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Our business model is based on direct delivery to you, the client, in any location in Netherlands. Today I wanted to tell you a little more about Le-Vel Thrive products, not with the hopes of selling you anything, merely to educate. The Le-vel thrive weight loss product line is quite unique in that there are actually very few products in the catalog. Unlike many of the top competitors who boast a huge line up of 50+ health and wellness products, Thrive only has 7 products.
I actually find it refreshing that Thrive is taking such a simple approach to weight loss and focusing more on perfecting their proven success formula than coming out with product after product of stuff that could all be combined into one or is so niche specific that it only benefits a small percentage of their customers. Let’s start with the Thrive M and Thrive W premium lifestyle capsules, the first product in the weight loss Le-Vel Thrive lineup. Wondering what the M and the W stand for, you could probably guess and you would be right if you said Men and Women. That’s right Thrive has a unique men’s and women’s formula vitamin capsule that is taken as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning. The benefits are the same between the men’s and women’s capsule but each has been uniquely formulated to meet the needs of a man’s and a woman’s body. Think of a multi-vitamin which is made for different types of people because a man may require more or less of a certain vitamin, mineral or nutrient than a woman will and visa versa.
Unlike the capsules, the Thrive lifestyle mix is not specifically gender specific and is designed to be taken about 20-30 minutes following the lifestyle capsules.

The lifestyle mix a unique gluten free powder which is mixed with water, milk or your favorite cold beverage to provide lean muscle support and aid with your energy levels as well as your weight management and fitness regime. This ultra micronized mix was perfectly designed to complement or Thrive lifestyle capsules.
Our blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, anti-oxidants, enzymes, pro-biotics, and amino acids is the first and only ultra premium mix ever developed.
When I first tasted the Thrive lifestyle mix I instantly noticed it was a little grainy and I could clearly taste the vanilla flavor. It is not a drink I would order in a restaurant but I was actually surprised that it did not taste bad at all, actually it was pretty good in my opinion. These two products, the Thrive lifestyle capsules and the Thrive lifestyle mix complete the premium lifestyle that Le-Vel Thrive has created for you. Each product is a good stand-alone product but the real beauty is when these two are combined which is how they were designed, to complement each other. When I took just these two products, there was a noticeable increase in my energy level and I did not seem to be as hungry in between meals which resulted in me snacking less. Since I have had a chance to try the products from Le-Vel, I can say that there is merit to the claims that are made by the company and their promoters and the effectiveness of the products.
Since these are the main two products and the most popular choice for those using Level thrive products, we will end here, in my next post we will discuss the Thrive DFT Patch, which is my opinion is the most exciting product at Le-Vel, then we will follow that up with a post on Le-Vel Thrive Plus Balance and Thrive Plus Activate.
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We have highlighted several cities and towns in Netherlands where you can get our products.
We accomplish this through partnering with reliable and professional courier services in Netherlands.
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