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When you want a more natural and subtle look, choose the '70s as inspiration for a retro but fun look. They can experiment with all kinds of looks and colors and there are extremely few no-no’s that they have to keep in mind. So to solve this problem, in this article, I shall give you some of the useful tips for getting natural look with make up. Several looks which may be considered too severe on other colored eyes suit women with brown eyes.
It is better to know that you can achieve that natural look, that you often dream about, with any style of doing make up. It’s downright true that every woman is born with unique and delightful eyes but if you add a dash of colors for them, you can multiply your eyes real beauty many times over. If you do happen to have lighter hair and eyelashes though, brownish black mascara is much more appropriate. A great trick to brighten brown eyes would be to use navy blue mascara your lashes will still look black, however the navy blue does that little something extra to your eyes, to focus on them.Bold in GoldGold eyeshadow makes browns look rich and deep. If you are dressing up for an evening out, polish the look further with some brown liner put on the upper lashline.

Prep your eyes with shadow primer to make that sexy color stick out, especially if you have darker skin. Darker-skinned ladies can wear bold, copper-based hues.Eyeshadow for Dark Brown EyesFor those who have dark brown eyes, make them pop with light or medium blue eyeshadow as this color provides an excellent contrast towards the dark brown in your eyes. Light pink eyeshadow make dark brown eyes pop and when you want bolder colors to complement your eyes, choose turquoise, light green, orange or perhaps gold eyeshadow.MascaraChoose mascara based on your hair color rather than eye color. Try wearing black or brown on your upper lashes and navy on your lower to brighten the whites of your eyes and emphasize your brown eyes.Creating a Solid BaseJust before applying your eye shadow color, it is important to remember that you need to apply an eye makeup base first in order to produce a smooth surface for the eye color to latch on to.
Doing so will help your eye makeup look last longer, and it’ll prevent your shadow from clumping around your eyes.
You should select an eye base color that’s close to your skin tone and spread over the eye lid area with either an eye shadow brush or your fingers.Neutral colors for brown eyesIf you are looking for makeup tricks for brown eyes that are a little more natural, why not go with some neutral shades? Remember, you can easily go with eyeliner in these colors too, which will really highlight your eyes!
Makeup Tips for Dark Brown EyesGray and Blue for any Smoky LookPair a gray cream shadow with soft blues for any sexy smoky eye.
Sweep on a pale blue powder over top after which use an eyeshadow blending brush to buff the two layers together.

Use a blue-gray eye pencil along your upper lashline as well as on your lower lash bed, applying some extra color at the outside corners of your eyes.Final TouchesThe final part of the look is mascara. First, curl your lashes having a good quality eye curler, then coat your lashes having a waterproof mascara.
For extended lasting mascara, you may want to consider applying a definite gel mascara first, which will thicken the lashes and make them appear fuller.
If you decide to use facial makeup, or concealer, make sure to get a concealer shade that matches your face. If you have nice skin, you can bypass concealer or, you can apply it to areas that contain blemishesReply brentin July 23, 2012 at 7:50 am Q.
I swear it protects your skin from the sun and even sorta whitens if you use it daily.ReplyLeave a Comment Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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