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The higher your metabolic rate is functioning on a day to day basis, the more calories you will burn and therefore, the less you have to cut back on your food intake – or spend extra time in the gym, all while seeing the same rate of fat loss success. Many people are currently suffering from sluggish metabolic rates, often due to years of dieting improperly or training using insufficient methods for metabolic enhancement. Let’s look at six such workout strategies that will jumpstart your fat loss progress, not to mention take your fitness level up a notch. Unlike conventional circuit training, which may have you lifting in to the 15-20 rep range, the goal here is to keep the weight as heavy as possible.
Superset training is another way you can improve your metabolic rate, seeing faster fat loss. For optimal benefits, you’ll want to try and pair an upper body compound exercise with a lower body compound exercise. Superset training is also ideal for garnering greater pumps from your workout, which can in time translate to increased size gains if you are making continual increases in the weight you are lifting. To perform it, you’ll simply perform one straight set of your normal weight and then once finished, immediately drop the weight five to ten pounds and then perform a second set.
Once that set is finished, drop the weight one more time and then perform a third set until fatigue sets in. This training protocol will also train your body how to tolerate fatigue very well and learn to push through it.
It’s quite easy to let your form slip once fatigue sets in and if you do, you’ll only be placing yourself at a high risk for injury. Cardio intervals are the next metabolic boosting strategy to try with your workout program.
So for instance, you might perform a set of pull-ups and then from there, immediately go into a set of 20 burpees. You can use any bodyweight cardio based exercise for this or if you prefer, hop onto the treadmill or bike and do a sprint on the machine. In most workout programs, you’ll perform a certain number of reps of an exercise, rest for a given period of time, and then perform another set of a certain number of reps.
With this protocol, you don’t aim for a certain number of reps, but rather a certain time period.
Do as many as you can, stopping if you need to, but always picking back up as soon as possible once again.
This is a great way to not only boost your strength level, but also improve your cardiovascular fitness as well, while enhancing your metabolic rate. Finally, the last protocol is less of a protocol and more of a technique – Olympic weight lifting. These exercises will utilize a number of muscle groups in the body all at once, so are excellent for helping to boost your metabolic rate, increase your strength level, and improve your physical conditioning. Olympic style weight lifting should be done on its own day as it is so intense, so devote one session per week to working on these lifts, making sure that you have an off day right before and after (as you will hit every muscle group in the body during that session).
So next time you find yourself struggling to see fat loss results, try changing a few things around with your workout program rather than simply decreasing your calorie intake further.
FREE Supplement Samples!Let us send you a variety of samples, so you can decide what works for you. When most people think of losing weight and toning up, they tend to think of doing endless cardio and going on frustratingly strict diets. You should know that nearly all types of exercise will generate some form of afterburn effect, even if it lasts only a few minutes. This high intensity interval exercise is generally anaerobic exercise (exercise without air) if done properly. Overall, your body is taking in more oxygen than usual so that it can go back to it’s normal resting state. Remember that how to get the afterburn effect is by doing high intensity interval workouts. When it comes to getting the afterburn effect from weight lifting, the intensity of the workouts are far more important than the duration. Doing your weight training in this way will rise your heart rate substantially more and for longer, and will also generate a larger oxygen debt. Cardio workouts (along with diet) have always been key to any weight loss program, but jogging for hours and hours per week gets extremely boring, very quickly.
Don’t forget that it is important to perform the cardio workout as anaerobic (without air) by being high intensity. The exercise techniques mentioned in this article are incredibly stressful on the body, therefore you absolutely must prepare your body in advance.
A good way to get your body ready for HIIT is to do 2 weeks to 1 month of regular exercise. My apologies for the very late reply, I have been away for a long time and have been unable to manage this site. Carbs can be found in fruits and vegetables, bread, grain based cereals and other grains, milk and dairy products. I see no reason why you should stop doing weights, weight training actually boosts your metabolism. I have put together a load of afterburn inducing cardio and weight training exercises, you should check them out. Again I apologize for the super-late reply, and I hope you are doing well with your weight loss! I will definitely do more research on fasted training and will update this article (or write a new one) once I understand it better.
Well there’s no definite answer, but generally you probably want to do cardio AFTER weightlifting. For the past month, I have been running at a steady pace for 3-4 miles a day with upper body workouts afterwards; and I am wondering if this afterburn HIIT workout style would be better for me. I use this method annually to remove my beer gut, and I end up losing a tonne (not literally) of weight and also gaining muscle. I would like to add that if you decide to take the weight training route, you may find that the scales say you are gaining weight even though you are looking healthier.
I was wondering exactly how long should i warm up for, how long should the short burst be with weight training and how long should i have a brief rest and should i repeat this? LOL another question but if the tabata workout gets easier can i change the exercise part from 20 secs to 30 secs and keep the rest at 10 secs ? There are few better teachers on the subject of training than “The Austrian Oak” himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. A ‘‘superset’’ is two exercises performed back-to-back, with little or no rest between exercises.
There are a few scientific studies to suggest that the activation of an antagonist muscle can enhance muscle power output. In a study from Syracuse University, researchers looked at two types of strength training to see which style burned more calories. Subjects in the above study who used supersets had a faster workout, as the superset sessions took less time to complete, but more importantly, researchers found that markers of energy metabolism such as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC; a measure of resting energy expenditure after exercise) were higher, blood lactate measures were higher, and total energy expenditure for the workout was higher.9 This means supersets lead to a super metabolic rate for burning fat! Increases in testosterone and growth hormone (GH) have been implicated in the role of muscle growth and strength.
The same authors suggested that higher testosterone levels at rest are a determining factor in the development of strength, but only in high-performance strength athletes.
Supersets are a time-efficient way of training— you get more done in less time.7 A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research investigated a superset training regimen of coupling two heavy resistance-training exercises (bent rows and bench presses), performed over 3 consecutive sets— and reported that superset training appeared to be a more efficient method of exercise than traditional exercise. Because similar volume and loads are achieved under the less time-consuming, superset training, it’s more efficient than traditional weight training.

Research suggests that the effects of alternating agonist and antagonist work on muscle volume are somewhat less detrimental than the effects of performing multiple sets of one exercise before performing multiple sets of another.
The data indicates that heavy resistance training using supersets allows a greater loading to be imposed on the musculature than what’s achieved with traditional resistance exercise training, or working one muscle group. Lusa Cadore E, Lhullier FL, Arias Brentano M, Marczwski Da Silva E, Bueno Ambrosini M, Spinelli R, Ferrari Silva R, Martins Kruel LF.
Kraemer WJ, Hollander DB, Reeves GV, Francxois M, Ramadan ZG, Meeker B, Tryniecki JL, Hebert EP and Castracani VD.
Kraemer WJ, Loebel CC, Volek JS, Ratamess NA, Newton RU, Wickham RB, Gotshalk LA, Duncan ND, Mazzetti SA, Gomez Al, Rubin MR, Nindl BC, and Hakkinen K. This Superset workout targets your abs, works alternating major muscle groups in your upper and lower body, and drives your heart rate with a mix of Sandbag moves and great use of the innovative Ultimate Body Press Fast Abs Pack. You simply have to try the Fast Abs Pack to experience the impact you get when you tone the muscle groups in your core, hips, thighs and knees. December 12, 2013 by Nicole 16 Comments Oh yeeeeah, first workout post in which I get to drop some new certified-personal-trainer knowledge on yo’ asses. I used a bunch of different goodies for this one, so if you don’t have a little home gym collection, this is probably better done at the gym. 20 Stability Ball Crunches with Feet on Wall: My friend suggested this exercise in a comment on previous blog post, and it’s awesome. 20 Standing Resistance Band Leg Abductions (right): Stand with feet hip-width apart, resistance band around lower legs, hands on hips. I really felt this in my abs the next day—windshield wipers with ankle weights on are brutal. I love the workouts you post and I was wondering if you had a post about what you do each day- or a typical week? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
If fat loss is a goal for you, it pays to do everything you can to focus on increasing your resting metabolic rate.
By structuring your workout program in the right manner, you can take charge of your metabolic rate, seeing enhanced fat loss as a result. To do this, simply take five to eight different exercises and stack them one after another, taking little rest in between. By the time you’ve reached the end of the circuit, you’ll be gasping for air and feeling the effects of this intense protocol. To do this, you’ll simply pair two exercises back to back with each other, only resting after the second exercise is completed. Doing so will work as many muscle fibers as possible, allowing you to see a greater boost to your post-workout calorie burn.
This is a great protocol for not only boosting your metabolic rate, but also helping you bust through any strength plateau you may be facing.
Because it is so intense, do just one drop set per workout for any given muscle group and always ensure that you are maintaining proper form. As your legs will already be fatigued from the strength move you just completed, you may need to add more rest in between sets for recovery.
So for instance, you might see how many reps of push-ups you can do in a 60 second time frame. It form begins to slip, that’s your cue to rest until you can maintain good form once again. Even if you aren’t training for this sport, still consider incorporating some of the Olympic lifts into your workout routine.
By revving your metabolic rate, you can see just as great of results without placing the risks of nutritional deficiencies on the body that the very low calorie diet will bring. Where diet is indeed an important factor, these people usually focus on quantity of exercise, rather than the quality. However, in order to get the most out of this post-exercise calorie burn effect, a certain kind of exercise is required. Boxers and sprinters in particular train heavily in this kind of exercise, as they need to pump out a huge amount of movement in a very small amount of time, and without breathing.
This is best done with appropriate forms of cardio such as sprinting or swimming, but can also can be applied to weight lifting.
Heavy lifting in supersets also puts a lot more strain on the muscles, making your body work harder to repair the muscle tissue.
This is to starve the body of oxygen, building up an oxygen debt which will force your body to work in overdrive once the workout is complete. Make sure to do a mix of weight training and cardio and that you are increasing the amount of weight, reps and time spent on cardio workouts.
He lives in Newquay, United Kingdom and is a keen writer who also thoroughly enjoys learning about and testing fitness techniques. I am still an obese 2621bs, but I’ve been working out with weights for many years and want to preserve any muscle I worked so hard for. I think the best way to start with afterburn training would be with tabata training as it doesn’t require any equipment.
However, there are some weight training methods that are good for both losing weight, and packing on muscle.
Saying that, swimming works the entire body hard, making it very intense and absolutely great for gaining an afterburn effect.
If you can do 6 sets easily you should increase the weights rather than the amount of sets. I’m just thinking that how many times do I have to repeat the two steps of cardio workout… Is it like 5 times or more like 10 times? That’s a tricky question to answer fully as it depends largely on how fit you currently are.
I have lost 20 lbs doing the workouts I have been doing for this last month but most of that (I believe) is water weight.
So I wrote a fairly long reply to your comment a few days ago, and just as I was finishing my power was cut due to a lightning strike. The HIIT method has already been proven by actual science to increase your post exercise calorie burn rate. Make sure to warm up the entire body with stretches and finish with a light jog on the spot. You could also add resistance using weights for applicable exercises, such as just holding barbells in your hands when doing high knees. I find that if I don’t breathe I get extremely tired very quickly, is that supposed to happen? The only difference is that I mix up the sprinting (on a treadmill) with this Wii boxing game I have.
Arnold was known to have a physique that was superior to his competitors, which may have been due to his unorthodox training techniques.
In their purest form, supersets are performed with two opposing muscle groups, like chest and back or biceps and triceps. In a study of trained male athletes, an increase in power output was observed in the bench press throw (performed on a Smith machine, where someone takes the bar and throws it up as high as it can go, for maximal power) three minutes after a set of ballistic bench pulls (where someone lies on the bench and pulls the weight to his stomach, similar to doing a bent-over row)— compared to the power output in a set of bench press throws with no intervention. The metabolic demand for performing supersets is incredible— to say that your muscles “burn” is an understatement. Interestingly, EMG activity (a measure of muscle motor-unit recruitment and muscle activation) was not different under the two conditions – suggesting that the level of neuromuscular fatigue did not differ under supersets, compared to traditional training. Given similar timelines, it would appear that performing agonist and antagonist work in an alternating manner such as supersets— compared to performing all sets of agonist work with one muscle group— allows for greater recovery and subsequently greater loading of the muscle.

Acute effect on power output of alternating an agonist and antagonist muscle exercise during complex training.
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Similar hormonal responses to concentric and eccentric muscle actions using relative loading.
The effect of heavy resistance exercise on the circadian rhythm of salivary testosterone in men.
Muscle hypertrophy, hormonal adaptations and strength development during strength training in strength-trained and untrained men. I had heard of superset training before and even done a few superset workouts that I’d found on other blogs, but now I actually know what they are and how to properly put one together. The first exercise is a fairly traditional move and the second adds a component of instability while targeting the same muscle group. Keeping leg in that 90-degree angle, lift knee out and up in a wing motion (much like a dog lifting to take a pee).
Lift right foot so it’s hovering off the floor (try to never let it touch during the 20 reps). You can also do this workout without the ankle weights, but you might want to add on a few more reps to the windshield wipers, fire hydrants and superman lifts. I’ve actually just started doing a post here and there on what my weekly workout schedule looks like. This looks like a killer workout, and your stability ball photos are a great reminder on how to manuver on the stability ball without falling on your face (I did that last week, ouch).
I'm Nicole, a group fitness instructor, healthy lifestyle blogger (you probably figured that one out by now) and Certified Personal Trainer living in Boston, MA. Discover everything you need to know about Afterburn Training using our guides, tips and recommendations. If I told you that you could spend half the amount of time on the treadmill yet lose weight even faster, what would you say? This type of exercise is known as high intensity interval training (HIIT), which is basically very intense exercise carried out in sets of short bursts, with small rest intervals.
Think of any time you have sprinted your hardest and been forced to catch your breath afterwards.
If you were to perform all your workouts this way, you can build up your oxygen debt in such a way that causes the afterburn effect to continue for up to 48 hours. These things combined will ensure that your metabolism (calorie burn rate) is kept higher for longer.
Remember, if your body is still working hard to go back to normal, you are still burning calories at an accelerated rate.
DO NOT jump straight into high intensity interval training as it will do more harm than good. Of course if it is midday then to be on an empty stomach would mean to have not eaten yet, which is an issue. The methods that I go over in this article are typical for afterburn training specifically, but I am intrigued as to how fasted training would add to it. Oh and ab workouts are essentially strength training, so you can do those as part of or after your weights session. I have a thick body type and I would like to burn off most of my thigh and belly fat and replace it with toned muscle.
I also would like to know if this afterburn HIIT workout style will help me burn fat faster.
But this lead me to find out that I can lose loads of weight (and get bulky) just by doing weight training.
Your size will mean that your body has more muscle tissue to repair than a shorter, less built person would. He loved doing exercises that increased his training volume, and was known to do lots of supersets. To set the record straight, here are a few new, hardcore studies to show that Arnold truly was ahead of his time, and that this method may be the key to newfound muscle growth. Study participants completed two strength-training workouts, separated by at least seven days. Basically a superset is two exercises (usually targeting the same muscle group or antagonist groups) preformed back-to-back with no rest. You can take a 15-30sec rest between sets if needed, and a 60sec rest before moving onto the next superset. Keeping a slight bend in your elbows, lower them down to your sides and then back up to starting. With stability ball under your lower back and feet at 90 degrees on a wall, crunch up, hands behind your head and elbows wide.
Hold for a second, then lower slightly (but not all the way down to the ground) before repeating.
Keeping foot flexed and facing forward, push against the resistance band, bringing it straight out to the side.
How long it takes will depend on your current fitness level, and how much time and effort you put into improving it! As for diet, you should be eating high carb foods at least 2 hours before a workout, and then high protein foods 2+ hours after in order to refuel your muscles. Their workout consisted of 4 sets of six exercises, and they performed 10 reps of each exercise.
Lower your legs to the right, twisting your hips, until they are just hovering above the ground. The great thing about crunching on a stability ball is that it increases your range of motion while supporting your lower back. When you lift up, careful not to overextend your back—don’t come too far past the point where your body is in a straight line.
The only bands i had are starting to break and was wondering if you can recommend sturdy ones? If you do some HIIT cardio (tabata workouts are fantastic) along with full body weight training, I think you will see some great results. Maybe I just need to mop my floors, but I found my sneakers kept slipping, so I did this move with my feet against a wall.
Bodybuilders do this (from experience) to burn calories and if u take 10g of BCAAs you will not have muscle atrophy but take advantage of the early morning testosterone boost to build muscle which is thermogenic and will also help with additional weight loss.

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