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After explaining the real reason behind her recent weight loss, Miley Cyrus encourages her Twitter followers to try a gluten-free diet. Cyrus urged her fans to try a gluten-free diet after denying rumors she's battling anorexia. What to know Miley Cyrus Weight Loss Secrets?A Some people think Miley Cyrus is looking way too skinny, other think she is looking better each day, but what is behind Mileya€™s dramatic weight loss? A couple of months ago Miley Cyrus was slammed over her weight, today after getting on a diet and Pilates classes, she stillA  receives critics over her weight, too skinny, just great or need to put on some weight? Miley Cyrus has been criticized over her weight several times, a few months ago when she was looking like this, she was called a fat.

Miley decided to loose some weight and toned her frame, for that reason she started a gluten-free diet and began doing Pilates. Miley has continue to loose weight and getting slimmer, she recently Tweeted these pictures, so the question is should she stop loosing weight and stay just like this or is she looking too thin and you think she could put on a couple of pounds? Below you can see a Pilates fitness video that would help you get abs just like Miley Cyrus, with Mari Windsor’s 20 minute workout! A number of dietitians and nutritionists, however, are quick to express their disagreement with one pointing out the downside of such diet for those who are not genuinely allergic to gluten.
Having said that she has "a gluten and lactose allergy" and that gluten is "crapppp", she told one Twitter follower, "everyone should try no gluten for a week!

Miley takes Pilates classes 6 times a week, when she is not at home she uses Mari Winsora€™s amazing Pilates DVDs as for her diet she didna€™t just avoid eating gluten, but also lactose, since she developed allergies to gluten and lactose.

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