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Now, we’re all aware that four large cups of Bacardi eggnog surely isn’t the best option in comparison to the available bottled water.
A recent study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated how moderate and heavy alcoholic drinkers gained the most weight, while maintaining the highest BMI than non-drinkers.
First, let’s make this clear: television itself is not cause for weight gain, but rather inactivity and snacking is. A new study has found that high-calorie snacking proves to be a major cause of both adult and childhood obesity. Put down that Starbucks muffin, you cheeky woman; “lowfat” labels DO NOT equate to “no fat” labels. But when it comes to offering guidance to others going through the same thing, Bono will steer clear. New Year resolutions to shed pounds are only as effective as understanding the initial culprit(s) that cause the weight gain. It rings a bell for the population majority who fail to meet the fitness-enhancing, federal requirements that spur weight loss.

I’m just as guilty as the next to enjoy a nice glass or several of spiced holiday wine – it’s Christmas, after all!
The study concluded that people who consumed more than 30g of alcohol per day were more likely to gain weight, thereby leading to obesity. How often do you find yourself hankering for a snack when sitting down your favorite reality spin-off show?
Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that chips, candy and other snack foods account for up to 27% of a person’s daily caloric intake. In addition, studies show that alcohol temporarily inhibits “lipid oxidation.” In layman’s terms?
This is partly due to featured commercials that subliminally-advertise unhealthy lifestyle and meal choices.
These shortcut attempts of dieting often lead to obesity in consumers who are already overweight, so use discretion when mulling over reduced-fat cake options at the local coffeehouse. Sure, we’re all guilty of pointing figures to external factors, particularly during the frigid, holiday season when “blubber” is our method of swaddling in warmth.

When alcohol is in your system, your body has difficulty burning the existing fat, so decrease your Goldschlager cream shots in order to decrease your jean size.
While we’ve already touched on the aforementioned inactivity, it wouldn’t hurt to mention how studies have shown an extra hour per week dedicated to TV is attributed to half a millimeter of waist circumstance, along with decreased muscle strength. Yet instead of blaming Old Man Winter this year, we should really understand the reasons why our generation is packing on the BMI, rather than burning it away. In 2008 for example, 5.3 million of the 57 million worldwide deaths were attributed to inactivity. I'm still dropping, but I'm just not dropping like I was in the beginning, which was about 4 lbs.

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