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If you are fashion freaky and anxiously looking forward to play with your shoulder length hair, then you should check out some great shoulder length hairstyles. This brilliant choppy hair trend is perfect for all those ladies who don’t want to commit to shag or a bob. So, this is all about shoulder length hairstyles that make you look even hotter and trendier. A number of great hairstylists agree that short hairstyles can make you stylish and cool if you have chose an ideal one that suits your face shape and personality.
Recently, more and more famous hairstylists emphasize on the texture of the short hairstyle for the upcoming 2014. Karlie Kloss’s neck-length hair is blow-dried smooth to show off the face-framing layers cut round the back and sides.
Karlie Kloss’s super smooth shoulder-length bob hairstyle with neat bangs stuns many people again. Sofia Coppola’s shoulder-length side-parted short hairstyle is fun and flirty, with choppy layers, tons of natural texture and vivacity. Cindi Leive sports a gorgeous short hairstyle with side-swept bangs that add some softness to the whole smooth short hairstyle and accentuate her round-shaped face perfectly. Sliced layers all over create the Linda Fargo’s smooth sliver short hairstyle many fun and romantic factors. Karlie Kloss creates a splendid layered short hairstyle which looks quite trendy and romantic. Meagan Good’s jack-like black beautiful short hairstyle features tons of layers which offer much volume and texture. The well-known actress Jane Fonda creates a short hairstyleagain and the super various face-framing layers make her stand out from the crowd.
Shailene Woodley’s shine smooth neat short hairstyle totally changes her image from cute girl next door to super cool lady vamp.
Coco Rocha wears a cool geometric short hairstyle to boost her confidence and the special super silky hairstyle make her stand out in the public.
Nicole Gale Anderson keeps her hair the falling slightly above the jaw line which enhances her heart shaped face. Alfre Woodard chooses a bouncy short hairstyle that features various face-framing layers and soft waves which make her stand out in a crowd. The smooth short hairstyle charmingly frames Rita Moreno’s jaw-line showing off the jagged cut layers throughout the sides The various layers are graduated and the nape area is kept longer to add volume and shape to the superb cool short hairstyle.
Devin Star Tailes’s short hairstyle features jack-black and textures which make the splendid hairstyle trendy.
Michelle Dockery’s shining short hairstyle looks quite eye-catching, sophisticated and stylish.
Jess Weixler create her short hair into an attractive silky textured bob in which sliced layers are created all over offering much edge. Alicia Quarles wears an asymmetric short hairstyle and the black hairstyle stuns a lot of onlookers.
Rita Ora tries an eye-caching colored short hairstyle which gives her a polished smashing appearance.
Julianne Hough make her usual short hairstyle fresher by trimming and combing one side hair back and leaving the other side loose and longer. Tamara Taylor’s adoring short hair is razor cut all over to combine the mix of medium to long face-framing layers which creates the look much volume and attitude. Christina Hendricks’ fabulous red brown short hair is layered around the back and sides to enhance the bounce of the soft curls that adds shape and style to the cool short hairstyle. Jane Krakowski creates a cool blunt-cut short hairstyle which enhances her square face shape greatly. Michelle Dockery creates her shiny short hair a smooth hairstyle which is razor cut all over to combine the mix of medium to long layers.
The soft and feminine short hairstyle shows off Caitlin Fitzgerald’s pretty facial features. Sharon Leal chooses a simple yet smooth, sophisticated short hairstyle that offers a chic and contemporary effect. Side-swept bangs and bouncy curls offer much softness and many cool factors to Anika Noni Rose’s excellent asymmetrical short hairstyle. Nathalie Emmanuel’s fresh short hairstyle is featured by defined ringlets all over the whole head. Lianne La Havas’s cool stylish short hairstyle features a bunch of Afro curls all over the head.
The neck-length short hairstyle created by Brittany Snow makes a classic statement with blunt ends and bangs. The cool short hairstyle with extra texture around the edges suits Ginnifer Goodwin’s oval face wonderfully. The modern short hairstyle with tapered layers in the back looks awesome and the long neat swept bangs add much shape and interest.
Lisa Rinna’s layered short hairstyle with flipped out ends features lots of volume and tender edges. The sexy short hairstyle with flipped out ends rocked by Milla Jovovich makes a classic statement.
The short choppy hairstyles with disconnected layers in the sides help add a multi layered dimension to the short hairstyle.
January Jones’s fabulous short hairstyle is featured by gorgeously jagged ends which offer brilliant texture and romantic detail.
Portia de Rossi’s side sweeping thick bangs fall from the top of her forehead down making a mysterious and stylish statement. Valorie Curry keeps her hair short and taper softly up into adorably razored pieces for a totally cool look. Sami Gayle’s hair is cut short and tapered around the perimeter while textured layers are left long on top to create a full silhouette.
Keri Hilson’s sleek short hair is tapered close around the ears and neck, but left longer layers for a feminine effect. Okay so, when you get a haircut tell your hairstylist to give you a stacked bob haircut with the front flicks that extend into the layering of your hair once you have flicks you can style it in asymmetrical way if you like or let it go the sideways as normal flick. The shoulder length bob is the one that looks super cool, especially if you have straight bangs that are covering up your eyebrows and just above eyelids and then the bob is up to shoulders and dead straight.
The rough tough look that young girls these days just love can be made better with this grazed stacked bob hairstyles.
Shoulder length hair styles are the perfect choice for someone wants to keep their length without sacrificing body and style. This cut is a classic and is featured with the tresses falling down against the face to the shoulder and the fringe on the forehead brings out the facial features rather wonderfully. In this hair style, the tresses are cut into shoulder length and parted in at the centre or side depending on your features, then soft waves are created by rollers or crimping iron at the finish.
Although layers can add fullness to thinning or fine hair, often the precise opposite is recommended. This haircut came from the imaginary role of Rachel Green by the well-known celebrity Jennifer Aniston in a popular TV series Friends. People having medium length hair are really fortunate because they can be styled differently for many occasions.
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Katie Cassidy Medium Haircut: The short and lovely straight shoulder length straight cut with side-swept bangs is created sleek and slicked down.
Create some side sweeping bangs to stress the big and shinning eyes and pair the smooth blond hairstyle.
Me encontre con estas fotos preciosas y fue como si me hubiera olvidado que con este largo puedo jugar con estos y otros tantisimos peinados.
Este peinado sencillo es tambien muy elegante y muestra mucho volumen en parte a las extensiones.
Te dejamos algunas opciones para peinados de novia sencillos o casuales pero no menos hermosos.

In addition most of the popular hairdressers tout that layered medium length hairstyles add softness mystery and distinction to any face cut. You can also easily increase or decrease the number of layers to complement your look for this hairstyle.
The medium length hair has lots of different hairstyle options, than short or long haircuts, that's why if you really want something ideal, unique and original, then it's time to think of cool medium length haircuts. If you are a real fan of bangs, then this stylish haircut is the perfect option to go along with. Choose any style from the above 5 wonderful hairstyles and get maximum attention from the people around you. The short hair with much texture can create you an unusual image that attracts people’s attention immediately. The exciting short hairstyle is full of life and styled simply with a diagonal line in the soft side-swept bangs and straight down round the sides and the back.
The same length hair and side-swept bangs elongates a rounder face creating an illusion of a more oval-shaped face.
There is an ideal combination of tousled, smooth hair and soft curls on the stylish and feminine low-maintenance hairstyle. The adorable and wonderful short-length hairstyle is cut round, which form a smooth and spherical silhouette. The fabulous short hairstyle with a rough edge is an ideal option for people searching for a cool hairstyle with attitude. The silky and sleek bob is parted to one side providing the perfect frame for her flawless face and add much softness to the simple bob.
The side swept neat bangs are blunt cut on smoothed down to contour the charming face that enhances the short hairstyle perfectly. Besides, it has full thick asymmetric bangs which lighten up her thick hair and give the amazing short hairstyle a timeless twist.
The softly rounded and sleek hairstyle is fantastic for people who love neat volume, but desire a smooth result to their look. Texturized hair ends in the short hairstyle balance out her forehead and heart-shaped face. The stunning haircut allows her to have much volume with longer layers up top and a shorter length in the back. Silky side swept bangs and a little teasing at the crown also make the chin-length short hairstyle romantic and feminine all at the same time. The fashionable short hairstyle features longer layers in the crown which add texture volumes and shape to the while look. The modern short hair features thick long bangs, rich brilliant highlight and shattered face framing layers.
A deep side part adds interest and the brillant blonde give the smooth short hairstyle a modern and fashionable twist. The splendid short hairstyle features face framing layers and crafted textures which adds more cool and stylish factors to the ravishing shining short hairstyle. The charming sleek bob is parted to one side providing the perfect frame for her face and add much softness to the fabulous short hairstyle. The adorable smooth polished-looking hairstyle is layer-cut into the back and up to the crown, contouring her face ideally. The sides of the hair are trimmed shorter while the top section is kept1 to 2 inches longer to create an asymmetry and awesome effect. The approachable neck-length hairstyle has face-contouring layers which create the fullness volume and height to the gorgeous hairstyle. The chin-length hairstyle features divine layers throughout the back up to the crown which create much volume magnificently. The face-contouring layers are jagged cut around the sides and back of the short manes creating a wispy edge and much fullness. The gorgeous blunt layering creates rough and dimension to make the short hairstyle fuller. The gorgeous short hairstyle is kept about the neck level with face-framing layers cut up to the crown and around the sides to balance out the volume for a chic finish.
One length is trimmed round her jaw line and the other side is kept longer nearly reaching her shoulder.
The modern faux hawk looks, classic and the side hair is shaven near the head, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair at the crown which add much movement and texture to the stylish pixie hairstyle. The shorter layers at back and the longer ones at the front really make the hairstyle stand out.
The hair ends with slender slices offer a textured look since the hair ends stand out even more. To create the look, you can blow dry hair with a paddle brush, then smooth styling balm throughout the short hair with your fingers, tucking one side back your ear.
The flattering classic hairstyle with a side part and just a touch of wave offer a still dramatic and fun finish. The tapered sides slim her face and the long layered top and bangs keep it feminine and modern.
The short hairstyle has various layers that get rid off weight and give the smooth hair style a lot of texture. The jaw line length in front is clipped up ever so slightly towards the back making the soft look more chic. To create the romantic hairstyle, you can create a deep side part and then curl hair ends with a two-inch iron, tucking one side part behind your ear. The gorgeous hairstyle is quite simple to create and maintain, so it can be cool option for people with no time styling. It’ up to you, how you want your hair to look like if edgy look is needed pick the asymmetrical flick or else go with the normal flick. Thick hairstyles will be able to carry this hair cut very well and the faces that have long length can make it look stunningly beautiful.
You can add the messy texture to it by running your fingers through and it gives you a rock star look. He has almost five years experience in latest hairstyles trends for women, men, kids and girls .He knows very well how to provide the best information about current hairstyles . 1- Como ves en la foto toma un mechon de pelo a la altura de las orejas y separalo en dos partes. So, when you get freaked of a long hair cut, you can always go for this sensational hairstyle.
It’s not always easy find the right look to frame all the right places and hide all the wrong attributes.
The layers are graduated and the nape area is kept shorter to enhance the roundness of the hairstyle. The length of the gorgeous bob hairstyle hair is jagged cut and it nearly reaches the neck.
The adorable short hairstyle is perfect for people with long and square face shapes and is effortless to create on fine to medium hair types. If you love keeping your hair off your face, you can also follow Shailene Woodley’s shine short hairstyle. The long razor-cut bangs frame her charming face perfectly and enhance the shattered texture of the short hairstyle. Hair is side parted and then smoothed back behind the ear into an ideally tapered neckline. For the amazing and stunning effect you can also try out some bold color to make the short hairstyle more eye-catching and cooler. The front layers are kept longer and neat long bangs are thinned just falling down the forehead tenderly, which pair the gorgeous chic hairstyle greatly.
A side part adds much sophistication to the short hairstyle and exposes her face shape greatly. Some smooth textures below the ears create the gorgeous hairstyle a perfect oval silhouette. The bangs are blunt cut to frame her pretty attractive face and enhance the stylish short hairstyle ideally.

Some short blunt bangs are slicked down on the forehead, which add softness to the splendid short causal hairstyle and pair the smashing black hairstyle wonderfully and also helps balance out vertically shaped faces. The subtle cut layers soften the edges and create natural movement for a casual stunning finish. The blunt short hairstyle is cut to sit above the shoulders and in-line with the jaw-line and side swept bangs contour the top of the face and enhance the cool hairstyle greatly.
The back is tapered into the neck blending into the layers that frame her side of the face perfectly. The neck-length hairstyle is perfect for people who desire to soften harsh features or ideal for a narrow or square shaped face.
To keep it in place longer, you can apply some strong hold hairspray, and spray underneath when backcombing. Besides, the smashing hairstyle is great for people who want less of thick hair to deal with. This style is simple to create and you can just use a curling iron to create some defined curls.
The long side swept bangs in at her cheekbone hide the major part of the forehead and stress enviable bone structure. The long blunt side swept bangs are curled to soften the look and brings emphasis to the big eyes.
The gorgeous hairstyle is stacked and shorter in the back offering volume and a stylish profile.
Keeping the magnificent medium to long layers give the smashing hairstyle tons of fun movement and volume. To get a messier effect, you can tousle it with your fingers and use some styling cream to keep it in style longer.
Similarly, you can get the bangs that can come and cover your fore-head or just by giving them some angle you can change the look completely.
Adding the colors like hot pink and plum can just make it look a bit rock star haircut, so if you are the one who loves to party then this haircut is just perfect. They look better when they have a lot of bounce and volume, therefore if you have thin hair, you can always use a few products to improve your tresses and make them look gorgeous. Grow out your layers and aim for this length if you desire to see some major alterations in the density of your hair. These cuts often suit people with oval faces, as the uneven edges will give you an elongation effect of the face. Go for some wispy and soft front bangs which can easily be swept at side for a brilliant look and feel. Your shoulder length hair looks beautiful when they will hit at the collarbone or a bit above, accentuating a choppy sensation.  Your hair ends should appear blunt but not excess blunt. It’s also no easy to figure out which length to go for and how to make that length work.
People with straight hair can get this luscious curly look with a curling iron and apply some maximum-strength hairspray to keep the soft and amazing curls in place.
To keep the splendid short hairstyle in shape longer, you can apply some strong hold hairspray.
Hair around the ears is left long which keeps it feminine and make the square shaped-face look longer. Long thinned out bangs like this also look awesome and pair the sleek shirt hairstyle perfectly. This cool and stunning short hairstyle is ideal for the women who have oval shape face and thin hair texture. The long neat heavy full bangs add some mystery to the luscious hairstyle and pair the smooth hairstyle wonderfully. If you bear a bob hairstyle, you can also get the attractive short wavy hairstyle by using rollers. This charming short hairstyle with a rough edge is an ideal option for triangular face shape. Brilliant red and blue color on the layers horizontally add dimension to the amazing short hairstyle. This stylish short hairstyle works greatly on thin hair texture, since soft curls can create much fluffy finish. The wonderful short layered hairstyle is perfect for people with long or narrow face shapes and is suitable for busy people. To gain waves and extra volume at your crown, you can twist small sections into loose ringlets. Especially if you and your friends are getting it together you need to change the style for each of one. Stacked bob hairstyles are the very sophisticated hairstyles especially when you are working lady. Rest this haircut can also be good for the working ladies if just messy look out of it is left out.
A hairstyle with shoulder length is a great choice for individuals of different hair types. The stunning and smooth hairstyle is excellent for people who are looking for a smashing and cool hairstyle that is simple to style with product and low-fuss to maintain with the help of regular trims. This type of haircut can change drastically your appearance, emphasize your face shape and smooth the imperfections. The slanting line will soften the angles of the face and will make your hair visually thicker.
To help you find the right hairstyles for plus-size women, here are some great, slimming styles to take a look at and try out:Plus-Size Hairstyle #1.) Get some highlights!
Such amazing modern haircut will be suitable only for oval face shape and soft facial lines. You can get a look of a strong and independent yet classy and elegant woman by this beautiful, trendy haircut.
A medium cut encrusted hairstyle can increase any aspect and most of the times can as well serve as a medium to mask certain aspect of her face that one is anxious of showing.
This sleek hairstyle is full of personality is manageable with the help of smoothing anti-frizz serum.
That is because the vertical structure of most highlights is kind of like when you wear vertical striped clothing- it’s slimming!Plus-Size Hairstyle #2.) Layer, layer and layer, girls! If you prefer a more straight-across fringe, at least feather the bangs and  never-ever leave them blunt and dull. So, if you do decide to go short-short or get a pixie, ensure you are layering it in the back to bring attention upwards. And for your bangs, let your stylist know you want face framing bangs and always leave the bangs quite a bit longer than your cut!Plus-Size Hairstyle #5.) For those who want shorter hair, as well, try out a below the chin cut.
This will frame all of the wrong parts of your face and bring attention to any problem areas (if you have any) with your chin and neck.
Advertisement Plus-Size Hairstyle #6.) Bobs are the new thing in Hollywood and the new thing for us non-stars, too. But, when it truly comes down to getting one of these famous bobs, try to stray away from plain-old-blunt bobs. Instead, always go for a beautifying asymmetrical bob that will elongate your face and not shorten it (like plain-bobs.) An a-line bob is perfect not only for plus-size women, but for everyone! If you weren’t blessed with naturally wavy hair, you can always get yourself down to your favorite salon and get a perm to fix up your hair right away.
Adding tons of volume to the top of your hair will create a stunning, slimming look for a plus-size girl.
Doing this will pull your face up ever so slightly and also draw attention, once again, to the top of your head.

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