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When I hear these types of comments, my first question usually is:  Have you read the P90X nutrition guide and which plan are you following? I started my journey with Insanity and after 1 month, I probably lost some inches, but I hadn’t lost any weight. I realized something had to be done about it, and so I started lightly just going on my treadmill every day, and eating healthier. Since I was told I’m allergic to gluten, I had to to monitor my diet even more, and reached 145Ibs.

By the end of my post-secondary studies, I was well over 230 pounds.What made you decide to lose weight?
Not being able to apply on the show because I’m not a US resident, I decided to give weight loss one last try. On May 19th 2008, I decided to go through with my New Year’s resolution, dusted off my old gym bag and gave exercise a chance. I enlisted the help of a trainer, worked out diligently and I started to eat clean.What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?

I keep it off by exercising 4 to 5 times a week and by eating clean.How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight? Search ShapeFit Search for: Eat Clean Build Muscle Burn Fat April 12, 2015 0 Farm Raised Salmon vs.

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