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I’ve compiled six important tips that will (hopefully) help make your transition easier. Whether you decide to completely eliminate all animal products or just phase them out one at a time, the key is to think it through and make a firm choice.
Consider integrating vegan items into your diet one by one before eliminating all animals products. Getting in touch with other vegans is a great way to gain support, learn insider tips and tricks, and stay motivated.
In my experience, it is FAR easier to stay vegan by eliminating all animal products AND NEVER eating them again. By continuing to eat cheese, milk, fish or whatever on an occasional basis, the cravings never end.
You make a good point about cravings, and it is true that our bodies adapt to changes in our food choices.
This site contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through these links. Worried that the dead animal filled food you are no longer consuming is poisoning your dear children? Keeping healthy food such as fruit easily accessible will help kids become more interested. While kids love candy and sweets and all manner of things that aren’t good for us, they also want to do well.
Toddlers are known for being finicky eaters and many parents worry that their wee tot isn’t getting the nutrients that they need. This entry was posted in Veganism and tagged children, kids, school by Organic Green Mommy. I first became vegetarian at the age of 13 (veganism came several years later) after watching a program on TV about factory farming, and I remember becoming a very determined kid. A vegan diet is abundant in wholesome, filling foods, as well as what I call transition foods that mimic the flavours you’re used to, like meat substitutes and vegan cheese.
Most importantly, though, think of it as an adventure, enjoy the discovery process, and allow yourself room for error. There are going to be situations where it is a challenge to avoid animal products, and if you’re still waffling on the idea and haven’t established boundaries, you aren’t likely to make it through.
Finding a brand of non-dairy milk or vegan cheese that you really like can be a trial-and-error process. If you start out by eating salads and smoothies for most meals, with the same set of ingredients, you are going to get bored—quickly. Things like bread, tortillas, beans, salsa, brown rice, oatmeal, peanut butter, and pasta are all vegan! I believe we are all on our own journeys, and so it may take some of us more time to make the transition. You never really establish a firm boundary and you never practice setting personal limits and maintaining those limits.
Dairy, and in particular cheese, has been known to cause strong cravings so I can see why eliminating them altogether would help make things easier.
Leave a bowl of fresh fruit on the table for them to grab and go as they play or do their homework. Even very young children are old enough to know that animals are our friends, and we don’t eat our friends. They can hand out pamphlets, make posters for protests and peaceful demonstrations, they can do crafts to sell at fundraisers for animal organizations, and they can talk to their school about offering healthy, cruelty free lunch options. While a few vegan kids will shine in school despite these differences, others might feel alienated because of them. Just like most adults, children love the idea of growing strong and capable, having their bodies be at their best. To help set a good example of compassion for your children, try making some bat boxes, bird feeders, squirrel homes and creating areas in your garden for toads to hide in.
This is another teaching opportunity as your child digs up worms to look at and plants little seeds.

With these tips above and so many available resources, parenting a vegan child can be a real joy.
This was not a decision I took lightly, because I knew it affected the lives of animals that had no choice.
When I made the transition to veganism, there weren’t many vegan wonder brands like Gardein or Daiya or Coconut Bliss. If you completely change your diet overnight and spend a lot of money on products you don’t like, you’ll likely end up frustrated and may give up altogether.
Call restaurants ahead of time to see if they can accommodate you, or speak to your host and offer to bring a vegan dish to the party. If you’re facing a challenge, chances are someone else has already gone through it and you can learn from their experiences.
Please share your tips in the comments section below so that others can learn from your experience! I am just speaking honestly because I know there are people in a similar situation with their transitioning. Different doesn’t always mean bad, but you have to acknowledge the flavours based on where they derived from.
I like your tip about not concentrating on what a plant-based diet is lacking, but rather, thinking of it as a lifestyle that is aligned with your values. Your tips to stock your pantry and plan ahead were crucial for me – I felt so clueless and uncreative in the beginning, and I needed the tools and plans to help me succeed at my fingertips.
Having fruit or vegetables cut up and ready to eat in the fridge will help children feel independent for being able to get their own healthy snacks and give them a sense of control when they choose to eat these nutritious foods on their own. You can talk to your children about how they keep chickens in confined cages with very little food or water, and no room to move around.
The list of activities for children is never ending as more children join in the movement all over the world.
Find some local vegan groups near you that might involve some vegan children, or if there is nothing nearby seek out some vegan pen pals. They might be confused when they see a relative chowing down on a chicken drumstick, or licking up the juices from a pig’s ribcage. Allowing your child to feel helpful towards the local wildlife can do a lot to instill a sense of purpose and responsibility. Breastfeeding is also a form of emotional comfort and support, and helps your child to connect with you and feel safe. Back then, I didn’t know many vegetarians and my parents struggled with what to feed me. There is a never-ending universe of vegan recipe websites that can provide ideas on how to cook vegan-style, and you will probably be shocked by the amazing variety of choices. Fold beans and salsa into a wrap, or stir-fry a variety of veggies with tamari and serve with rice.
Always keep granola bars, trail mix or dried fruit in your purse or backpack for snacks while you’re out. Most large cities have established vegetarian groups—the Toronto Vegetarian Association, for example, is Toronto’s go-to resource for all veg.
So rather than go insane trying to live up to the vegan label, I am content with my best in my journey so far. It is okay to tell your children that cows’ milk belongs to baby cows, just like people milk that mothers make is for baby people. Kids need to be able to talk things out with their peers, but they might not want to talk to their friends about their lifestyle concerns. Some basic biology about how digestion works and what foods will make them feel sluggish vs. If you want to raise a good little activist, your child will need to show some understanding. If they see you munching down on French fries, potato chips, and processed vegan nuggets then they are going to want to eat those things too. Children are naturally vulnerable, and when you nurse your child you are saying “Hey, it is okay.

If you make just a few positive food choices each week, you have done something worthwhile. A few of my favourites include Post Punk Kitchen, Oh She Glows, Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, Vegan Yack Attack, Plant-Powered Kitchen and Vegan Culinary Crusade, or browse through my own recipe index.
So for anyone getting heat from other self-righteous, all-or-nothing type of vegans, don’t let them bother you. Cutting a sandwich into shapes, making a rainbow smoothie or just inventing silly names for old stand by dishes can get children excited again. There are several vegan, child-friendly books out now that educate kids in a respectful way.
Finding them a vegan pen pal can help them connect with somebody who gets what they are going through.
It might be helpful to run over some potential situations with your child and practice what they might like to say, and to teach them that most people make their choices based on misinformation. Consider planting trees and talk to you kids about leaving fallen stumps alone, as they house many creatures that do not want to be disturbed. Once it’s grown and ready to eat, your little one will love picking his or her own veggies and making a salad all by themselves. And watch out, because while it is nice to have a treat once in a while kids are easily hooked on these convenience items!
I’m here for you and I am not going anywhere.” This is a compassionate, convenient and healthy way to give vegan kids a great start in life!
While It’s very important to make a real effort for animals, take your time doing the best you can.
The more rude, disgusting or silly the names are, the more fun the kids will have eating it! Remind him (or her) what a great example they are being for others by following a vegan lifestyle and how inspired you are by them. Picking up litter in local trails or on the beaches can make a difference for many animals. This is a great way to introduce new foods or spark an interest in previously ignored greens. When you kiss your baby’s hand, the bacteria on your baby’s skin enters your body and all kinds of fascinating communication goes on between the bacteria, your brain, and your breasts. And if breast feeding is not an option, look for a donor clinic for breast milk, or find a vegan formula alternative. Allowing kids to play and experiment with their food can do a lot to improve their attitude towards healthy options. Also, don’t be afraid to let them see how passionate you are about animal rights and stand up to injustice at every opportunity.
Your body will create antibodies for any harmful bacteria surrounding your baby and release it in your breast milk. Let them dye an old pair of socks with beet juice, or use cherries to make dripping zombie blood smoothies. And yes, even with that great mental clarity your children still need to study for that upcoming test! Dried fruit mixes are very handy to have around, nuts, and fruit such as bananas are also great.
There are many processed snack options out there that were not intentionally created as vegan, but surprisingly are. No worries, find a venue that offers a vegan friendly pizza and suggest having the party there, or have junior fill up on delicious vegan pizza at home before they go.

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