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January 10, 2013 by iFeelFitness Leave a Comment Increasing numbers of overweight and obese people are currently looking for treatments and diets that can bring about a significant loss in weight over a short period of time.
The first thing people need to understand is that it is neither easy nor healthy to lose weight fast, of course, depending on what “fast” means for them. On one hand, in order to lose weight fast, the amount of food has to be reduced and a lot of products have to be eliminated from the menu.
On the other hand, the body needs some time to adapt to the new circumstances and it needs to do it gradually.
Some specialists claim that the incidence of the obesity cases in the American population is directly related to the increased use of corn syrup in the preparation of the sweets, semi-cooked food and fast food products on the market.
The foods and drinks responsible for the high sugar intake should be consumed in smaller quantities, avoided or replaced with other foods and drinks with less or no sugar. Low-carb fruits and vegetables, oatmeal and brown rice, products made from whole grains and whole grains flour, beans and sweet potatoes, and other similar products are highly recommended.
Of course, it is important to keep in mind that many of the products available on the market do not contain sugar, but substitutes with misleading names and just as harmful effects.

Besides inducing a significant loss of weight, this type of diet can be extremely beneficial for people with incipient or full-blown diabetes, who need to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Instead of sugar, they can use stevia, a plant that is around 300 times sweeter, but has zero calories, and does not raise the blood sugar level. Despite the fact that it provides enormous benefits in terms of health and weight loss, this diet is quite difficult to follow.
Not all of the recipes and bonuses are 100%? vegetarian friendly but there is a lot of value in there for those that are. I think that’s a great way to use this diet plan -? to benefit the entire family and keep your loved ones fit and healthy. However, the same experts warn that caution is necessary in this weight loss approach, as it carries a high risk of relapse, if not followed to the letter. If it means losing ten to fifteen pounds a month, it is possible, but if the figures go anywhere beyond that, we are already shaping an impossible or unrealistic dream. That is how the lack of vitamins and minerals appears, not to mention the cravings to which people give in sooner or later. Thus, when starting a diet, it is important not to eliminate sugar completely, but to slowly reduce its quantity, otherwise, the risk for relapse increases.
For example, soda can be replaced with natural juice, cakes and chocolate can be replaced with fruit salads, etc.

They also forbid a series of basic foods, such as white bread, most types of pasta, white rice, corn and potatoes (especially corn and potato chips), honey, certain meats and some types of syrup.
The purpose of these recipes is to provide people with a series of guidelines on what they can eat and how they should prepare it in order to satisfy their sweet tooth and not give in to sugary products. It is acceptable to use mayonnaise and other types of sauces for seasoning the food, as long as the labels do not list any sugary ingredients. Corn syrup and honey are the best examples, but fructose, maltose, lactose, and glucose are also very popular.
The people who decide to give it a chance should invest a lot of patience, ambition and free time, in order to gather the necessary information and familiarize themselves with sugar free recipes.
Whatever age you are, there’s? always time to improve your diet and be fit and healthy. Corn syrup is also a significant source of sugar and a very dangerous one, for two reasons: it is very sweet and it can be found in many modern products. Without taking the time to cook and diversify their meals, most people give in to temptation and, not only that they no longer lose weight, but they put on more than they initially lost.

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