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If I didn’t plan out our weekly meals, I would never have the complete ingredients for anything and every night at 5pm, I would be standing in the kitchen like a deer caught in the headlights wondering what to make. I thought I’d share with you all some tricks and tips I’ve come up with on meal planning and how it can help you become more organized and less stressed out about what to for dinner every night!
I plan my week on Friday mornings cause that’s the day the weekly sales start at my grocery store. First, I made a list of all the meals we enjoy, including breakfast foods (more on that to come), that I refer to when making my weekly meal plan.
I also roughly assigned food categories to the days of the week, like every Tuesday I plan a pasta dish, and every Friday is “fun meal” (pizza, tacos, etc…) night.
The next thing I do is take a quick inventory of the pantry, fridge and freezer to see what I have on hand that I can use for that week’s meals. A lot of people just plan their dinners, and if that’s all that you need help with, then by all means do that.
When I wake up I’m already in gear with my plan and get right to work, even if it’s just toast and cereal there’s no standing around trying to guess what they want. I also sometimes find myself switching nights if we’re busy and need a less complicated dish, someone is against that night’s meal selection, or even on account of weather (who wants to BBQ in the pouring rain?).
When I shop I keep an eye out for deals on items that are not needed for the current week’s meal plan and will pick them up to use the following week. Back in the days when I had a leave-my-house job, I used to prep some meals on the weekend. FitnessWhy You Feel The Need To Grunt When You Lift WeightsGrunting may actually help you recruit more muscle.
FitnessThe Ultimate Battle Ropes WorkoutAdopt this intense workout routine to strengthen your upper body and core muscle. FitnessThe Secret To Running Faster And FartherThese simple tips are effective whether you are training for the 2.4km IPPT station, or looking to increase your weekly mileage. Subscribe now to receive the latest Men's Health news, articles and promotions straight to your inbox! Don’t forget to subscribe to The Fit Housewife newsletter.  I’ll be sharing more menu ideas, new recipes, and other fitness and nutrition tips! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Medifasta€™s Products and Programs are created around scientific research that shows how you can most effectively change eating patterns and gain control of your weight for the long term. Our transition and 3-2-1 Plana„?, featuring our delicious Thrive by Medifast a„? products, combined with interactive program modules will strengthen the behaviors and skills needed to maintain your weight loss. Seniors, new moms, vegetarians, people with diabetes, bariatric surgery patients, and many others can lose weight safely and get healthier with Medifast. You have more than 70 meals to choose from, including shakes, soups, chili, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fruit drinks, iced teas, hot beverages, bars, pretzel sticks, cheese puffs, puddings, and more.
Your counselor can tell you more about the science behind the safety and effectiveness of Medifast products. Compared to other meal replacements, Medifast Meals contain fewer calories per serving, while being formulated to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Chew on this: at just 110 calories, Medifast Chewy Bars have the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.
Hot off the griddle: delicious golden Pancakes for any of your five daily Medifast Meals when you're on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan. Medifast offers soy and whey protein-based Shakes in a variety of flavors that you can whip up on your own or enjoy as a ready-to-drink meal. The ultimate comfort food, Medifast Macaroni & Cheese is rich and creamy like the real thing, but it looks great on you, with less fat, fewer carbs and calories, and more healthy fiber.
These Medifast favorites will remind you of fresh-baked brownies and cookies warm from the oven. If you have a list you’re less tempted to buy stuff you don’t need (Oreos will be the death of me!). I try to get 90% of the items I’ll need for the week, but I usually have to make one pit stop at the store later in the week to get items we’ve run out of (fruits that spoil quickly I buy in smaller quantities twice a week).
I have them organized by categories like Breakfast, Poultry, Beef, Pasta, Pork, Fish and Miscellaneous.

Doing this helps me make sure we don’t have too much overlap from the different categories. Her love of cooking was fostered when she was a preschooler helping her grandma in the kitchen. Reproduction of content, including images, in whole or in part without permission is strictly forbidden.
Studies shows that uncontrolled diabetes may leads you to organ damage, sometimes heart disease, stroke, vision loss, kidney failure at last death. That’s because the closer you come to removing the lard that covers your six-pack abs, the more defined every muscle becomes, making you look buff all over.Which is why I’ve spent a lot of time trying to lose my last 5kg of flab. Reducing the number of calories you eat is at the heart of all successful weight-loss methods. You continue on this plan until you reach your weight-loss goal. That means you get results faster with Medifast than with other weight-loss meal replacements. And because youa€™re eating something every two to three hours, ita€™s easier to resist the foods and eating patterns that stand between you and your goals. Soy is perfectly safea€”and there are plenty of reliable, long-term scientific data to prove it. Our warm, sweet gingerbread with a touch of molasses is the perfect start - or finish - to any day on plan.
But ours, with sour cream and cheddar cheese, is so good that you'll revise your notion of the perfect snack. Each Flavors of Homea„? counts as the a€?1a€? on the 5 & 1 PlanA® and is a Lean & Green Meal on the Medifast Program.
This low fat meal replacement is delicious and has just 0.5 grams of fat and only 100 calories! Each satisfying, low-fat serving includes 24 vitamins and minerals, plus great taste that's perfect for breakfast or any time. The lineup includes specialty shakes with antioxidants and shakes formulated especially for people with diabetes. And theya€™re easy to bake in the microwave or oven for a richa€”and nutritiousa€”chocolaty experience that saves time and calories. Typical weight loss onthe Medifast 5 & 1 PlanA® is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter. It also keeps you from forgetting items and buying duplicates of things you might already have in your pantry. I’ll also pick up items I want to be as fresh as possible when we eat it, like kaisers for our Wednesday night burgers. It also helps me ensure that we make a rotation through all our favourites and we’re not eating the same 10 dishes over and over.
My husband takes leftovers in his lunch so I like to make sure I make a dish or two a week that reheats well and is easy for him to eat at work.
BUT, they always have canned so I did a quick switch in my head from Salmon Steaks to Salmon Cakes. After a year long stint as a sous chef, she left the industry to continue cooking as a hobby before the stress and politics of a professional kitchen killed her love of cooking. MY PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED AND THEY ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM WITHOUT MY CONSENT. All are low in fat and have a similar nutritional footprint, so you can eat the ones you want and get great nutrition every day. Soy is a low-fat, sustainable, plant-based protein with an optimal balance of essential amino acids and offers a range of health benefits.
This chip off a new block satisfies your most intense crunch craving and still helps you reach your weight-loss goals.
The tropical tastes of pineapple and mango tickle the taste buds to keep you happy and well nourished.
I display our meal plan on the fridge, which also cuts out the usual “what’s for dinner?” question I would otherwise hear 50 times in a week. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve woken up on the weekend with a hankering for pancakes, or bacon and eggs only to discover we’re out of maple syrup or bread.

Doing this on the weekend saves time mid-week and makes it less likely you’ll abandon your meal plan for fast food if you had a crazy day. Now she creates delicious dinners and delectable desserts for her family and friends and blogs about it at The Best Mom on the Block.
If you have small children, you might want to display a version with pictures so that they can see what’s going to be on their plates later.
Planning out breakfast also helps to keep my kids from having toast with Nutella seven days a week (which they would have NO problem with, but I do!). Medifast makes it easier to eat fewer calories without feeling hungry and without sacrificing nutrition. Efficacy of a meal replacement diet compared to a food-based diet after a period of weight loss and weight maintenance: a randomized controlled trial.
However, if you work out more than that, add 1 to the multiplier for every additional hour you train. But by eating the right amounts of the right nutrients, you’ll speed your results without feeling like you’re on a diet.PROTEIN You probably don’t need to be sold on the virtues of protein, since it’s the raw material for muscle growth. But it also helps extinguish your appetite and aids in fat loss.The formula Eat 1g for every pound of your target body weight. So to calculate the calories you’ll be eating from protein, multiply the number of grams by 4. In this case, it’s 620 calories.FAT For years, this nutrient was considered a dietary demon.
However, recent studies clearly show that it’s not fat that inflates your belly, but too many calories, period. And, it turns out, fat may actually keep you from overeating because it makes you feel full. This will be about 40 per cent of your total calories.CARBOHYDRATES Carb-containing foods not only taste good but can also be rich in vitamins and minerals. So you don’t need to eliminate them altogether; you just need to make sure you don’t eat them in excess. And consuming the right amounts of protein and fat will make that goal far easier, since both keep hunger at bay. That’s one key reason Aragon places a greater priority on protein and fat and leaves the remainder of your calories for carbs.The formulaAdd your calories from protein and fat, and subtract that total from your allotted daily calories.
Just like protein, carbs provide about 4 calories per gram – so divide your carb calories by 4 to determine how many grams of carbs you can eat.
You should choose mainly meat, eggs, dairy, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, plus grain products that are made with 100 per cent wholewheat flour. Note that typical junk foods – candy, baked goods and sugary drinks – don’t make the list.Use the food options below as a guide for designing your diet. Mix and match the foods in any way you like while following the calorie, protein, fat and carb guidelines for your target body weight.
The nutrition numbers listed don’t provide exact amounts of calories and other nutrients, but these ballpark averages allow you to eyeball your intake. Vegetables are low in calories and high in belly-filling fibre.2 Eat at least 2 servings of fruit a day.
Fruit provides your muscles with plenty of carbs for energy but has less impact on your blood sugar than grains and other high-starch foods do.
This is important because it can help you avoid the cravings and binges that occur when your blood sugar rises quickly and then crashes.
So limit yourself to just 2 daily servings of grains, beans, and high-starch vegetables, and consume the rest of your carbs from produce.3 On the days you work out, eat 1 hour before you exercise and again within 60 minutes after your last rep. This provides your muscles with a healthy dose of nutrients for fuelling your workout and for upgrading your muscles after you’re done. Keep in mind that your total protein and carb intake for the day doesn’t change; you’re just eating strategically for better results.

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