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December 20, 2010 By Martha McKinnon 1 Comment If you want to lose weight and lose belly fat, the first thing you have to do is stop stressing yourself out about it. The next thing you have to do is make sure you are eating enough. Research shows that dieting too intensely, severely limiting calories or tracking every morsel you eat creates the perfect conditions for adding belly fat, not losing it! You need a healthy balanced approach to weight loss that encourages adopting slow and steady weight loss through adoption of a healthy lifestyle, like Weight Watchers.
This is the last thing you want to do when you are trying to lose weight, especially belly fat, because cortisol sends signals to your body telling it to store more calories in your middle. This is just another example of how strict deprivation based diets work against you and additional proof that Diets DO NOT WORK. Researchers also found that the women who kept super-detailed food diaries, accounting for every morsel, calorie, and gram, felt way more stressed-out than the those who ate without a plan. The key to lasting weight loss is to find that middle way – where you are eating neither too little or too much.

Subscribe for email updates and get a free eCookbook with 15 of my favorite slow cooker recipes - revised SmartPoints edition. Whenever your start your Amazon shopping through my link, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Oz’s Real Age website about a new study that tracked the stress levels of 121 female dieters for 3 weeks and showed some concerning results. So, by stressing yourself out with a restrictive diet, you are increasing your stress levels and setting yourself up for the exact opposite situation you desire!
This blog chronicles the light, easy and delicious recipes, tips and hints that help me balance my love of food and desire to be happy, healthy and slim. Women who followed a strict 1200-calorie-a-day diet program, significantly increased their levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Do What Slim People Do And Eat Breakfast – Medical DailyMedical DailyWant To Lose Weight? Pay attention to your portion sizes, choose healthy foods as much as you can, be aware of how many times you visit the snack cupboard, recored what you are doing, but not in an extreme, punishing way.

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