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If you are on a weight loss diet, you can find proteins, dairy products, and grains that are high in nutritional value yet low in calories.
The benefits of making a balanced diet chart is planning what you will be eating in advance. As if we don’t have enough reasons to work off those extra pounds, new research reveals that excess weight, particularly the type of fat stored deep in the abdomen, (called visceral fat) can cause chronic inflammation in the body.
We know that inflammation plays a major role in the physiology of Alzheimer’s disease. One such study indicated that the bigger the waistline in those with Type 2 diabetes, the higher the risk in cardi0-metabolic problems.

A recent study with overweight teen girls found many abnormalities in their body chemistry when it came to increased inflammation and an indication of a rise in oxidative stress.  The study also indicated that those who get hot during exercise and sweat easily may have an even higher rate of oxidative stress from the body trying to burn those extra calories. Any overweight person trying to shed those extra pounds would benefit from increasing the intake of antioxidants, particularly when it comes to Alzheimer’s prevention.
Examples of foods high in antioxidants includes; bright colored fruits and vegetables such as spinach, red grapes, strawberries, red wine, dark chocolate, and Match green tea.
There is no substitute for a healthy exercise program when it comes to weight loss, but always be sure to consult your physician before starting any weight loss program. Studies have shown that green tea in particular helps to promote an antioxidant effect in the uptake of free radicals produced by fat oxidation.

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