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After I had my daughter it wasn’t too much of a struggle to get back down to my pre-baby weight. The Omron Alvita pedometer has helped me out so much, before I started using it I had no idea how many steps I was taking each day. Every step you take is in the direction of a healthier lifestyle, so start tracking your progress with Omron’s new Alvita Ultimate Pedometer (HJ-325).
Losing weight can be difficult for anyone – you have to get your head in the right place and you have to be mentally ready for it. The average person walks between 900 and 3,000 steps per day – so you might think that getting up to 10,000 steps per day is a bit of a challenge. Generally, you need to create a calorie deficit of up to 700-800 calories per day – this will make your weight loss even more sustainable. Walking is good for you in other ways, too, aside from helping you to lose weight – it helps reduce the risk of obesity, and with it, the risk of heart disease and liver disease. Walking also improves your energy levels – the more you walk, surprisingly, the more energetic you’ll feel. Research has shown that if you walk your 10,000 steps in a brisk half hour or hour, it is better for you than if you take those steps leisurely instead.
It might seem a scary prospect to increase your steps to 10,000 per day, but there are a few ways to do it at home with your baby.
Put your baby into a pram and pound the pavements – and the hills, as you’ll burn off twice as many calories if you walk up a big hill. When I used to look after my granddaughter 3 days a week when she was not at walking age sometimes I would carry her and walk around the block briskly.
How did you do this week on the 10,000 steps a day challenge?  And, are you seeing these benefits? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Okay, I thought I was super active today, and I ONLY walked 6,806 steps Tomorrow I think I am going to have to really step it up!

Well, my pedometer flew off of me a few times yesterday & I noticed at the end of the day it was long gone. Between walking to get to and from the Sprinter, making extra trips and taking the long way to get things done around the library, and going to the gym after work I made it to 13,164 steps.
Okay guys, yesterday I put my pedometer on at 11 and by 2:30 I knocked it off and the clip broke (at that point I was at 2,000 steps). Amazon has a neat feature that lets you look inside the book to see Front Cover, Table of Contents, First Pages, Index, and Back Cover.  Use this handy tool to see if this book is for you. Three years later when I was pregnant with my oldest son, my weight gain was minimal and I lost any excess weight within just a few month.
Special technology allows you to stow it in your pocket or purse and still get an accurate step count, while also offering the traditional option of wearing it on your hip.
But for new mums, it can be even more difficult – suddenly, you have to look after a whole new person, your house and your family. And burning off 3,500 calories per week burns off half 500g of fat – so combine your walking routine with a healthy and sensible diet and you can easily lose between 500g – 1kg a week.
So if you eat 2,000 calories per day, reduce your intake to around 1,700 or 1,800 – this calorie deficit probably won’t even be noticeable, but in conjunction with the 500 calories you’ll be burning off every day through walking, it’s an excellent way to melt away the weight. Walking regularly also halves your risk of certain diseases and cancers, and it also helps you to feel fit and healthy – and the endorphins it releases will make you feel happier, too! A brisk walk gets your cardiovascular system working, which reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attack – it also reduces the risk of high blood pressure later on in life. When your baby is napping, run up and down the stairs, do laps around your living room or run round the garden. You might not think you have any spare time, but take periods such as television commercials as an opportunity to exercise – jog on the spot or run round your house and you can really increase your step count for the day in just a few minutes.
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But for some reason after having my youngest son two years ago it’s been such a struggle to lose weight!

But I can’t always get to the gym so I have to make an effort in my everyday life to get my workout in. Like Omron on Facebook and challenge yourself to get to about 5 miles or 10,000 steps everyday! She started Life With Lovebugs as a way to share all of her household tips, recipes and playtime activities with other moms. This can make losing weight fall right back on the list of your priorities, but luckily, there is one thing you can do to lose weight that’s easy, free and you can do it with your baby.
This weight loss is healthy, sustainable and easy – and it will help you to maintain your weight in the long term.
Walking briskly also burns more calories off, so the faster you walk, the more effective the exercise. With the 10,000 steps habit, you follow a simple system that can be easily added to any daily routine. By checking my step count every few hours, I get motivated during my day to work harder at meeting my 10,000 step goal! However, if you can’t get your steps in in just half an hour, that’s fine too – any exercise is much better than none. On an average week day when I walked my daughter to school and ran a few errands I would get in 6500- 7000 steps.
In her spare time, she enjoys making items to sell in her online shop The Lovebug Collection.

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