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The 9010 WeightLoss Plan A Scientifically Designed Balance of Healthy Foods and Fun Foods, Joy Bauer.
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1.  Monday- Stretch and do 30 min of solid cardio followed by another 30 min of lower body workouts.
Buy from your clean eating grocery list!  Take the guess work out of shopping and planning!!! When you don’t want to work out… Success is not convenient!  When you don’t want to prep your food….
What if we spent more time focused on this “core”????  How would our life be different?
Our papaya leaf weight support blend is 90 - 600 mg veggie capsules formulated to help promote naturally healthy weight while supporting efficient digestive system functions.
By working to provide energy and properly digest food, this blend is an excellent addition to a natural weight loss regiment. Suggested Use: As a nutritional supplement for adults, take one capsule with a glass of water 30 minutes to an hour before meals, three times a day.

With 75+ restaurant quality menu items to choose from, you can customize your meal plan to fit your taste and variety. Personal Trainer Food offers great tasting food high in protein, good carbs and healthy fats with no heavily processed food products.
Sign up for our FREE newsletter to receive helpful tips and inspiration as well as promotional offers and special discounts. If you want even more, like us on Facebook for additional specials, weight loss tips and healthy living advice. Do it anyway!  Once you form the fitness habit of just daily doing the work regardless of the results, you will find success. Lean muscle shows visible results, so losing belly fat should be your first goal for getting six-pack abs.
Now, Joy reveals the secrets to creating meals that will help you lose weight and keep it off. Joy counts high-profile professionals, celebrity actors, models and Olympic athletes among her clientele. The proven Personal Trainer food program is designed to help you quickly lose weight the right way and give you a system to keep it off.

Personal Trainer Food combines great food with daily routines to build healthy habits that help you achieve your goals and maintain your results.
Furthermore, Joy regularly appears on national television shows, including Good Morning America, The View, and VH1. With Personal Trainer Food, you get better food, free support and free shipping with no hidden fees. Nutritionist Joy Bauer has created a phenomenon that has taken the nation by storm: a diet that is healthy and easy to follow.
Rosemary Black is the food editor at the New York Daily News, the nation's eight largest newspaper.

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