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Known for her lean and fit body, HyunA was asked to share her tips for achieving the perfect figure. In an age where YouTube has spawned some of the most prominent celebrities of the digital age, beauty vloggers (video bloggers) have also risen to the fore in the fashion and makeup industry. Im is a member of Japanese cosmetics company SK-IIa€™s Beauty Circle, with whom she has traveled overseas to Singapore and Shanghai.
The extroverted vlogger, who aspires to be a "video or TV personality interviewing bands and designers," frequently shares beauty advice, fashion tips and diet ideas on her YouTube channel.
The second-generation Korean-American was born in Kansas and majored in industrial design at the University of Kansas. The energetic vlogger, who was born and raised in Virginia, studied at Californiaa€?s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. With over 490,000 subscribers, the smoky-eyed beauty guru favors a contoured bronzed look, typically compares makeup products and discusses beauty trends. The fashion blogger and entrepreneur, whose Korean name is Lim So-jung, attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising before founding her style consultation company Chriselle INC.

Jung, who founded home-shopping brand MULE cosmetics, has also launched some of Koreaa€™s most widespread beauty trends, most notably the "celebrity translucent makeup" look. Her YouTube channel, with almost 230,000 subscribers, shows the professional artist in action, teaching makeup looks ranging from "Park Shin-hye's Wave Bobbed Hair" to K-pop looks by acts such as Girlsa€™ Generation, Lee Hyo-ri and BoA. Kim on Arirang TV as a K-Style Reporter in 2014 (Arirang)Kim on Arirang TV as a K-Style Reporter in 2014 (Arirang)Born in Australia but currently based in Seoul, Kim is followed by a modest 150,000 subscribers. The Aussie, whose Korean name is Kim Mi-jeong, favors Korean makeup and beauty looks, frequently reviewing domestic cosmetic products.
Cosmetics brands have hired highly subscribed beauty gurus such as Michelle Phan (L'Oreal) and Pixiwoo sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman (Avon). Kpop Herald rounds up six of the most-watched and closely monitored Korean beauty vloggers.
Lim, who has some 480,000 subscribers, is the American ambassador for Korean cosmetics giant Laneige.
She has worked with some of Korea's most celebrated stars, such as Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na, actress Kim Tae-hee and singer Lee Hyo-ri.

The 24-year-old graduated from University of California, Davis with a major in communications in 2013. You shouldn't wear it as a mask to hide your insecurities and cover up what you're afraid of," Chae said in one of her earliest videos. She has since been sought after by luxury fashion brands, including Tiffany & Co., Coach, Victoria's Secret and Banana Republic. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Did Goo Goo The Sytlist Lose Weight interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.

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