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Even diet drinks without calories put a sweet taste in your mouth that makes you crave more sugar. Now, this isn’t a health blog (I don’t know much about nutrition and health), and this blog certainly isn’t a part of the Nanny State trying to control everything you do. Though we see ourselves as little, insignificant, and unimportant (the view of the world without God), we are in fact the crown of God’s creation (Psalm 8:3-8). Why not use the motivation of a new year to consider what you eat and drink and to make sure you are taking care of God’s great gift to you?
Most websites and books will tell you that the one sure way to get rid of your cellulite is by losing weight.
For some people, losing weight would mean losing a figure or a look that they have worked hard for and other people may struggling financially if they have to join a gym or start spending extra money on low fat foods. You do not have to reduce the number of calories that you are consuming from day to day, but you may have to change exactly what you are eating. For instance, if your guilty pleasure is eating a couple of squares of milk chocolate each night before going to bed, you may need to simply change this from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. This is because, whereas milk chocolate is almost completely empty calories and has little to no nutritional value, particularly when it comes to helping get rid of cellulite, dark chocolate has proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite because it contains fast acting antioxidants that are well known to help fortify the skin. Just a cup of green tea per day can have a huge effect on your cellulite, getting rid of it forever.
This is because the vitamin B6 in sunflower seeds actively repairs connective tissues, the same tissues that break usually break down and cause your skin to look dimpled and lumpy. If this wasn’t enough, it transpires that sunflower seeds are also a natural diuretic, which means that they can prevent the bloating that makes cellulite more obvious to the naked eye, meaning that they work in two ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

In addition, dark chocolate tends to have less added sugars than both milk and white chocolate, making it a generally healthier option for those who are looking to improve their diet.
This particular fish is well known for its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that can help to strengthen skin tissue. By adding all of these superfoods and more to your diet, you can start making sure that your cellulite is burned away and stays burned away. Instead of eating a chocolate bar as a snack, bring along some healthy sunflower seeds and munch on those, knowing that your cellulite will very soon be disappearing. Have salmon once a week instead of cod or trout, and instead of drinking fizzy drinks or other not so healthy beverages, try to drink water or other water based drinks such as squash or tea. Do not worry if you go for one or two days without eating any of the above superfoods, but do try to make up for it by occasionally eating more for a couple of days a week.
It is a crucial part of spiritual formation and maturity, and it requires both faith and faithfulness. Think of it more as exchanging a few of the foodstuffs that you know and love for other delicious superfoods that are going to burn away your cellulite. Making sure you are adequately hydrated throughout the day can have a multitude of positive effects on you both physically and mentally. Water helps your body to flush out excess toxins that often help cellulite to form beneath your skin. Green tea naturally contains epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, which has been proven to prevent the expansion of fat cells. They contain high levels of protein and other great minerals and vitamins that can help our body maintain itself in the proper ways.

These help make cells function properly, in the way that they are supposed to, and this includes skin cells. By having salmon at least once every couple of weeks (ideally once a week), you could really help your skin to repair as the cellulite is flushed and burned away by the combination of other essential ingredients and superfoods listed here. There are plenty of ways to introduce these sorts of cellulite burning foods into your diet. However, you should try to spread these sorts of foods out over each week so that, on average, you are getting the same number of essential vitamins and minerals into your body each day. I love to eat chocolate, it’s one of my guilty pleasures but breaks my skin out, so I try not to eat it often. Alcoholic beverages, milk, sweet tea (a southern staple), sports drinks, energy drinks, and soft drinks all have calories that have little or nothing to do with nutrition.
If you drink enough, you can ensure that, with the help of other effective superfoods, your cellulite will go and stay gone. Sunflower seeds in particular are well known as very effective against the development of cellulite.

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