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There are no quick fixes, magic potions or lotions, just patience, consistency and a healthy lifestyle. While I don't see the purpose in disrespecting the finances with the more costly, fancy 'hair vitamins' (~40 dollars a month), I do have advice for those that do.
These people tend to scratch their heads, wondering why all the nutrients they're swallowing aren't having the positive effects they had hoped for.
They say to skip grocery store yogurt (as most are pasteurized and much of the beneficial bacteria is killed) and either make your own, or even whip up some sauerkraut.

A regular probiotic regimen and a slightly more reasonable diet not only helps with the bloat, but my hair sheds less, which is a bonus, 'cause y'all know I'm #TeamVolume. In fact, you might say that most people aren't able to absorb the nutrients they swallow, so they remain in a state of nutritional starvation even though they're taking supplements that would otherwise be quite helpful. I cut my own hair (in between professional shape-ups) to stay at boob length to keep my shrunken, chin-length bob tight.
MSM lengthens the hair growth phase (which means that you keep more hair on your head, less shedding = thicker hair).

In addition, gentle handling of the hair you’re already working with will keep more of it atop your head.

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