proves beyond a doubt, good supplementation brings vitality and lengevity. Yes, Susan, good supplementation has contributed to more time for our family to enjoy my mama. The fiber in the skin slows digestion to a healthier level thus lowering the glycemic response. Unfortunately, treatment of most commercial potatoes with toxic anti-sprouting chemicals compromises the nutritional value of the potato.
I do not eat many potatoes because there are more nutritious foods to chose from but do have them occasionally.
The full family of nutrients works together in supporting your cells, tissues, organs, and other systems.
Even though you try to eat healthy they can take some of the stress out of planning your meals. Human clinical trials showed proof of reduction in oxidation of LDL cholesterol; conducted by USDA researchers and published in the journal, Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine. It has all 22 amino acids in the proper ratio with a PDCAAS of 1.73 (protein digestibility score). There is no doubt in our minds that the NeoLife Whole Food Supplements has saved his life and has continued to give him nutritional support even after 4-way bypass heart surgery in 2006. After all it must function properly in order for us to have the energy to do the tasks we need to do each day.
Its then that I realize my efforts are worth keeping on keeping on sharing the good news of nutrition and health.
Eating healthy, proper exercise and taking supplements can certainly give the heart the tools to stay healthy or even heal from damage already in place.
My studies into more natural approaches has been very benefical for our family and friends. November 2013, her oncologist gave us the news that it was once again active and Mama had approximately 3 months to live. That was a source of discomfort for her but she got through it with nothing stronger than a few over-the-counter pain relievers like Aleve. At that time we made as many changes to liquid as possible and had to accept the fact that she might not be able to stay on such an extensive supplement program. Now that her chemo is over she is even able to take many of the capsules and tablet supplements she had been on previously.

And thank you for sharing how important nutrition and supplements as an integral part of treatment.
It is always amazing to me when people believe they can take the medical treatment for cancer without consideration of nutrition and supplementation.
She is only a bit over 5 feet tall and now actually weighs 110 pounds which is the most she has ever weighed but she is mighty in so many other ways.
I agree that proper nutrition can do things for our bodies that even the most advanced and modern science can not do alone. Yes, there are many people who should hear about the hope and benefit of the NeoLife Supplements. I definintely had reservations all the way through this cancer journey of whether to go along with the sweet oncologists suggestions.
I have to respect them and there has been many improvements with medical treatments in the past several years.
I tend to stay away from regular potatoes because of the lack of thier nutritional value overall. It does so much for the cardio and lymph systems. Eating properly and getting adequate nutrition with additional supplements can add to the benefits of walking. Learning what our bodies really need verus what we've trained them to think they want is so important. Many people simply do not realize when their body is trying to tell them something is not good for them.
At that point the oncologist decided she was doing so well, we should do another round of 6 more chemo treatments. It was not until she was into the second set of 6 chemo treatments that her iron count was slightly low. This was probably a combination of the cancer drug (really a low dose chemo) she was on and the aging process. I was not happy about the decrease in supplements as I believed they were a huge contributing factor of her ability to cope with the stage 4 lung cancer. You show just how to fight on every level and I pray that your mom will continue to enjoy a hope filled life. I feel so blessed to still have my mother and the hope she instills in all our family and friends. She has such a joyful, happy attitude and is full of fun, witty remarks that keep us all smiling.
Simply add Salmon Oil Plus, Garlic Allium and Chelated Cal-Mag with Vitamin D3 to the ProVitality+. I believe the peel would be too bitter although orange zest used in some recipes is grated orange peel.
Anyway, they gave her 6 months to live when I wheeled her out of telemery after spending only one night.
Of course, I gave the example to make the point that God made food with a balance of nutrients that all work together in a synergistic way to give us the most benefit. It is just devastating to receive those types of calls yet I can give them hope beyond and on top of the just the typical medical approach. Many poeple never understand how foods and supplements really work to benefit us now and in the future. However except for the rare baked potato, the potatoes were always peeled so we seldom ate the skins. Yes, we do have to use the medical approach but it can be enhanced with good food and supplementation.

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