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Don’t put false lashes on until the very end of your make-up look.  They can be so big it’s hard to see where to apply the shadow and when loose face powder is applied to set your look the powder can fall into the lashes.
Do highlight and create pop to the cheekbones with a soft sheen powder.  Create the same effect on the lips by accenting the center of the lower and upper lip with a shiny, sparkling gloss. Your first step in applying makeup is the foundation, the base that will blend with and carry highlights, shadows, rouge, and any special-effects paints. Creme foundation has almost completely replaced the oil-based greasepaint, although it is still available from some retailers.
Pancake makeup is water-soluble and is applied to the face with a small, damp sponge (we recommend using a hydrasponge). 1) What is the exact shape of the structure (i.e., cheekbone, wrinkle) that is to be represented? 3) What happens, in terms of light and shadow, when a light from that direction falls on a structure of that shape? When you examine the answers to these questions, it will be clear where the structure should be light and dark. Highlights and shadows should be about three shades lighter or darker than the base, although intense light or dark paints may be required to create strong highlights or shadows. Plane 1 is the small depression between the superciliary arch (what your eyebrows rest on) and the nose. If your own facial features allow, the upper areas of Planes 1 and 2 may be strongly highlighted, fading down to a medium shadow on the lower parts of 1 and 2, with a deep shadow on 3. Stippling is a method for applying makeup by gently pressing the color onto the skin with various textured sponges that are rough and large-pored. A double chin is not easy to simulate with paint, but if the actor already has the beginnings of one, highlighting it will make it seem fuller. Build highlights and lowlights a little at a time as it is easier to add to the color than subtract it.
Whether you are a stage actor or just want to look bold and dramatic for the night, there are plenty of theatrical makeup tips you can borrow from the big screen that will help your makeup pop in the perfect way.
Sit in a well-lit room in front of a mirror and make sure your clothing and hair are out of the way before you begin.
You don’t need a wide assortment of eye shadow colors to create effective stage makeup. Creating a believable character is one of the greatest challenges an actor faces when performing in a show. We think of contouring as a way to cheat that.” Use a matte bronzer like Jouer’s Mineral Bronzing Powder in Suntan to contour at the top of your forehead, at your eye line, on your cheek at the middle of your ear and along your jawline. Of course, you know that this look is not confined to the perimeters of Latin Ballroom Dancing, right? I’m gonna jump right straight into eye makeup because while most people have minimal problems applying foundation, they are stuck when it comes to eye makeup.
These were the items used on my face, I think I forgot to place some more items like concealers.
If you do not own an eye primer and do not have time to get one, your concealer or cream eyeshadow (Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow review here) can double up as an eye primer, provided it does not have too much slip or too little moisture to hold the eyeshadows up. At times I go from lightest to darkest, other times I go from darkest to lightest, depending on the look I want to achieve. I didn’t like the idea of the team’s initial proposed idea of black and white so I added a strong pop of color to break from the monotony of black-white.
Apply the purple or whatever strong pop of color of your choice to the outer part of the lid, but take care not to cover the darkest shade. Do note that if you’re interested in getting Sugarpill Poison Plum, this shade stains the lids.

I know blending is the hardest part and to some of my friends, ‘blend’ is but another English word. After sticking on my falsies, I went on to color the lower lash line with an aqua blue to make the lid colors pop even more. Another unnecessary step (LOL) I did was smudge the outer corner of the lower lash line with Voodoo first before drawing on the aqua blue.
I photographed the steps for this look on the second day of a 2-day show as the check-in time was later for the second day. One reason for making a detailed tutorial for this look was because it really isn’t a complicated look.
Another reason is that the only difference between this stage makeup look and my usual looks is the intensity of colors, and I have plenty of makeup tutorials here.
I’m gonna jump right straight into eye makeup because while most people have minimal problems applying foundation, they are stuck when it comes to eye makeup.
Do note that if you’re interested in getting Sugarpill Poison Plum, this shade stains the lids. Stage makeup is different from the daily makeup you wear or even the heavy makeup you do for parties. During stage performances, the audiences sit quite far away from the stage and it is important to highlight your features so that they can see it.
Wash your hand after the makeup is done as otherwise the colour may transfer to your costume.
Make sure to remove the makeup after the show even if you are tired using an oil-based makeup remover. That means securing bangs off the face too.  Hair has oils and hair care products in it that can irritate skin causing breakouts.
Liquid liners take a long time to dry and can smudge.  An easier type of liner is a cake liner used with a wet liner brush.
Blend it well into the hairline so no mark is visible, and when you are finished, set it with a neutral dry powder.
It rubs off on clothes, makes the actor perspire, and requires too much powder to set it, giving the actor a mask-like appearance.
Many actors think pancake foundation looks too flat under stage lighting when compared to creme foundation.
Paint these light and dark areas on the face, and you can create for the observer the illusion of facial structures where they actually do not exist. For hard edges, like creases or the nasolabial fold, the line between highlight and shadow is sharp. A highlight from the inside corner of the eye down along the upper side of the nasolabial fold (along Plane 3) will further emphasize the sag of the cheek. Highlight the top of Plane 6 and shadow the bottom of 5 to increase the angularity of the chin that accompanies old age. Keep in mind that stage makeup is different from regular makeup because bolder colors and more makeup are needed in order to show up under the bright lights, so make sure the place you will be going to has a similar lighting set up, otherwise you may want to tone it down a slight bit.
But you’ll need a heavier application if the theater is larger and the audience will be farther away. Using makeup a few shades lighter than your foundation can help emphasize your eyes, making them appear larger to the audience. And just as stage makeup can help an audience suspend disbelief as they watch a show it can help an actor lose him or herself in a role. Actors can use some cosmetic products for theatrical purposes, but in general performers need to use different techniques and makeup to create the right look for the stage. An actor performing on a large stage with a house that can seat hundreds of people may need to make his or her makeup more striking than a performer in a smaller theater.

So we amp up the blush and the lip color to focus on highlights and defining the brows and eyes (liner and lashes!).” Since James and her cast mates are often wearing wigs on stage, they have to adjust their makeup accordingly.
Instead of just piling the powder on, Taylor recommends adding powder into your liquid foundation and applying in a stippling motion with a sponge for full coverage (on Halloween for example), and lightly layering powder over foundation for an everyday natural look. You can use any eye primer of your choice, as long as it does the job of making your eye makeup last longer and enhancing the colors. I used Ocean Breeze to bridge the gap between Galaxy and the brow bone highlight (Shroom), and Voodoo to blend Galaxy and Poison Plum seamlessly together. As mentioned in my previous post, better to invest in brushes than products because good brushes can make bad products not too bad, but bad brushes can never help to achieve the desired look. I just entitled this post ‘Step-By-Step Latin Ballroom Stage Makeup Tutorial‘ because, well, this was my look for my very first Latin Ballroom performance! Over here, I went from lightest (Shell Shock) to darkest (Galaxy) immediately because Poison Plum (the purple) is a matte texture and I wanted to ensure that the metallics were well-blended first. I feel it is a very special form of art as it helps the artist to connect with the audience directly. The makeup artist who helps you at the backstage uses the same foundation and lipstick with the same brush on about 15 to 20 different people. The light and heat will melt your normal makeup in a few minutes and make you look like a zombie. Try to get one done before the final performance and ask someone to sit in the audience to see if the look is working the way it should. Generally, a warmer shade of foundation is recommended as it counteracts the colder effect of the stage light. Try using the colours from a professional lip palette as they last longer than normal lipsticks.
Always apply skin moisturizer prior to makeup application, as it will keep your skin from becoming dry and tired and will allow the makeup to last longer. This happens to me every day.” While most of us don’t wear wigs on a daily basis, keep in mind your makeup will look more bold with a sleek, pulled back pony than, say, with big waves. It is also challenging as everything is live and there is absolutely no chance of rectifying a mistake. If you are a regular performer and need to get makeup done every now and then, the risk of skin infection is really high. Try using the waterproof products and make sure to set the makeup setting sprays and powders. Using a deeper shade of brown will look like your normal lipcolour when you are on the stage. Start with a light skin tone and cover the area of skin below your brow, then apply a medium shade of brown on your eyelid. For example, foundations with pink undertone may appear a little pale and overdone (if you are playing a witch, it is all right). Apply translucent powder to keep your makeup in place, and apply a bright lipstick color such as red or coral that will make your lips stand out. Now although in most of the cases a makeup artist is present, you should know the basics of stage makeup.

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