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You’ve probably read all about various celebrity births…and how quickly those celebrity moms have snapped their bodies back into shape. Today we thought we would send out a motivating list of ways that you can enjoy this day when you are also trying to lose pregnancy weight. Have a decent breakfast – if you tuck into a Healthy Mummy Smoothie first thing on Christmas Day, it will set you up for the day. Try not to overfill your plate – it is hard when there is so much delicious food on offer, but it’s important to remember that this is not your last meal. Stay hydrated – remembering to drink water throughout the day can be easier said than done when you are trying to look after everyone on Christmas Day. Mind the bubbles – if it’s warm where you are it can be all too easy to have a few drinks too many across the day. Have fun – this is one day where you can let kids be kids and maybe let your inner kid out too.
But come on now…if every mom had personal trainers, nutritionists, chefs, and multi-million dollar corporations as part of their weight loss teams, who wouldn’t be able to get in great shape crazy fast, right?
Yes, us real people may not have our own personal weight loss entourage, but we don’t need it, either.

If you skip breakfast, there is a very good chance that there will be trillions of chocolates, treats, drinks, cakes and snacks to tempt you come 10am when hunger kicks in with full force.
It could be a swim with the kids, pushing them around on their new bikes, a walk to the beach after lunch, a quick visit to the park in the afternoon. It doesn’t take long for a snack here and there to add up – the first step is being aware of it, the second step is making sure you don’t give in to it. There will be food later (good leftovers too) and more food tomorrow – so don’t overdo it by loading up your plate and going back for seconds. Today is a day to enjoy a splurge on some great desserts, but try your best not to let your splurge turn into an all-you-can-eat fiesta or you might have chocolate cake remorse all afternoon. So why not get into a habit of grabbing a big glass of water after each time you have a bathroom break (yes you need to remember to do that too).
Just remember that in order to keep your wits about you (and tend to any little bruised knees resulting from slip-n-slide injuries) you will need to drink slowly and alternate with sparkling or plain water.
So often we are expected to have a big slice of Grandma’s cake, or encouraged to have glass after glass of wine with your sister, or handed way too many chocolates by a doting Dad.
So get involved, jump in the pool, play some silly games, watch some daggy old Christmas films and enjoy the time with your family.

None of us can really cope with it, it's too hard, too fast, too frightening, and we just don't have the bandwidth!
Anything that can see you get moving is a great way to offset the rest of the day’s festivities.
You will feel stuffed afterwards, tired and probably even a bit queasy depending on what you ate. This is especially true if you have been quite strict with your eating – all of a sudden your body is exposed to a large amount of fats and sugars and it can respond with nausea and dizziness if you eat too much. And maybe in the past that’s how you did things, but now that you are on a healthy eating plan to lose pregnancy weight – it’s time to say no thank you. A simple ‘thanks but I’m full to the brim’ is usually enough to encourage overzealous relatives.

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