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Simple 30-day weight loss meal plans healthy diets for picky eaters how to lose weight when you are a picky eater. Whether the picky eater in your family is a finicky toddler, a headstrong teenager or perhaps even yourself, everyone needs to eat a balanced, healthy dinner. That being said, you don’t have to stick to a strict diet of broccoli and chicken for the rest of your life. Changing your diet and succeeding with sustainable weight loss is much easier if you have delicious, healthy, packed full of nutrition recipes that will keep you going for the rest of your life! Lucky for you I’ve found 25  healthy food blogs all full of yummy recipes that use real food and wholesome nutrition.
What I love about this blog is that the recipes are neatly organized by ingredient, category, season, and special diets. Amie, the owner of The Healthy Apple, takes a detox and holistic approach to food and health. This amazing mom completely cleansed her family of processed foods and uses her experience to create healthy recipes free from processed ingredients.
This vegetarian food blog has tons of vegetarian and vegan recipes, meal plans, and videos.
Alyssa has a great personal story she shares on Everyday Maven of how clean whole food helped her lose the weight and change her life for good. What originally started as a 100-day clean eating challenge is now an awesome website full of recipes, videos, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle. This husband and wife duo will provide you with plenty of whole food recipes packed with tons of veggies!
Not only does Hello Grow have some yummy recipes, it is also full of DIY, natural beauty, and wellness tips! Sam, a personal trainer and nutrition coach, has a beginners guide to clean eating, recipes, and workouts! Live simply has two free “crash course” e-books for clean eating and real food, very helpful if you are just beginning to learn about food and nutrition! Green Kitchen Stories is a charming blog all about vegetarian eating, recipes, and European living.
This bright blog gives you tons of recipes with lots of options including vegetarian, vegan, and extra protein. The Gracious Pantry has over 1000 healthy recipes and over 40,000 subscribers, so you KNOW their stuff is beyond fantastic. This Pinterest friendly blog has every healthy recipe you could need from breakfast to dinner and everything in-between!

Ripped Recipes is probably the largest collection of protein cookies, pancakes, and other high protein recipes. Dashing Dish is a pretty little corner of the internet filled with lots of recipes, workouts, videos and other helpful tools to help you improve your lifestyle. Monique has nice recipe cards you can print out, pin, and easily share plus the nutritional information you need so you can know exactly what you are eating!
Finding helpful resources like these healthy food blogs, will be a HUGE help to you on your weight loss journey.
Weight loss shakes can help you get started on the right path but healthy recipes and lifestyle changes you can make every day are what is going to make weight loss faster, more enjoyable, and most importantly, sustainable.
About Amy PoseyAmy grew up in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and remembers learning how to ski before learning how to walk. This passion for health and fitness lead her to Brigham Young University where she graduated with a degree in exercise and wellness, and her personal training certification from NASM. When she’s not writing or working out, Amy enjoys traveling, going to movies, and exploring the beautiful mountains she calls home.
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Green Coffee Bean Platinum (2 Bottles) – Premium 100% weight loss diets for picky eaters Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA (50% chlorogenic acid) Professional Strength Weight Loss Supplement. Working with a professional, getting to the root of the aversions and making some simple, acceptable food substitutions in your diet could help a picky eater shed pounds. Lisa also teaches you how to read nutrition labels and has a #1 New York Times Best-Selling Cookbook. A perfect source if you are looking to go the vegetarian route or just want to add more veggies to your diet! Kevin transformed his life by changing the way he ate accompanied with hard work in the gym.
Kimberly combines delicious seasonal recipes with her amazing photography photos from around the world. Kristina, a pioneer in the organic food co-operative movement, will amaze you with her dedication, recipes, and great health tips! Pancake Warriors is going to deliver some awesome recipes and tips all from a health and wellness expert! The recipes on this blog are something else, you’re going to want to make all of them all at once! Popular among fitness fanatics, these recipes help you lose fat all the while eating delicious meals!

You can become a member for $7 a month and have access to more recipes and tools, but there are plenty of free resources as well.
The Domestic Man is a paleo blog with tasty looking photos perfect if you want to try paleo or need some extra protein in your diet. She became interested in health and fitness in high school when she decided to join the cross country team.
Wanting to share her knowledge, Amy started blogging, hoping to inspire and help others make healthy changes in their lives.
You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.
Of course, it can be difficult to create a meal plan when you know that some or all of the nutritious. Picky eating might seem more like a childhood problem, but it can last into adulthood, when its also known as selective eating or food neophobia, according to johns hopkins magazine.
They’ve got a smoothie for just about everything…colds, cleansing, pre-workout, post-workout and more! There are plenty of new contributions each week, so you’ll never get bored or run out of ideas!
Running stemmed a passion for fitness, and a thirst to learn everything she could about nutrition and health. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise program or dietary supplements. If your picky eater decides that he doesnt like marinara sauce this week, let him choose to eat plain spaghetti or make himself a sandwich. I assumed (correctly) that my son would not touch a "mash" of any kind, so I used all the same ingredients to make a burger topped with goat cheese (his fave). Sometimes, you need to meet a picky eater in the middle rather than battling him every night.
A healthier breakfast to put on your meal plan could be pancakes, but substitute half of the regular all-purpose flour with whole-wheat or oat flour, and add antioxidant-rich blueberries rather than chocolate chips.

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