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Attending the Fitness blogger event for the Live Fruitfully campaign, I got to try about 10 different workouts.
I found the class Surprisingly easy to keep up with, yet an exhausting workout at the same time.
SurfSET reinvigorates the typical cardio and weight training routine by fusing all the elements of Surfing into a high intensity fat burning session. You will learn how to paddle, popup, carve, maintain balance and build the core strength of an experienced surfer. Currently in Boston and NYC only, but on the way to Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, LA & San Francisco over the next few months (and rumor has it Newport, RI come the summer), which has me super excited to try it out again in my home state.
Inspired by all ethnic styles of dance, plyometrics, strength training, and more, JAM keeps the heart rate up and sweat pouring throughout the class.

Kristen and Cristina were drummers and fitness buffs who came together to create an exercise workout through the fusion of movement and making music. Your heart rate stays in the cardio zone, and gives you about a 700-900 calorie fat-burning cardio workout and a pilates inspired core and back workout. May I simply just say what a comfort to find a person that actually understands what they are discussing on the internet. Though they were all quite a workout, I thought I would highlight a few of the ones I enjoyed most.
Neda created JAM because she couldn’t find any workout that gave her the intense sweat of a hard run. I know I am glad that I got to learn about all the different things I can use Jamba Juice for and I am especially grateful for them helping me learn a few new exercises!

Rahul combines the hottest and latest moves from bollywood cinema, with a high cardio workout… so you can lose weight, tone muscles and build cardio stamina. I found it crazy hard to balance on the RipSurfer X so I would be on of those beginners they talk about.

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