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Just like eating, a Resnick Open should be separated from other foods by two or three hours. As I discovered the basic laws of digestion and the role enzymes play in food processing, I began to throw out everything I had been taught to believe about a balanced meal. Open Dessert means just that any dessert from chocolate chip cookies to a lemon souffle, from eher ries jubilee to a raspberry custard tart. Some of us cana€™t eat and drink at the same time without gaining weight, so we have to make a choice.

A°f you go on Resnick Open and you are going to wine, you must do so after fruit, and ita€™s a twohour wait. One day when I was wondering whether there ever would be an answer, I pulled off the freeway in search of cashews and discovered the missing link in a healthfood storethe catalyst that propelled me to develop the Beverly Hills Diet. Being fat has little to do with what you eat or how much you eat but rather the combinations of the foods you eat. The author suggested that the com bination of foods eaten was the key to good digestion, and I immediately zeroed in on this as the key to losing fat.

As long as food is fully digested, fully processed through the body, you will not gain weight.

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