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First of all, Donna has been vlogging her entire weight loss journey since the very start of her 127lb weightloss.  The best way to feel confidence in this protocol is to see the transformation that others make with it. You can watch her journey from 270lbs to 145lbs at her youtube channel:  Givingitmyall2011. Her doctor vetoed the idea of doing the diet and encouraged her to be happy with her situation.  She says this was difficult considering that she  was literally crawling around her house some days because her condition was so bad. But for Donna it was different and I totally agree that there are occasions where doing rounds closer together is warranted. For her this was the right thing to do- it was freeing and she stuck to the protocol and didn’t need the scale to keep her going. While she of course still deals with her MS, being able to lose 127 lbs with HCG Injections has given her a better measure of health that she would not otherwise have. The biggest lesson I personally took away from my interview with Donna is that no matter what a person has been through, we all have the ability to do our best to make whatever changes to our circumstances we have- it won’t make life perfect, but it will make it a lot better than it would have been otherwise.

Girls around the world that want to know more details about Thinspiration can share their questions and learn new tips daily. 6 Tips To Get Thin This Month It can be really hard to get thin fats especially if you are trying to become a skinny model fast. How to Get Skinny Fit in Less Than One Month Most pro ana girls want a flat, tight, and slightly defined tummy, not a six pack. Skinny Thinspiration Girls   Skinny girls are always associated with a thinspo lifestyle. That’s why I said that the rest of us would realize we must be able to do this if she can.
I too felt the same way about her experience- helps us put our own situation in perspective. However, it is not entirely impossible and there are ways in which you can get skinny model in a week or two.

That happens because almost every skinny girl without knowing it, at some point, they have thinspo tips to stay fit. They can wear tight clothes, fit nicely into a movie theater seat, and have more self confidence.
I’m on my 2nd round with an ultimate goal of 30 more lbs and reading these blogs, especially hcgchica, has been incredibly helpful.

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