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Fresh fruit or vegetables juice, tea (with a lemon cantle or with milk, but without sugar), corn flakes with a cup of low-fat milk.
If you choose this method of food intake, you should control that the organism receives enough of protein, vitamins В1, В2 and iron. Not every person can normally adapt to the changes in a diet and refuse various foodstuffs. Thank you for this wonderfull blog, I have been looking for this topic, many thanks to the Admin here too.
Keeping on any diet for losing weight it is necessary to remember the necessity of consumption of enough protein which shortage depressingly effects all functions of an organism and also worsens your mood.

You may also replace eggs with brown rice and drink a lot of still water, but no later than 6 pm! Quality protein shakes are very low in sugar…making it easier to maintain your blood sugar levels and have a constant surge of energy throughout the day. You can go too far with fat and sugar when you have sharp deficiency of proteins and minerals.
Meal replacement protein will also regulate insulin in the body to increase the release of fat burning from fat storages. If you have noticed deterioration of the general condition of an organism, you should refuse your common method of a food intake.

This is truly the better way to lose weight because you will see longer lasting results in burning fat.

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