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Since swallowing a regular balloon is probably not a great idea, and this product won’t be available until at least the end of 2016, there are some good old fashioned, balloon-free ways to feel full too. Swallowing a pill to lose weight usually means ingesting chemicals that suppress your appetite, but a new weight-loss pill in the UK contains nothing but a balloon. Tweet Washington, March 29 (ANI): Cindy Crawford has advised new moms to give themselves almost a year-long window to shed the pregnancy weight. Tweet London, Nov 2 (IANS) Lewis Hamilton is worried about singer and ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger's weight loss and wants her to take care of her health. Tweet Los Angeles, Oct 16 (IANS) Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that she fortifies herself with a special vitamin cocktail against getting a hangover. Our Review SummaryThis release describes a new type of gastric balloon being developed that is inserted via a pill rather than through endoscopy. Not Satisfactory The release doesn’t suggest what the procedure might cost.
Whereas the Eprise gastric balloon pill would be available to those with a BMI of 27 and above, according to the release, it is not a permanent weight-loss solution. Not Satisfactory The release presents the benefits in extremely vague terms.
Unfortunately, there is no published paper or accessible conference abstract to read to find more details and so the meaning remains unclear. Not Satisfactory The release gives only a very brief mention of harms, citing nausea and vomiting as the most common adverse events reported. Satisfactory The release makes several mentions of alternative therapies including traditional gastric balloon surgery, other newly approved gastric balloon devices, bariatric surgery, weight-loss drugs and diet and exercise.
The release also suggests the gastric balloon pill would be an option filling a treatment gap between weight-loss drugs and surgery. Satisfactory The release makes it clear that the device is not yet commercially available. Satisfactory The device manufacturer claims to be the first to deliver a gastric balloon via capsule. Does the news release include unjustifiable, sensational language, including in the quotes of researchers?

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22 (ANI): Researchers have invented a weight loss balloon that can be swallowed in a capsule to create sensation of being full. The accident happened on the southbound side of the main Dublin Road into Balbriggan at about 12.30pm this afternoon. The interim study on the device was presented at an obesity medical conference and has not been peer-reviewed.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says America, at least, appears stuck in unhealthy lifestyle paterns. It could be more than the gastric balloons already on the market due to the use of new technology or it could be less since it is less invasive than surgery. We’re told 34 patients took part in a multi-center study and that they lost an average of 22 pounds or 37 percent of their excess weight. However, with a catheter patients might experience irritation in their esophagus or stomach (which could lead to bleeding or ulcers) or infection from bacteria surrounding the balloon.
This means he has an ownership interest in the company and will profit if the device is approved and adopted. But please note: We will delete comments that include personal attacks, unfounded allegations, unverified facts, product pitches, profanity or any from anyone who doesn't list what appears to be an actual email address. We may delete any comment left by someone who does not leave their name and a legitimate email address.
So far, there are 14 centres in the United States trying out the capsule as part of a test run.
Unlike bariatric surgery, which is meant for people who are 80 to 100 pounds overweight, this option is one for those who are roughly 30 to 80 pounds above their healthy weight, or with a BMI of 30-40.

The child who was with the dead woman was injured and taken to Temple Street Hospital in the city. It would be useful to provide readers with some idea of how the procedure will be priced in comparison to similar procedures. We aren’t told whether all patients lost weight, what the average starting weight was, what the age range was, and other useful demographic information. A concern for this type of balloon, which is intended to deflate, would be improper deflating and obstruction of the intestine — a potentially serious complication. Generally speaking, results presented at scientific conferences should be interpreted very carefully because they haven’t undergone peer review. Meanwhile, roughly 12,000 balloons have been sold to Europe, Mexico and the Middle East over the past year. After four months, a valve on the balloon opens and the balloon deflates and is excreted by the body. A web search found prices for gastric balloon procedures ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 across the United States.
The small patient group (34 volunteers) in the study lost an average of 22 pounds after four months. As a result, millions of people turn to  gastric bypass, and the less intrusive (and less effective) gastric balloon and other medical procedures to try to lose weight when other methods fail. The device’s main advantage is that it is non-invasive (except for a small catheter which some could find uncomfortable) but the release is based on data that has not been peer-reviewed or published.
It seems the more effective the procedure is in taking off the weight, the more complications arise. The Eprise gastric balloon pill described in the release claims to be as effective but less intrusive as current methods.

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