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The full glare of the summer sun contains a lot of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiations which are the number one cause of skin cancer.
So for decades now, skin care and health experts have been requesting men and women to wear an effective sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.
Whether it is the summers or the winters, you need to protect yourself from the harmful rays that could wreak havoc on your skin. What Kind of Sun Protection Cosmetics are Available in India?To protect your skin from sun, there are two main categories of sun protection cosmetics. Though the two names are used interchangeably, the fact is that they are very different from each other.
These cosmetics prevent your skin from UV damage, but not from the damage caused by other kinds of rays. On the other hand, you have the sun blocks which are essentially a range of products that completely block the rays of the sun – just as their name suggests. You have the heavy creams suitable for those who have dry or combination skin, and the light lotions, which are ideally suited to oily skins. There are some hypoallergenic and parabens free products available for sensitive skin prone to allergies and breaking out. You can also get lotions and creams with different Sun Protection Factor (SPF).Which Sunscreens are Available in India?There are a total of 12 major sunscreen brands available in India and many more are imported everyday for luxury retail.
The Department of Consumer Affairs performed a test on these cosmetics and ranked them according to their effectiveness.

This lotion is good for all skin types and moisturizes the skin while protecting it from the sun. Nutrogena: The unique selling point of this product is that it improves skin tone, texture and color. The Neutrogena Fine Fairness lotion has SPF 30 and is available in an HDPE bottle priced at Rs.
VLCC: Vandana Luthra started her journey with slimming and wellness products but her foray into beauty products has been well received too.
Olay: Long been known for being a luxury brand, Olay has attempted to bring its prices down. 125, this is among the lowest priced products in the market, but its effects are not as effective as some of the other products.8. The only downside is that though this is a sold as a fairness and sunscreen product, it does not specify an SPF. Buttermilk Vs Lassi: Which one wins the health competition?August 10, 2014by Palak Buttermilk and Lassi are the most commonly available and favourite summer drink for the people of India.
They both are made from yoghurt but there is a lot of difference in how they are made as well as their qualities. Along with yoghurt, you need to mix some amount of water to it to keep a thick consistency.

Being a by-product of milk, it is full of calcium and thus helps in improving bone as well as dental health.4.
As its primary ingredient being yoghurt, which is probiotic in nature, it decreases the growth of bad bacteria in the stomach and fosters development of healthy bacteria.5. After a spicy and heavy meal, buttermilk can come to your rescue and help in making the digestion process smooth and get rid of the bloating feeling.2. According to researchers, if you consume buttermilk every day, then it helps in lowering your blood pressure.
Also it is found that it also keeps your cholesterol level in check.Thus we can say that both lassi as well as buttermilk are beneficial to our health in different ways. It is difficult to conclude which is healthier; as a person in need of energy might find lassi helpful while a person suffering from diarrhoea might select buttermilk.

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