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Before & After Weight Loss™  is the #1 weight loss clinic on the Treasure Coast and has several different programs, all designed for safe and permanent weight loss. Our Long Island weight loss clinic, South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, wants to stress the benefits of far infrared saunas. The coaches at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss are experts when it comes to far infrared saunas. One of the greatest aspects of using a far infrared sauna to detoxify and to promote weight loss is that the time you spend using the sauna is relaxing and comfortable.
The lower level of heat does not affect the ability of the sauna to produce the desired results.
Our Long Island weight loss clinic coaches, at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, encourage clients to use far infrared saunas to burn calories.
During a session in a far infrared sauna, your body has the capability of burning more calories than you would have been able to burn during a half hour of high-intensity exercise.
There are so many positive reasons to use a far infrared sauna that there is no sense in avoiding this positive method of helping your body.

Our premier Long Island weight loss clinic, South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss, has coaches that are happy to discuss all of the benefits of far infrared saunas with you. Far infrared saunas, if used correctly, have no adverse side effects and can help you speed up your weight loss efforts when used in conjunction with the HCG diet. During conversations with our clients, our coaches will explain all of the many benefits of saunas and how they play an important role in removing heavy metals and toxins that are stored in your body’s fat cells. A far infrared sauna does not produce the same type of extreme heat that is emitted from a conventional sauna. When the heat that a far infrared sauna produces hits your body it is absorbed, and your body sweats and consequently releases toxins as a result. While relaxing in a sauna, your body does three important things: 1) it causes your body to sweat, 2) it causes your heart to pump blood faster throughout your body, and 3) it causes you to burn 600 calories per each 30 minutes! Besides causing your body to instantaneously burn calories and lose weight, far infrared saunas also play an important role in helping your immune system. We look forward to explaining how they can detoxify your body and assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.  If you are serious about losing weight once-and-for-all, then call the HCG Weight Loss Coaches at South Shore Wholistic Weight Loss and learn how our comprehensive program gets you permanent, life-changing results.

The menus give you lots of choices with food combinations that will jump start your metabolism. Conventional saunas can produce heat that is well over 220 degrees, but far infrared saunas are set between 85 and 140 degrees. Because of the heat your body absorbs while using the sauna, your body’s core temperature rises which causes it to think it has a fever. Your body’s natural reaction to the “fever” causes a subsequent boost to your body’s ability to fight off viruses and infections.

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